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Are you searching for Orange Julius nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of beverages from Orange Julius shop, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Orange Julius Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Orange Julius calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Hot Dogs

Bacon Cheese Dog, 5:1 dog49032g28g23g
Bacon Cheese Dog, 8:1 dog42026g27g19g
Cheese Dog, 5:1 dog46030g27g20g
Chili Cheese Dog, 5:1 dog50033g29g22g
Relish Dog, 5:1 Dog43026g32g17g
Relish Dog, 8:1 dog35020g31g13g

Snacks & Sides

Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips24014g28g3g
Lay’s BBQ Potato Chips23015g23g3g
Lay’s Potato Chips – Original24016g23g3g
Oven Baked Lay’s Original Potato Crisps1302g26g2g

Premium Fruit Smoothies

Large Banana Chill Smoothie3900.5g91g9g
Medium Banana Chill Smoothie2600g60g6g
Small Banana Chill Smoothie2000g45g5g
XLarge Banana Chill Smoothie4600.5g106g11g
Large Mango Pineapple Smoothie4200g99g6g
Medium Mango Pineapple Smoothie3400g80g4g
Small Mango Pineapple Smoothie2600g61g3g
XLarge Mango Pineapple Smoothie6000g141g7g
Large OrangeBerry Xtreme Smoothie4300g100g8g
Medium OrangeBerry Xtreme Smoothie3500g81g6g
Small OrangeBerry Xtreme Smoothie2600g61g4g
XLarge OrangeBerry Xtreme Smoothie6000g141g10g
Large Pomegranate Berry Blast Smoothie4700g110g6g
Medium Pomegranate Berry Blast Smoothie3800g89g4g
Small Pomegranate Berry Blast Smoothie2900g68g3g
XLarge Pomegranate Berry Blast Smoothie6600g157g7g
Large Strawberry Banana Smoothie4500g106g6g
Medium Strawberry Banana Smoothie3600g85g5g
Small Strawberry Banana Smoothie2700g63g3g
XLarge Strawberry Banana Smoothie6300g149g8g
Large Strawberry Smoothie4000g93g6g
Medium Strawberry Smoothie3200g75g4g
Small Strawberry Smoothie2400g56g3g
XLarge Strawberry Smoothie5600g131g7g
Large Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Smoothie4200.2g99g5g
Medium Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Smoothie3400.1g80g4g
Small Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Smoothie2500.1g60g3g
XLarge Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Smoothie5900.2g140g7g
Large Sunshine Orange Smoothie4600g108g8g
Medium Sunshine Orange Smoothie3600g84g6g
Small Sunshine Orange Smoothie2600g60g4g
XLarge Sunshine Orange Smoothie6200g144g10g
Large Tripleberry Smoothie4700g111g6g
Medium Tripleberry Smoothie3800g90g5g
Small Tripleberry Smoothie2900g68g3g
XLarge Tripleberry Smoothie6700g158g8g
Large Tropical Tango Smoothie4300g100g7g
Medium Tropical Tango Smoothie3500g82g6g
Small Tropical Tango Smoothie2500g58g4g
XLarge Tropical Tango Smoothie5900g140g9g
Large Tropi-Colada Smoothie4600g109g4g
Medium Tropi-Colada Smoothie3500g83g4g
Small Tropi-Colada Smoothie2500g58g3g
XLarge Tropi-Colada Smoothie6000g141g7g

Light Smoothies

Large Banana Chill Light2800.5g66g6g
Medium Banana Chill Light2100g52g5g
Small Banana Chill Light1600g37g3g
XLarge Banana Chill Light3000.5g72g6g
Large Mango Pineapple Light2700g66g1g
Medium Mango Pineapple Light2200g54g1g
Small Mango Pineapple Light1800g44g0g
XLarge Mango Pineapple Light3900g97g1g
Large OrangeBerry Xtreme Light2700g71g2g
Medium OrangeBerry Xtreme Light2200g54g1g
Small OrangeBerry Xtreme Light1800g44g1g
XLarge OrangeBerry Xtreme Light4000g98g2g
Large Pomegranate Berry Blast Light2600g64g1g
Medium Pomegranate Berry Blast Light2100g51g0g
Small Pomegranate Berry Blast Light1600g39g0g
XLarge Pomegranate Berry Blast Light3600g90g1g
Large Strawberry Banana Light2700g67g1g
Medium Strawberry Banana Light2200g55g1g
Small Strawberry Banana Light1700g43g1g
XLarge Strawberry Banana Light3900g98g2g
Large Strawberry Light2700g67g1g
Medium Strawberry Light2100g53g1g
Small Strawberry Light3900g97g1g
XLarge Strawberry Light1700g43g0g
Large Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Light2700g66g0g
Medium Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Light2200g55g0g
Small Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Light1800g43g0g
XLarge Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Light4000g98g1g
Large Sunshine Orange Light2300g56g3g
Medium Sunshine Orange Light1700g41g2g
Small Sunshine Orange Light1400g35g2g
XLarge Sunshine Orange Light3100g76g4g
Large Tripleberry Light2600g64g1g
Medium Tripleberry Light2100g51g1g
Small Tripleberry Light1600g39g0g
XLarge Tripleberry Light3600g90g1g
Large Tropical Tango Light2800g70g1g
Medium Tropical Tango Light2200g54g2g
Small Tropical Tango Light1600g40g1g
XLarge Tropical Tango Light3800g94g2g
Large Tropi-Colada Light2700g66g1g
Medium Tropi-Colada Light2100g53g1g
Small Tropi-Colada Light1700g41g0g
XLarge Tropi-Colada Light3800g94g1g

Julius Originals

Large Berry Pomegranate Julius5000g125g1g
Medium Berry Pomegranate Julius3400g84g1g
Small Berry Pomegranate Julius2500g62g0g
Large Mango Pineapple Julius4700g117g1g
Medium Mango Pineapple Julius3200g78g1g
Small Mango Pineapple Julius2400g59g0g
Large Orange Julius4000g99g2g
Medium Orange Julius2600g65g1g
Small Orange Julius2000g50g1g
Large OrangeBerry Julius4800g118g2g
Medium OrangeBerry Julius3200g78g1g
Small OrangeBerry Julius2300g58g1g
Large Pina Colada Julius82010g182g3g
Medium Pina Colada Julius5407g117g2g
Small Pina Colada Julius3905g87g2g
Large Strawberry Banana Julius6709g146g3g
Medium Strawberry Banana Julius4607g99g2g
Small Strawberry Banana Julius3304.5g71g1g
Large Strawberry Julius4500g113g1g
Medium Strawberry Julius3000g75g1g
Small Strawberry Julius2300g57g0g
Large Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original4800g118g1g
Medium Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original3200g79g0g
Small Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original2400g59g0g
Large Tripleberry Julius6809g147g3g
Medium Tripleberry Julius4707g101g2g
Small Tripleberry Julius3404.5g74g1g
Large Tropical Tango Julius5400.5g134g2g
Medium Tropical Tango Julius3400g85g2g
Small Tropical Tango Julius2700g67g1g

Julius Originals OJ Only

Large Berry Pomegranate Julius6600g164g1g
Medium Berry Pomegranate Julius4400g108g1g
Small Berry Pomegranate Julius3300g82g0g
Large Mango Pineapple Julius6900g171g1g
Medium Mango Pineapple Julius4600g113g1g
Small Mango Pineapple Julius3500g86g0g
Large Orange Julius4200g103g2g
Medium Orange Julius2800g68g1g
Small Orange Julius2100g52g1g
Large OrangeBerry Julius5200g127g1g
Medium OrangeBerry Julius3400g83g1g
Small OrangeBerry Julius2600g64g1g
Large Pina Colada Julius80012g168g3g
Medium Pina Colada Julius5208g111g2g
Small Pina Colada Julius4006g84g2g
Large Strawberry Banana Julius82012g175g4g
Medium Strawberry Banana Julius5408g115g3g
Small Strawberry Banana Julius4106g88g2g
Large Strawberry Julius6100g151g1g
Medium Strawberry Julius4000g99g1g
Small Strawberry Julius3100g76g0g
Large Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original5600g138g1g
Medium Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original3700g91g0g
Small Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original2700g67g0g
Large Tripleberry Julius92012g199g3g
Medium Tripleberry Julius6008g131g2g
Small Tripleberry Julius4606g100g2g
Large Tropical Tango Julius6000g147g2g
Medium Tropical Tango Julius3700g91g1g
Small Tropical Tango Julius2800g70g1g

Disclaimer: Orange Julius nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of April 2020.