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Are you searching for Shake Shack nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Shake Shack restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Shake Shack Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Shake Shack calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Single ShackBurger50030g26g29g
Double ShackBurger76048g27g51g
Single Hamburger37018g24g25g
Double Hamburger56030g24g44g
Single Cheeseburger44024g25g29g
Double Cheeseburger70042g25g51g
‘Shroom Burger51027g49g18g
Shack Stack77045g50g40g
Single SmokeShack57035g28g36g
Double SmokeShack83053g28g58g
Roadside Double Burger77046g32g53g
Lockhart Link Burger78056g27g39
Double Lockhart Link Burger104074g28g61g
Triple Lockhart Link Burger130092g29g83g
Link Burger68046g27g39g
Double Link Burger93064g28g61g
Triple Link Burger119082g28g83g
Single Green Chile CheddarShack47026g28g30g
Double Green Chile CheddarShack75046g28g53g
Double Mound City78048g26g56g
Single Brat Burger86061g34g44g
Double Brat Burger105073g34g62g
Montlake Single Cut67045g36g29g
Montlake Double Cut98068g36g54g
Golden State Single56037g26g31g
Golden State Double84056g27g54g
Single Slap Shot Burger49027g33g28g
Double Slap Shot Burger6804033g47g
Single SilverLake Shack53033g28g30g
Double SilverLake Shack79051g28g52g
Single Bacon Cheeseburger50029g25g35g
Double Bacon Cheeseburger76047g25g58g
Single Avocado Bacon Burger61039g28g36g
Double Avocado Bacon Burger87057g29g58g
Single Bourbon Bacon Jam Burger69042g41g33g
Double Bourbon Bacon Jam Burger96061g42g55g
Single BBQ Crispy Onion Burger58034g40g30g
Double BBQ Crispy Onion Burger84052g41g53g
Single Veggie Shack63031g53g20g
Double Veggie Shack9104173g31g
Grilled Cheese32018g25g14g
Martin’s Potato Roll1806g24g7g
Gluten Free Bun1603g31g3g
Lettuce Wrap50g1g1g
Burger Patty19012g0g19g
Veggie Patty2104g20g8g
American Cheese706g1g4g
Bacon (2 slices)704.5g0g6g
Cherry Peppers100g2g0g
Crispy Onions1108g7g1g


Chicken Shack55031g34g33g
Chicken Bites (6 pcs)30019g15g17g
Chicken Bites (10 pcs)51032g26g29g
Avocado Bacon Chicken68042g37g40g
Herb Mayonnaise9010g0g0g
BBQ Sauce700g16g1g
Honey Mustard18019g4g1g
Summer Citrus BBQ Chicken Sandwich59030g54g34g


Bacon Breakfast Sandwich40023g25g23g
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich (double egg)49030g26g29g
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich34019g25g17g
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich (double egg)43025g25g23g
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich53032g28g30g
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich (double egg)62039g28g36g
Wake up Shack51030g34g24g
Wake up Shack (double egg)60037g34g30g
Egg White Light32018g26g15g
Egg White Light (double egg)34018g26g19g
Breakfast Tots42029g36g4g
Sausage Patty19014g3g13g
Egg White150g0g4g
Breakfast Tots27013g32g3g

Flat-Top Dogs

Hot Dog35022g25g16g
Sausage Link24020g2g9g
Shackmeister Cheddar Brat69051g33g27g
Shack-Cago Dog39022g32g17g
Garden Dog1803g27g8g
Add Cheese Sauce807g1g2g


Regular Fries47022g63g6g
Cheese Fries71044g64g12g
Bacon Cheese Fries84052g65g24g
Hot Fries63038g66g7g
Hot Cheese Fries87060g68g13g
Add Extra Hot Spice100g2g0g
Double Down Fries1910117g164g41g
Summer BBQ Fries54023g79g6g
Summer BBQ Cheese Fries78045g80g12g


Vanilla Shake68036g72g18g
Mini Vanilla Shake (8oz)34018g36g9g
Chocolate Shake75045g76g16g
Mini Chocolate Shake (8oz)38023g38g8g
Mini Vanilla & Chocolate Shake (8oz)36021g37g9g
Black & White Shake77042g80g19g
Mini Black & White Shake (8oz)39021g30g9g
Strawberry Shake69035g77g17g
Mini Strawberry Shake (8oz)35018g38g9g
Cookies & Cream Shake85044g98g19g
Mini Cookies & Cream Shake (8oz)43022g49g10g
Salted Caramel Shake84042g99g17g
Bourbon Salted Honey Shake89044g89g18g
Loaded Chocolate Cookies & Cream Shake116056g126g17g
Orange County Dreamsicle Shake74038g86g16g
Non Dairy Chocolate Shake85047g99g11g
Mini Non Dairy Chocolate Shake42024g49g6g
Featured Triple Chocolate Brownie Shake95058g101g19g
Mini Featured Triple Chocolate Brownie Shake48029g51g10g
Featured Oreo Funnel Cake Shake108055g129g19g
Mini Featured Oreo Funnel Cake Shake54027g65g10g
Whipped Cream705g5g1g


Root Beer Float43015g70g7g
Creamsicle Float44015g75g7g

Cups & Sundaes

Single Chocolate Cup31019g32g6g
Double Chocolate Cup49030g51g9g
Single Vanilla Cup28015g30g7g
Double Vanilla Cup45024g49g11g
Single Vanilla & Chocolate Cup29017g31g6g
Double Vanilla & Chocolate Cup47027g50g10g
Single Non Dairy Chocolate Custard Cup40022g48g5g
Double Non Dairy Chocolate Custard Cup80044g96g10g
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae56026g73g10g
Shack Attack Sundae80045g93g13g
Build Your Own Sundae460-94022-50g58-119g9-13
Baked Brownie Pieces603g9g1g
Rainbow Sprinkles351.5g6g0g
Strawberry Sauce250g6g0g
Fudge Sauce1007g9g1g
Oreo Cookie Crumbs1104.5g16g1g
Shack Attack Crunch703.5g11g1g
Maraschino Cherry100g2g0g
Whipped Cream352.5g2g1g


Small Shack-made Lemonade1600g43g0g
Large Shack-made Lemonade2700g70g0g
Small Fifty-Fifty Shack made Lemonade800g22g0g
Large Fifty-Fifty Shack made Lemonade1400g36g0g
Small Strawberry Lemonade1400g36g0g
Large Strawberry Lemonade2300g58g0g
Small Fresh Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea50g1g0g
Large Fresh Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea50g2g0g
Small Fresh Brewed Sweetened Iced Tea1100g28g0g
Large Fresh Brewed Sweetened Iced Tea1700g45g0g
Small Featured Lemonade140-1900g36-48g0g
Large Featured Lemonade230-3100g58-79g0g
Small Fifty-Fifty Featured Lemonade70-1000g18-25g0g
Large Fifty-Fifty Featured Lemonade120-1600g30-40g0g
Small Featured Lemonade Caffeinated170-2200g43-55g0g
Large Featured Lemonade Caffeinated280-3600g69-90g0g
Small Coke1400g39g0g
Large Coke2100g58g0g
Small Diet Coke00g0g0g
Large Diet Coke00g0g0g
Small Coke Zero00g0g0g
Large Coke Zero00g0g0g
Small Sprite1400g36g0g
Large Sprite2400g60g0g
Small Fanta Orange1600g45g0g
Large Fanta Orange2400g67g0g
Small Gingerale1200g31g0g
Large Gingerale1900g51g0g
Small Dr Peppe1500g40g0g
Large Dr Pepper2200g59g0g
Small Diet Dr Pepper00g0g0g
Large Diet Dr Pepper00g0g0g
Small Crush1600g43g0g
Large Crush2400g65g0g
Small Diet Pepsi00g0g0g
Large Diet Pepsi00g0g0g
Small Starry1400g39g0g
Large Starry2200g58g0g
Small Mountain Dew1700g46g0g
Large Mountain Dew2600g69g0g
Small Diet Mountain Dew50g1g0g
Large Diet Mountain Dew100g1g0g
Small Pepsi1500g41g0g
Large Pepsi2200g62g0g
Small PepsiMAX00g0g0g
Large PepsiMAX00g0g0g
Root Beer Bottle or Can (12oz)1800g44g0g
Small Root Beer1700g42g0g
Large Root Beer2800g69g0g
Orange Juice (8 fl oz)1100g26g2g
Stumptown Cold Brew Nitro (10.3 fl oz)50g0g0g
ShackBlend Stumptown Drip Coffee (12oz or 16oz)00g0g0g
Honest Kids Apple Juice400g10g0g

Beer, Wines & Cocktails

Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale (12oz Draft)1600g17g2g
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale (16oz Draft)2100g17g2g
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale (24oz Draft)3100g25g4g
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale (32oz Draft)4200g33g5g
Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale (60oz Draft)7800g62g9g
Beer Float49015g52g8g
Shack White (6oz)1400g4g0g
Shack Red (6oz)1500g5g0g
Shack Red Can (8.4oz)2100g6g0g
Shack White Can (8.4oz)2000g5g0g
Shack Rosé Can (8.4oz)2100g9g1g
Shack Sparkling Can (8.4oz)2000g6g0g
Gotham Project Red Wine Can (8.4 oz)2100g6g0g
Gotham Project White Wine Can (8.4oz)2000g5g0g
Gotham Project Rosé Wine Can (8.4oz)2100g9g1g
Margarita Can (100ml)1900g15g0g
Old Fashioned Can (100ml)2300g4g0g
Negroni Can (100ml)2100g9g0g
Appico Spritz Can (250m)2400g18g0g
Vodka White Tea Soda Can (250ml)800g0g0g
Paloma Can (250ml)1700g7g0g

Disclaimer: Shake Shack nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 11th July 2023.