Lion’s Choice Nutrition & Calories

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Are you searching for Lion’s Choice nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Lion’s Choice restaurant, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Lion’s Choice Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Lion’s Choice calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Original Roast Beef31012g28g22g
Large Roast Beef41015g34g31g
King Roast Beef44018g28g39g
Original Turkey2507g28g20g
Large Turkey3208g34g28g
King Turkey3208g28g36g
Original Ham2809g30g18g
Large Ham35011g37g25g
King Ham37013g32g31g
French Dip61513g86g38g
Italian Beef71022g87g38g
Hot Dog44032g27g14g
Cluckin’ Chicken Tender Sandwich74029g80g42g
Chili Dog49034g31g17g
Chili Cheese Dog53036g34g17g
Toasted Cheese47023g43g19g


Original Natural-Cut Fries21012g25g2g
Large Natural-Cut Fries28014g35g3g
Original Cheese Fries34020g35g4g
Large Cheese Fries41023g46g5g
Original Chili Cheese Fries30016g32g6g
House-made Chips29015g39g4g
Baked Potato2700g59g6g
Baked Potato w/ Bacon4209g61g21g
Baked Potato w/ Broccoli2800g61g7g
Baked Potato w/ Chili3202g63g9g
Baked Potato w/ Cheddar3405g65g7g
Baked Potato w/ Shredded Cheddar41011g59g14g
White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese38017g41g14g
Veggie Sticks400g8g2gg
Steamed Broccoli300g6g3g

Chili & Soup

Chili, Cup1607g14g10g
Chili, Bowl27012g23g16g
Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Cup23015g13g8g
Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Bowl28019g17g10g
French Bread1200g26g4g


Butcher Block Cobb Salad80067g9g28g
Side Salad300g5g2g

Cub Meal

Cub Roast Beef1807g20g11g
Cub Turkey1505g17g10g
Cub Ham1606g18g9g
Cub Fries1206g14g1g
Cub Mac n’ Cheese1909g21g7g
Chicken Tender (single tender)1905g20g17g
2% Milk (8oz)1305g12g8g
Chocolate Milk (8oz)1300g21g8g
Apple Juice Carton1000g23g0g

Limited Time Only

Cluckin’ Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich79032g84g42g
Triple Chocolate Cookie Sandwich53016g89g8g
Crispy Cod Sandwich40715g45g19g
Meatball Sub47020g54g26g

Sweet Treats

Vanilla Custard Mini Cone1004.5g14g3g
Vanilla Custard Large Cone33014g43g7g
Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Custard Mini Cone1708g20g5g
Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Custard Large Cone42023g47g8g
Dish of Frozen Custard29014g36g6g
Vanilla Concrete (original)41020g50g8g
Vanilla Concrete (large)73036g90g15g
Chocolate Concrete (original)48020g66g9g
Chocolate Concrete (large)87036g123g16g
Strawberry Concrete (original)45020g60g8g
Strawberry Concrete (large)81036g110g15g
Chocolate Chip Concrete (original)60037g61g9g
Chocolate Chip Concrete (large)112070g111g17g
M&M Concrete (original)63028g81g10g
M&M Concrete (large)115052g153g18g
Oreo Concrete (original)61028g81g10g
Oreo Concrete (large)114052g153g18g
Orange Concrete (original)41020g50g8g
Orange Concrete (large)73036g90g15g
Vanilla Shake (original)58019g90g13g
Vanilla Shake (large)72023g112g17g
Chocolate Shake (original)65019g106g14g
Chocolate Shake (large)81023g133g17g
Strawberry Shake (original)62019g100g13g
Strawberry Shake (large)78023g125g17g
Orange Freeze (original)60019g96g13g
Orange Freeze (large)77023g125g17
Root Beer Float (original)36010g70g4g
Root Beer Float (large)42011g79g4g
Hot Fudge Sundae44019g58g7g
Chocolate Sundae41013g67g7g
Strawberry Sundae36013g54g6g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie20011g25g2g
Triple Chocolate Cookie1805g34g2g


Swiss Cheese907g0g6g
Cheddar Cheese352.5g3g0g
Pepper Jack Cheese706g0g5g
Provel Cheese505g1g3g
Au Jus50g1g0g
French Dip Au Jus518g1g0g
Mild Giardiniera12012g2g0g
Hot Giardiniera12012g2g0g
Caesar Dressing31031g6g3g
Bistro Dressing26026g7g0g
Gluten Free Bun2104g40g4g
Wheat Bun2304g40g9g
No Bun (original or king)-160-3g-28g-5g
No Bun (large)-192-3g-35g-6g
No Butter (original or king)-23-3g0g0g
No Butter (large)-23-3g0g0g
No Seasoning (original or king)-10g0g0g
No Seasoning (large)-10g0g0g
Chipotle Ranch506g1g0g
Sweet ‘n Smoky BBQ250g5g0g
Tangy BBQ200g0g0g
Honey Mustard250g2g0g

Disclaimer: Lion’s Choice nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 12th May 2023.