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Are you searching for Mellow Mushroom nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Mellow Mushroom Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Mellow Mushroom calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

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Avocado Smash186049g17g
Garlic Cheese Bread183042g37g
Hummus Appetizer186030g26g
Hummus Dip2oz1409g4g
Hummus Plate199053g24g
Hummus with Veggies Appetizer154030g10g
Magic Mushroom Soup135024g18g
Meatball Trio13602423g
Munchie Pups – Appetizer8oz560273g
Munchie Pups – Side4oz28021g1g
Pepperoni Cheese Bread199055g43g
Pepperoni Garlic Cheese Bread199055g43g
Pretzel, butter and parm (3)1pc2705g11g
Pretzel, Butter and Parm – 31109038g44g
Pretzel, Butter and Parm – 61218076g88g
Pretzel, butter and salt (3)1 pc2604g10g
Pretzel, Butter and Salt – 31106035g41g
Pretzel, Butter and Salt – 61212070g82g
Pretzel, cinnamon and honey (3)1 pc3504g10g
Pretzel, Cinnamon and Honey – 3105012g30g
Pretzel Bites1109037g43g
Roasted Red Potatoes – Side5oz1503g3g
Southwest Vegetable Soup126018g9g
Southwest Vegetable Soup + chix136020g29g
Spinach Artichoke Dip, App176044g26g
Toast Points10 pcs57023g14g
Tomato Bisque129022g8g
Wings, BBQ5 wings35017g27g
Wings, BBQ10 wings70035g55g
Wings, Cloud 9179060g52g
Wings, Hot5 wings29017g27g
Wings, Hot10 wings58033g55g
Wings, Jerk5 wings29017g27g
Wings, Jerk10 wings58033g55g
Wings, Mild5 wings41029g29g
Wings, Mild10 wings82057g58g
Wings, Naked5 Wings29017g27g
Wings, Naked10 Wings58033g55g
Wings, Sweet Thai Chili5 wings39017g27g
Wings, Sweet Thai Chili10 wings78033g55g
Wings, Teriyaki5 Wings36017g29g
Wings, Teriyaki10 Wings73034g57g

Pizza Slices

Backyard BBQLarge slice45019g24g
Backyard BBQMedium slice42017g22g
Backyard BBQSmall slice33015g17g
Buffalo ChickenLarge slice55034g28g
Buffalo ChickenMedium slice52031g26g
Buffalo ChickenSmall slice41026g19g
Cheese, Gluten Free Slice11304.5g5g
CheeseLarge slice36016g20g
CheeseMedium slice35015g18g
CheeseSmall slice29014g18g
Funky Q. ChickenLarge slice47021g28g
Funky Q. ChickenMedium slice45020g26g
Funky Q. ChickenSmall slice37016g21g
Great White, Gluten Free Slice11809g6g
Great WhiteLarge Slice52031g25g
Great WhiteMedium slice48028g21g
Great WhiteSmall slice38022g17g
Holy Shiitake PieLarge slice53034g23 g
Holy Shiitake PieMedium slice50032g19g
Holy Shiitake PieSmall slice40026g15g
House Special, Gluten-Free Slice12009g8g
House SpecialLarge slice50025g28g
House SpecialMedium Slice47024g26g
House SpecialSmall slice39021g20g
Kosmic Karma, Gluten-Free Slice11707g6g
Kosmic KarmaLarge slice43022g21g
Kosmic KarmaMedium slice42022g19g
Kosmic KarmaSmall slice33019g14g
Merry PranksterLarge slice61036g34g
Merry PranksterMedium slice57034g33g
Merry PranksterSmall slice47029g26g
Mighty Meaty, Gluten-Free Slice12009g9g
Mighty MeatyLarge Slice52027g31g
Mighty MeatyMedium slice49025g29g
Mighty MeatySmall slice40021g22g
Pacific Rim PizzaLarge slice44015g24g
Pacific Rim PizzaMedium slice41013g21g
Pacific Rim PizzaSmall slice33011g16g
Veg Out Pizza, Gluten-Free Slice11405g5g
Veg Out PizzaLarge slice37018g19g
Veg Out PizzaMedium slice35017g17g
Veg Out PizzaSmall slice28015g14g
Wild in HavanaLarge slice47023g28g
Wild in HavanaMedium slice44022g26g
Wild in HavanaSmall slice35018g20g


Cheese Calzone1120041g58g
Chicken and Cheese Calzone1134043g81g
Steak and Cheese Calzone1140050g82g
The Sausagefest Calzone1130044g74g
Veggie Supreme Calzone1124041g63g


Bacon Bleu Wedge Salad157047g18g
Caesar Salad – Lil’142038g15g
Caesar Salad – Regular184076g30g
Chef’s Salad – Lil’118010g14g
Chef’s Salad – Regular134018g27g
Enlightened Spinach Salad – Lil’131019g8g
Enlightened Spinach Salad – Regular162038g16g
Greek Salad – Lil’11508g7g
Greek Salad – Regular130017g14g
House Salad – Lil’1905g4g
House Salad – Regular11508g8g
Mellow Chick Salad142028g30g
Mellow Cobb Salad – Lil134019g26g
Mellow Cobb Salad – Reg173041g54g


Avocado HoagieHalf47025g13g
Avocado HoagieWhole93049g27g
Chicken & Cheese HoagieHalf70040g32g
Chicken & Cheese HoagieWhole140079g64g
Havana HoagieHalf64032g49g
Havana HoagieWhole127064g98g
Italian HoagieHalf66041g27g
Italian HoagieWhole130080g54g
Meatball HoagieHalf40014g22g
Meatball HoagieWhole82029g46g
Mushroom Club HoagieHalf72039g46g
Mushroom Club HoagieWhole145077g93g
New Club Sandwich166032g35g
Steak and Cheese HoagieHalf84056g32g
Steak and Cheese HoagieWhole1670111g65g
Tempeh HoagieHalf60034g17g
Tempeh HoagieWhole119067g35g
Tofu HoagieHalf48024g18g
Tofu HoagieWhole97049g36g


Pizzaiola Burger1140092g68g
The Ritz Burger1114075g56g


Kids Apple11000g0g
Kids French Bread Cheese Pizza136013g18g
Kids French Bread Pepperoni Pizza144019g22g
Kids Mac & Cheese125013g9g
Kids Meatball App120012g11g
Kids Pretzel Dippers13209g12g


Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae199053g10g
Chocolate Chunk House Baked Cookies4.8oz60029g6g
Gluten Free Brownie136019g4g
Half Baked Brownie Supreme180048g9g
Mary Jane’s Triple Chocolate Brownie155031g5g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Sundae187041g5g
Oatmeal Raisin House Baked Cookies4.3oz48017g7g
Peanut Butter Cookie made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups158032g10g
Peanut Butter Cookie Sundae197056g14g
Peanut Butter House Baked Cookies4.4oz58032g10g
Pitted Cherries1100g0g
Sugar Cookie163033g6g
Sugar Cookie Sundae1102057g10g
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie160029g6g


Blue Cheese1oz806g4g
Blue Cheese – Large Slice0.31oz252g1g
Blue Cheese – Medium Slice0.33oz252g1g
Blue Cheese – Small Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Feta – Gluten Free Slice0.16oz151g1g
Feta – Large Slice0.31oz252g2g
Feta – Medium Slice0.33oz252g2g
Feta – Small Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Fresh Mozzarella1oz806g5g
Fresh Mozzarella – Gluten Free Slice0.16oz151g1g
Fresh Mozzarella – Large Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Fresh Mozzarella – Medium Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Fresh Mozzarella – Small Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Montamore Cheese2oz23020g14
Montamore Cheese – Large Slice0.38oz454g3g
Montamore Cheese – Medium Slice0.33oz403.5g2g
Montamore Cheese – Small Slice0.22oz302.5g2g
Mozzarella – Gluten Free Slice0.5oz453g4g
Mozzarella – Large Slice1.13oz1007g8g
Mozzarella – Medium Slice1oz906g7g
Mozzarella – Small Slice0.75oz604.5g5g
Parmesan, Grated0.5oz604.5g6g
Parmesan, Grated – Gluten Free Slice0.12oz151g1g
Parmesan, Grated – Large Slice0.16oz201.5g2g
Parmesan, Grated – Medium Slice0.17oz201.5g2g
Parmesan, Grated – Small Slice0.12oz151g1g
Parmesan, Shaved1oz1007g9g
Parmesan, Shaved – Large Slice0.13oz151g1g
Parmesan, Shaved – Medium Slice0.13oz151g1g
Parmesan, Shaved – Small Slice0.13oz151g1g
Provolone – Gluten Free Slice0.16oz151g1g
Provolone – Large Slice0.31oz302.5g2g
Provolone – Medium Slice0.33oz352.5g2g
Provolone – Small Slice0.25oz252g2g
Ricotta Cheese Blend – Gluten Free Slice0.25oz201.5g1g
Ricotta Cheese Blend – Large Slice0.75oz605g3g
Ricotta Cheese Blend – Medium Slice0.66oz504.5g2g
Ricotta Cheese Blend – Small Slice0.5oz403g2g
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese1oz604.5g4g
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Gluten Free Slice0.16oz100.5g1g
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Large Slice0.31oz151.5g1g
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Medium Slice0.33oz201.5g1g
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Small Slice0.25oz151g1g
Swiss Cheese1oz1008g8g
Vegan Cheese2oz16012g0g
Vegan Cheese – Gluten Free Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Vegan Cheese – Large Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Vegan Cheese – Medium Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Vegan Cheese – Small Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Wisconsin White Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Large Slice1.13oz13010g8g
Wisconsin White Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Medium Slice1oz1109g7g
Wisconsin White Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Small Slice0.75oz807g5g

Fruit & Veggies

Artichoke Hearts1oz10 0g0g
Artichoke Hearts – Large Slice0.31oz00g0g
Artichoke Hearts – Medium Slice0.33oz50g0g
Artichoke Hearts – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Avocado – Gluten Free Slice0.25q605g1g
Avocado – Large Slice0.38q201.5g0g
Avocado – Medium Slice0.33q151.5g0g
Avocado – Small Slice0.25q101g0g
Banana Peppers1oz50.5g0g
Banana Peppers – Large Slice0.31oz00g0g
Banana Peppers – Medium Slice0.33oz00g0g
Banana Peppers – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Black Olives1oz454.5g0g
Black Olives – Gluten Free Slice0.25oz101g0g
Black Olives – Large Slice0.31oz151.5g0g
Black Olives – Medium Slice0.33oz151.5g0g
Black Olives – Small Slice0.25oz101g0g
Caramelized Onions2oz250g1g
Caramelized Onions – Large Slice0.5oz50g0g
Caramelized Onions – Medium Slice0.5oz50g0g
Caramelized Onions – Small Slice0.38oz50g0g
Caramelized Pecans1oz16013g2g
Chives – Gluten Free Slice0.02oz00g0g
Cucumbers – Gluten Free Slice0.25oz00g0g
Cucumbers – Large Slice0.38oz00g0g
Cucumbers – Medium Slice0.33oz00g0g
Cucumbers – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Dried Cherries1oz450g0g
Fresh Basil0.5oz50g0g
Fresh Basil – Gluten Free Slice0.16oz00g0g
Fresh Basil – Large Slice0.16oz00g0g
Fresh Basil – Medium Slice0.17oz00g0g
Fresh Basil – Small Slice0.19oz00g0g
Garlic – Large Slice0.09oz50g0g
Green Olives1oz454.5g0g
Green Olives – Gluten Free Slice0.12oz50.5g0g
Green Olives – Large Slice0.19oz101g0g
Green Olives – Medium Slice0.17oz101g0g
Green Olives – Small Slice0.12oz50.50g
Green Peppers1oz50g0g
Green Peppers – Large Slice0.5oz50g0g
Green Peppers – Medium Slice0.5oz50g0g
Grilled Portobello4 slices403g1g
Grilled Portobello – Large Slice1 slice101g0g
Grilled Portobello – Medium Slice1 slice101g0g
Grilled Portobello – Small Slice1 slice101g0g
Iceberg Lettuce1oz50g0g
Jalapeno Peppers1oz201.5g0g
Jalapeno Peppers – Large Slice0.31oz50g0g
Jalapeno Peppers – Medium Slice0.33oz50g0g
Jalapeno Peppers – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Kalamata Olives8 pcs404g0g
Kalamata Olives – Gluten Free Slice1 pc50.5g0g
Kalamata Olives – Large Slice1 pc50.5g0g
Kalamata Olives – Medium Slice1 pc50.50g
Kalamata Olives – Small Slice1 pc50.50g
Mushroom Trio2oz504.5g1g
Mushroom Trio – Large Slice0.75oz202g1g
Mushroom Trio – Medium Slice0.67oz201.5g0g
Mushroom Trio – Small Slice0.5oz151g0g
Onions – Gluten Free Slice0.38oz50g0g
Onions – Large Slice0.5oz50g0g
Onions – Medium Slice0.5oz50g0g
Onions – Small Slice0.38oz50g0g
Pepperoncini – Large Slice0.38oz50g0g
Pepperoncini – Medium Slice0.33oz50g0g
Pepperoncini – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Pineapple – Large Slice0.62oz150g0g
Pineapple – Medium Slice0.67oz150g0g
Pineapple – Small Slice0.5oz100g0g
Roasted Red Peppers4oz300g10g
Roasted Red Peppers – Large Slice0.31oz00g0g
Roasted Red Peppers – Medium Slice0.33oz00g0g
Roasted Red Peppers – Small Slice0.25oz00g0g
Roasted Red Potato2oz601g1g
Roasted Red Potato – Large Slice0.88oz250.5g1g
Roasted Red Potato – Medium Slice0.83oz250.5g1g
Roasted Red Potato – Small Slice0.75oz200g0g
Roasted Tomatoes0.5oz452.5g0g
Roasted Tomatoes – Gluten Free Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Roasted Tomatoes – Large Slice0.31oz251.5g0g
Roasted Tomatoes – Medium Slice0.33oz301.5g0g
Roasted Tomatoes – Small Slice0.25oz201.5g0g
Roma Tomatoes4 slices100g0g
Roma Tomatoes – Gluten Free Slice0.83oz50g0g
Roma Tomatoes – Large Slice1 slice00g0g
Roma Tomatoes – Medium Slice1 slice00g0g
Roma Tomatoes – Small Slice1 slice00g0g
Spinach – Gluten Free Slice0.12oz00g0g


Baked Pizza CrustLarge2202g9g
Baked Pizza CrustMedium2102g8g
Baked Pizza CrustSmall1802g7g
Baked Pizza Thin CrustLarge1801.5g7g
Baked Pizza Thin CrustMedium1701.5g6g
Baked Pizza Thin CrustSmall1401.5g6g
Black Truffle Oil0.1oz252.5g0g
Black Truffle Oil – Gluten Free Slice0.02oz50.5g0g
Black Truffle Oil – Large Slice0.02oz50.5g0g
Black Truffle Oil – Medium Slice0.03oz50.5g0g
Black Truffle Oil – Small Slice0.02oz50.5g0g
Bread French – Half0.51901.5g7g
Bread French – Whole13803g14g
Bread Multi Grain – Half0.52003.5g7g
Bread Multi Grain – Whole14005g14g
Bruschetta Tomato Topping115013g2g
Gluten Free Crust1 slice701g0g
Olive Oil0.5oz12014g0g
Olive Oil – Gluten Free Slice0.12oz253g0g
Olive Oil – Large Slice0.16oz404.5g0g
Olive Oil – Medium Slice0.17oz404.5g0g
Olive Oil – Small Slice0.12oz303.5g0g
Spinach Artichoke Dip131026g14g
Toast Points10 pcs57023g14g

Salad Bases

Salad Mix6oz250g2g
Spring Mix6oz400g4g

Salad Dressings

Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing1oz908g0g
Blue Cheese Salad Dressing1oz13013g2g
Caesar Salad Dressing1oz16017g1g
Esperanza Salad Dressing1oz15016g1g
Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing1oz14014g0g
Ranch Salad Dressing1oz14014g1g
Spicy Blue Cheese Salad Dressing1oz13013g2g
Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing1oz13014g0g


1% Chocolate Milk8oz1702.58g
2% Milk8oz1305g7g
Barq’s Root Beer24oz2700g0g
Cherry Coke24oz23000g0g
Coke Zero24oz00g0g
Coke Zero with Cherry24oz00g0g
Diet Coke24oz00g0g
Fanta Fruit Punch24oz2300g0g
Fanta Orange24oz2200g0g
HI-C Fruit Punch24oz2100g0g
HI-C Lemon24oz2000g0g
Mello Yellow24oz2400g0g
Minutemaide Lemonade24oz2200g0g
Pibb Xtra24oz2300g0g
Powerade Fruit Punch24oz1200g0g
Powerade Mountain Blast24oz1300g0g
Seagram’s Ginger Ale24oz2100g0g
Sweetened Iced Tea24oz2100g0g


BBQ WingsLarge Tray23012g18g
BBQ WingsSmall Tray20010g16g
BruschettaLarge Tray24014g7g
BruschettaSmall Tray21011g6g
California Club168035g38g
Caprese Sandwich193047g39g
Chicken Caesar SaladLarge Tray50034g23g
Chicken Caesar SaladSmall Tray41027g22g
Chicken Caesar Wrap198060g70g
Chilled Out Pasta SaladLarge Tray63033g14g
Country Club167026g44g
Enlightened Spinach SaladLarge Tray38024g7g
Enlightened Spinach SaladSmall Tray34020g7g
Greek SaladLarge Tray 380 28g 9g
Greek SaladSmall Tray33024g8g
Hot WingsLarge Tray18011g18g
Hot WingsSmall Tray17010g16g
Hummus Three WaysLarge Tray42021g12g
Hummus Three WaysSmall Tray32016g9g
Jerk WingsLarge Tray18011g18g
Jerk WingsSmall Tray17010g16g
Mellow Chicken Salad Sandwich158024g24g
Mild Wings Large TrayLarge Tray26019g19g
Mild Wings Small TraySmall Tray24017g17g
Multigrain Ciabatta1 pc2102.5g7g
Naked WingsLarge Tray18011g18g
Naked WingsSmall Tray17010g16g
Pretzel BitesLarge Tray29010g11g
Pretzel BitesSmall Tray2207g9g
Roman Wrap166027g54g
Spinach Artichoke DipLarge Tray35021g14g
Spinach Artichoke DipSmall Tray26016g10g
Sweet Thai Chili WingsLarge Tray25011g18g
Sweet Thai Chili WingsSmall Tray23010g16g
Thai Curry SaladLarge Tray21010g11g
Thai Curry SaladSmall Tray24011g13g
Triple Chocolate Brownie1 pc1006g1g

Disclaimer: All Mellow Mushroom nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 3 February 2022.