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Are you searching for Frutta Bowls nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of drinks from Frutta Bowls shop, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Frutta Bowls Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Frutta Bowls calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Build Your Own Bowl (8oz)900.5g18g<1g
Build Your Own Bowl (16oz)1701g35g1g
Frutta (8oz)49018g72g9g
Frutta (16oz)87030g133g15g
Frutella (8oz)48018g68g9g
Frutella (16oz)85030g129g15g
Muscle Up (8oz)40013g57g16g
Muscle Up (16oz)74021g113g30g
Hulk (8oz)42013g63g16g
Hulk (16oz)77022g120g30g
Beachin’ (8oz)3505g73g4g
Beachin’ (16oz)69010g142g8g
Classic (8oz)43015g69g8g
Classic (16oz)80025g133g14g
Rainbowl (8oz)3104.5g63g3g
Rainbowl (16oz)6009g122g6g
Peanutella (8oz)53021g72g18g
Peanutella (16oz)96034g136g34g
Bermuda (8oz)2805g56g3g
Bermuda (16oz)55010g109g6g
Pina Colada (16 fl oz)3203.5g77g3g
Pina Colada (24 fl oz)4605g111g4g
Detox (16 fl oz)2101g50g4g
Detox (24 fl oz)3201.5g74g6g
Whey-Up (16 fl oz)29010g41g15g
Whey-Up (24 fl oz)46015g64g27g
Pink Flamingo (16 fl oz)2203g46g4g
Pink Flamingo (24 fl oz)3404g71g6g
The Green Machine (16 fl oz)2106g41g3g
The Green Machine (24 fl oz)33010g63g4g
Mango Strawberry (16 fl oz)1300g33g1g
Mango Strawberry (24 fl oz)1900g47g2g
Chocolate Explosion (16 fl oz)36016g46g16g
Chocolate Explosion (24 fl oz)57024g71g29g
Tropical (16 fl oz)2603g60g3g
Tropical (24 fl oz)4104.5g97g4g
Very Berry (16 fl oz)1904g41g2g
Very Berry (24 fl oz)2906g62g3g
Glow Up (16 fl oz)33013g54g5g
Glow Up (24 fl oz)50020g79g8g


Savory Avocado25014g23g9g
PB & N33016g42g10g
Everything Avo24014g20g11g
Bee’s Knees25011g31g8g

Protein Bites

Vanilla Whey Protein Bite35022g25g14g
Vanilla Whey Protein Bites w/ Coconut Flakes37023g25g14g
Chocolate Whey Protein Bite35022g25g14g
Chocolate Whey Protein Bites w/ Coconut Flakes37023g25g14g
Vanilla Plant Protein Bites34033g26g12g
Vanilla Plant Protein Bites w/ Coconut Flakes36022g26g13g
Chocolate Plant Protein Bites34022g26g12g
Chocolate Plant Protein Bites w/ Coconut Flakes36022g26g13g


Bottled Water00g0g0g

Disclaimer: Frutta Bowls nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 21th June 2023.