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Are you searching for Urban Plates nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Urban Plates restaurant, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Urban Plates Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Urban Plates calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Plates: Proteins & Bread

Grilled Wild Ahi Tuna (4oz)1302g2g27g
Grilled Chicken w/o skin (5oz)2309g0g35g
Grilled Steak (4.5oz)25011g0g37g
Grilled Chicken (5oz)27016g0g32g
Grilled Salmon (5.25oz)33020g0g37g
Grilled Steak and Blue Cheese (4.5oz)40024g2g44g
Garlic Shrimp Skewer w/ Parmesan Butter33027g2g21g
Crispy Chicken Tenders (3 pcs)55019g28g67g
Chili Grilled Tofu w/ Broccolini & Red & White Quinoa64021g81g29g
Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders (3 pcs)74032g4368g
Crispy Chicken Tenders (6 pcs)110038g56g134g
Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders (6 pcs)148063g86g136g
Rustic Bread Slice w/ Oil1302g24g4g
Rustic Bread Slice w/o Oil1504g24g4g

Urban Greens Salads (w/ 1.75oz of dressing & w/o bread)

Caribbean Salad36028g27g6g
Entrée House Salad40025g47g3g
Local Mixed Beet Salad56042g47g11g
Entrée Caesar Salad57045g28g17g
Grilled Steak Salad59038g30g39g
Urban Grilled Chicken Salad62039g46g28g
Grilled Wild Ahi Nicoise65049g19g35g
Asian Chicken Noodle Salad86044g86g37g
Chicken Cobb Salad69050g14g49g
Chicken Caesar74052g31g42g
Salmon Caesar88062g28g54g

House Made Dressings & Sauces

Gravy (1oz)100g2g0g
Creamy Honey Mustard Sauce (1oz)404g<1g0g
Buffalo Hot Sauce (1oz)607g0g0g
Peanut Dressing (asian chicken salad) (1oz)906g9g3g
Jalapeno Lime Vinaigrette (caribbean & steak salad) (1oz)10010g4g0g
Traditional Chimichurri (1oz)10010g4g0g
Dijon Honey (crispy chicken & grilled salmon) (1oz)11010g4g0g
Buttermilk Dill (cobb salad) (1oz)13014g1g<1g
Nashville Hot Sauce (1oz)1309g10g0g
Caesar (caesar salad) (1oz)15016g1g2g
Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette (house salad) (1oz)16017g2g0g
Mustard Caper Vinaigrette (nicoise salad) (1oz)18021g<1g0g
Hollandaise Sauce (1oz)19021g0g0g

Sandwiches (w/o chips)

Grilled Cheeseburger65039g44g30g
Grilled Cage Free Chicken69034g62g36g
Grilled Portobello Mushroom72044g66g20g
Crispy Chicken Tender75031g67g53g
Grilled Steak76037g65g43g
Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Tender88036g86g53g
Grilled Double Cheeseburger102068g47g53g
Chicken Club122079g73g55g
Side – Potato Chips1509g16g2g


Beef & Mushroom Braise w/ 10oz mashed potatoes55030g44g21g
Moroccan Chicken Braise w/ 10oz mashed potatoes57030g46g32g
Beef & Mushroom Braise w/ 10oz Basmati Rice Pilaf67015g103g25g
Moroccan Chicken Braise w/ 10oz Basmati Rice Pilaf70014g105g35g
Beets + Avocado Plant Based72045g70g19g
Lamb Osso Bucco with Mashed Potatoes82047g53g39g

Hot sides

Broccolini (5oz)701.5g7g5g
Herb Roasted Marbled Potatoes (5oz)1202.5g23g3g
Chili Lime Corn on the Cob (2 pcs)1708g24g3g
Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Turkey Bacon (6oz)18013g15g5g
White and Red Quinoa w/ Tomato Pesto (6oz)23013g25g5g
Basmati Rice Pilaf (5oz)2403g48g4g
Potato Chips (2oz)30018g32g4g
Mashed Potatoes (10oz)35021g37g5g
Macaroni & Cheese (6oz)37023g26g14g
Herb Crusted French Fries (5oz)43022g45g2g

Cold Sides

Beet Salad w/o goat cheese (5oz)1003g17g3g
Side House Salad1109g9g<1g
Beet Salad w/ goat cheese (5oz)1305g17g5g
Side Caesar Salad17013g11g5g


Vegan Tomato Basil cup (7oz)1106g12g3g
Vegan Tomato Basil bowl (12oz)19010g21g4g
Chicken Tortilla Soup cup (7oz)1405g10g14g
Chicken Tortilla Soup bowl (12oz)2409g17g24g

Kids Proteins & Sides

Kids Chicken (4oz)2306g1g39g
Kids Steak (4oz)22010g0g33g
Kids Meatless Loaf (4oz)1808g12g15g
Kids Crispy Chicken Tender (2 pcs)37013g19g45g
Kids Salmon (5.25oz)31017g2g38g
Kids Mac & Cheese (8oz)49030g35g18g


Almond Macaroon23010g33g4g
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie35018g49g5g
Cowgirl Cookie w/o Butter45022g60g6g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie w/o Butter48023g66g5g

Other Pastries

Mango Tart Slice38019g49g5g
Banana Cream Pie67042g69g6g
Mini Apple Pie92039g139g7g

Cakes & Cupcakes

Chocolate Flourless Cake Slice70047g74g7g
Chocolate Vanilla Cake Slice88053g98g10g
Hummingbird Cake Slice110067g116g12g


Ginseng Mint Green Tea (16oz)800g19g0g
Lemonade (16oz)1700g44g0g
Strawberry Basil Lemonade (16oz)2100g55g<1g
Pineapple Coconut Lime (16oz)36016g51g2g


Soda Stubborn Sugar Free (12oz)000g0g
Soda Stubborn Regular (12oz)130034g0g
Soda Stubborn Black Cherry (12oz)140036g0g
Soda Stubborn Agave Vanilla Cream (12oz)150038g0g
Soda Stubborn Citrus Hibiscus Orange (12oz)150038g0g
Soda Stubborn Classic Root Beer (12oz)150039g0g
Soda Stubborn Pineapple Cream Soda (12oz)150038g0g
Soda Stubborn Lemon Berry Acai (12oz)160040g0g
Coffee (12oz)000g0g
Tea (12oz)001g0g
Red Wine (6oz)14005g0g
White Wine (6oz)14005g0g

Disclaimer: Urban Plates nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 5th April 2023.