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Are you searching for Sweet Frog nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of Yogurts from Sweet Frog shop, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Sweet Frog Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Sweet Frog calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Banana Flambe (1oz)502g7g1g
Caramel Sea Salt (1oz)400.5g8g1g
Chocolate (1oz)502g7g1g
Cold Brew Coffee (1oz)401g6g1g
Cookies and Cold Brew (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Hazelnut (1oz)502g7g1g
Horchata (1oz)351g6g0g
Pistachio (1oz)502g7g1g
Tiramisu (1oz)502g7g1g
Vanilla Bean (1oz)502g7g1g


White Vanilla (1oz)401g6g1g

Low Fat

Asian Green Tea (1oz)300g6g1g
Baked Apple Stack (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Butter Pecan (1oz)350g7g1g
Cake Batter (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Caramel Apple Pie (1oz)350g8g1g
Chocolate (1oz)451g8g1g
Chocolate Mint Cookies (1oz)350g7g1g
Cookie’s Sugar Cookie (1oz)400g8g1g
Cookies & Cream (1oz)401g7g1g
Dulce de Leche (1oz)400g8g1g
Eggnog (1oz)350g8g1g
Irish Mint (1oz)350g8g1g
Milk Chocolate (1oz)400.5g8g1g
Mocha Latte (1oz)400.5g7g1g
My Little Cupcake (1oz)401g8g1g
New York Cheesecake (1oz)350g7g1g
Salted Caramel Popcorn (1oz)350g7g1g
Salted Caramel Pretzel (1oz)400.5g8g1g
Scoops Green Cake Batter (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Strawberry Shortcake (1oz)350.5g7g1g
Sweet Coconut (1oz)350g8g1g
Original Tart (1oz)300g6g1g


Apple Pie (1oz)350g8g1g
Banana Taffy (1oz)350g8g1g
Berry Blast (1oz)350g8g1g
Blue Cotton Candy (1oz)350g8g1g
Caramel Apple Pie (1oz)350g8g1g
Cappuccino (1oz)350g7g1g
Country Vanilla (1oz)350g8g1g
Creamy Mint Cookie (1oz)400g8g1g
Crisp Rice Treat (1oz)350g8g1g
Cruisn’ Breeze (1oz)300g8g1g
Dutch Apple Dumpling (1oz)300g8g1g
Georgia Peach (1oz)350g8g1g
Hawaiian Pineapple (1oz)350g7g1g
Irish Mint Cookie (1oz)300g7g1g
Island Banana (1oz)350g8g1g
Luau Love (1oz)300g7g1g
Luck of the irish Cake (1oz)300g7g1g
Mountain Blackberry (1oz)350g8g1g
Peach Melba (1oz)300g7g1g
Peppermint Stick (1oz)350g8g1g
Peppermint Bark (1oz)350g8g1g
Pina Colada (1oz)350g7g1g
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (1oz)350g7g1g
Pistachio (1oz)350g8g1g
POGsicle (1oz)300g8g1g
Pomberry Punch (1oz)350g8g1g
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart (1oz)400g8g1g
Pool Party Punch (1oz)300g8g1g
Pumpkin Pie (1oz)350g8g1g
Purple Berry Bomb (1oz)300g7g1g
Summer Strawberry Cheesecake (1oz)250g6g1g
Toasted Marshmallow (1oz)350g8g1g
Vanilla (1oz)350g8g1g
Very Raspberry (1oz)350g7g1g
Very Strawberry (1oz)350g8g1g

Dairy Free

Caramelized Pineapple (1oz)300g8g0g
Chocolate Fudge (1oz)400g9g0g
Green Apple (1oz)300g8g0g
Hawaiian Passion Mango (1oz)300g7g0g
Key Lime (1oz)300g8g0g
Mango (1oz)250g7g0g
Passion Orange Guava (1oz)300g8g0g
Pomegranate Raspberry (1oz)350g8g0g
Silk Almond Chocolate (1oz)401g9g1g
Silk Almond Vanilla (1oz)401g8g0g
Strawberry Kiwi (1oz)250g8g0g
Strawberry Lemonade (1oz)250g7g0g
Summer Berry Punch (1oz)250g7g0g
Tropical Watermelon Sorbet (1oz)300g8g0g
Watermelon (1oz)300g8g0g

No Sugar Added

NSA Cheesecake (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Chocolate (1oz)250g7g1g
NSA Coffee (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Irish Cream (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Irish Cream Iced Coffee (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Raspberry (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Strawberry (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Strawberry Banana (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Vanilla (1oz)250g6g1g
NSA Yellow Cake Batter (1oz)250g6g1g

Dole Soft Serve

Dole Soft Serve Cherry (1oz)250g6g0g
Dole Soft Serve Lemon (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Lime (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Mango (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Orange (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Pineapple (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Pomegranate (1oz)250g6g0g
Dole Soft Serve Raspberry (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Strawberry (1oz)300g7g0g
Dole Soft Serve Watermelon (1oz)250g6g0g

Lite Ice Cream

Chocolate (1oz)401.5g6g1g
Milk and Cookies (1oz)501.5g7g1g
Sweet Corn Flake Cereal (1oz)451g8g1g
Fruity Cereal (1oz)501g9g1g
Vanilla (1oz)401g6g1g

Frozen Treat

Apple Pie Donuts (1oz)350g8g1g
Banana Cream Pie (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Bananas Foster (1oz)451g7g1g
Banana Nut (1oz)401g7g1g
Black Raspberry (1oz)350.5g7g1g
Campfire Crush (1oz)451.5g8g1g
Candy Cane (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Candy Caramels (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Caramel Almond Delight (1oz)400.5g7g0g
Caramel Nut (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate Cake (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate Caramels (1oz)451g7g1g
Chocolate Caramel Bar (1oz)400.5g7g1g
Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter Cup (1oz)401g7g1g
Chocolate Chip Cookie (1oz)501.5g8g1g
Chocolate Covered Banana (1oz)401g7g1g
Chocolate Covered Bananas (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate Covered Raspberry (1oz)401g7g1g
Chocolate Covered Strawberry (1oz)401g7g1g
Chocolate Hazelnut (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate Irish Cream (1oz)300g7g1g
Chocolate Macaroon (1oz)401g7g1g
Chocolate Malt (1oz)400g8g1g
Chocolate PB Cup (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Chocolate S’more (1oz)400.5g8g1g
Coco Nutty (1oz)401g7g1g
Cookie Latte (1oz)401g7g1g
Cool Nuts (1oz)401g74g1g
Crème Brulee (1oz)501.5g7g1g
Farm Stand Strawberry (1oz)401g7g1g
French Toast (1oz)400g8g1g
Fudge Pop (1oz)401g8g1g
Gooey Banana Cake (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Hawaiian Wedding Cake (1oz)401g7g1g
Hazelnut Cheesecake (1oz)401g7g1g
Hazelnut Crème (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Homemade Peanut Butter Cookie (1oz)401g7g1g
Mississippi Mud Pie (1oz)401g7g1g
Nuts for Cake (1oz)401.5g7g1g
Oatmeal Cookie (1oz)401.5g6g1g
Peanut Butter (1oz)401.5g6g1g
Peach Souffle (1oz)451.5g7g1g
Pistachio Nut Cake (1oz)401.5g7g1g
Salted Caramel Brownie (1oz)401g7g1g
Taro (1oz)300g7g1g
Toasted Marshmallow Fudge (1oz)401g7g1g
Triple Decker Bar (1oz)401g7g1g
Tropical Cream (1oz)350.5g7g1g


Bananas (1oz)250g6g0g
Blueberries (0.7oz)100g3g0g
Blackberries (0.8oz)100g2g0g
Kiwi (1oz)150g4g0g
Mango (0.8oz)150g3g0g
Pineapple (0.7oz)100g3g0g
Raspberries (0.5oz)50g2g0g
Strawberries (0.7oz)50g2g0g

Boba Poppers

Blueberry (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Cherry (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Kiwi (0.9oz)350g8g0g
Mango Sorbet (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Orange (0.9oz)350g8g0g
Passion Fruit (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Pineapple (0.9oz)300g7g0g
Pomegranate (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Strawberry (0.9oz)250g6g0g
Tropical (0.9oz)250g6g0g


Butterfinger (0.4oz)502g8g1g
Caramel Cups (mini) (0.7oz)1005g12g1g
Chocolate Rocks (0.4oz)603g7g1g
HEATH Bar (0.5oz)704.5g9g0g
Jolly Rancher (1oz)1203g24g0g
Kit Kat (0.6oz)904.5g11g1g
M&M’S (mini) (0.6oz)803.5g12g1g
M&M’S (peanut) (1oz)1407g17g3g
M&M’S (plain) (0.9oz)1205g18g1g
Mint Chocolate (andes) (0.6oz)906g10g1g
Nerds (0.8oz)900g21g0g
Nonpareils (0.5oz)602.5g11g0g
Peanut Butter Cups (0.8oz)1107g13g2g
REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups (0.8oz)1207g13g2g
REESE’S Pieces (mini) (0.8oz)1105g14g2g
Skittles (0.8oz)901g21g0g
Snickers (0.6oz)804g11g1g
TWIX (0.5oz)703.5g9g1g


Butterscotch (0.6oz)905g10g1g
Chocolate (0.5oz)703.5g9g1g
Peanut Butter (0.6oz)905g9g3g
Vanilla (0.7oz)1006g12g2g
Yogurt (0.6oz)804g12g1g


Bears (1.1oz)900g22g1g
Frogs (1.4oz)1200g28g1g
Peach Rings (1.1oz)900g22g1g
Sour Belts (0.3oz)300g7g0g
Sour Worms (0.6oz)500g12g1g
Swedish Fish (0.8oz)800g20g0g
Worms (regular) (0.6oz)500g12g1g


Almonds (0.4oz)706g2g2g
Peanuts (0.4oz)606g2g3g
Pecans (1oz)19020g4g3g
Walnuts (0.4oz)707g2g2g
Wet Walnuts (1.7oz)28015g38g3g


Brownie Bites (0.4oz)502.5g7g1g
Brownie Squares (0.8oz)1006g12g1g
Cap’n Crunch (0.1oz)100g2g0g
Cheesecake Bites (0.4oz)402.5g4g1g
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (0.6oz)905g10g2g
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Chips Ahoy!) (0.5oz)703.5g10g1g
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Chips Ahoy!) Chunky (0.5oz)703.5g9g1g
Coconut (shredded) (0.2oz)251.5g3g0g
Cookie Dough Bites (0.6oz)803.5g11g1g
Crushed OREO Cookies (0.4oz)501.5g8g0g
Dark Chocolate Shavings (0.4oz)604g6g1g
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups (0.7oz)1107g12g1g
Froot Loops (0.1oz)100g2g0g
Frosted Animal Crackers (0.5oz)703.5g10g1g
Fruit Snacks (1oz)800g23g0g
Fruity PEBBLES (0.1oz)150g3g0g
Graham Cracker Crumbs (0.2oz)200g4g0g
Granola (0.3oz)351.5g5g1g
Granola (udi’s) (0.3oz)401.5g6g1g
Granola, Honey (Tropical Foods) (0.3oz)300.5g6g1g
Granola, Low Fat Granola w/o Raisins (Kellogg’s) (0.3oz)300g7g1g
Granola, Low Fat Granola Crunchy (Kellogg’s) (0.3oz)350g7g1g
Granola, Oats & Honey (Cascadian Farm) (0.3oz)351g6g1g
Granola, Oats & Honey (Nature Valley) (0.3oz)350.5g1g1g
Maraschino Cherries (0.7oz)350g8g0g
Marshmallows (0.2oz)200g5g0g
Mochi (0.7oz)600g14g1g
Nilla Wafers (0.7oz)904g14g1g
Nutter Butter Bites (1oz)1306g20g2g
Peanut Butter Buckeyes (1oz)16010g14g3g
Pound Cake (0.3oz)301.5g4g0g
S’more (1oz)1508g18g1g
Sprinkles (0.8oz)901.5g0g0g
Sprinkles, Unicorn (0.8oz)1002.5g19g0g
Whipped Cream (0.1oz)50.5g0g0g


Caramel (0.7oz)601g13g0g
Chocolate (0.7oz)500g12g0g
Chocolate Hazelnut (0.9oz)1409g15g2g
Hot Fudge (0.9oz)803g14g1g
Marshmallow (0.8oz)600g14g0g
Peanut Butter (0.7oz)13012g4g4g
Strawberry (0.7oz)500g13g0g



Acai Bowls

Aloha Tropical (258g)30050g63g2g
Caramel Apple Crunch (293g)390110g63g8g
Chocolate Berry (262g)30045g61g4g
Slice of Life (343g)480140g86g5g


Birthday (107g)2509g40g3g
Cookies N’ Cream (124g)31011g49g5g
Strawberry Shortcake (122g)2608g43g3g
Triple Chocolate (115g)29011g44g4g


Dole Soft Serve, Orange w/ NSA Vanilla (16 fl oz)3300g77g3g
Dole Soft Serve, Orange w/ Vanilla (16 fl oz)3500g81g3g
Dole Soft Serve, Pineapple (16 fl oz)2300g54g1g
Root Beer w/ NSA Vanilla (16 fl oz)2000g50g3g
Root Beer w/ Vanilla (16 fl oz)2200g54g3g

Frozen Yogurt Cookie Sandwiches

Chocolate N’ Cream (113g)3008g52g5g
Cookies N’ Cream (108g)2506g44g5g
Sprinkles N’ Cream (113g)2605g48g5g

Barfresh Smoothies

Strawberry Banana (16 fl oz)2701g63g7g
Triple Berry (16 fl oz)2800g69g0g
Mango Burst (16 fl oz)2800g70g0g
Caribbean (16 fl oz)2800g69g0g
Mocha (16 fl oz)4407g79g15g
Caramel Macchiato (16 fl oz)4207g75g14g
Vanilla Bean (16 fl oz)50010g83g20g

Disclaimer: Sweet Frog nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 5th May 2023.