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Are you searching for CRISP & GREEN nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of items from CRISP & GREEN restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthy, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

CRISP & GREEN Nutrition Facts

Look below to find CRISP & GREEN calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Grain Bowls

Ahh… Greek Out! (389g)56025g43g39g
Fiesta Bowl (567g)76037g68g42g
Seoul Bowl (409g)53029g52g16g
Crispy Teriyaki (367g)49025g38g30g
The Bold & The Buffalo (361g)52028g36g33g

Kids Bowls

Adventure Bowl (219g)49026g42g24g
Little Chef Salad (243g)35025g6g25g
Los Ninos Bowl (239g)43024g31g23g
Smash Bowl (255g)47030g28g23g

Signature Salads

BBQ Smokeshow (387g)49025g41g25g
Cinco de Light (377g)54037g38g18g
Classic Chicken Caesar (326g)53035g18g39g
No Prob Cobb (382g)56037g17g41g
Perfectly Pesto (328g)35021g19g27g
Thai & Stop Me (327g)35022g20g24g
Wild Wild Southwest (427g)62028g51g41g
You Feta Believe It (311g)50033g13g37g

Acai Bowls

Acai Ya Later (359g)45010g90g6g
Give Me S’more (333g)70029g104g11g
Imagine Dragonfruit (305g)4309g86g6g
Protein Power Play (343g)60028g76g17g
Red, White & Blueberry (342g)38012g69g4g
Tropic Time (319g)3404g77g2g
Two to Mango (329g)41010g83g4g


Big Island (353g)2803g58g14g
Date Night (258g)54023g69g23g
Green Glow (261g)2101g37g18g
Maple Pea-Nut (248g)48027g44g24g
Purple Rain (397g)2701.5g54g18g
Rise & Grind (302g)46018g58g20g
Strawberry Sunrise (353g)2401.5g45g18g

Aguas Frescas

Lemon Raspberry (241g)350g9g0g
Pineapple Ginger (224g)300g8g0g
Pomegranate Lemon (235g)300g9g0g
Rishi Citrus Green Tea (245g)00g0g1g
Rishi Classic Black Tea (245g)00g0g0g
Strawberry Jalapeno (239g)450g12g0g


Vegan Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie (113g)52027g66g6g
Vegan Crispie (70g)2908g52g2g

Build Your Own Acai Bowl

Acai Sorbet (105g)1304g26g1g
Dragon Fruit Sorbett (105g)1000g25g1g
Mango Sorbett (105g)1401g34g2g
Bananas (45g)400g10g0g
Blueberries (18g)100g3g0g
Kiwi (20g)100g3g0g
Strawberries (38g)100g3g0g
Cacao Nibs (9g)504.5g2g1g
Cashew Butter (30g)19015g8g5g
Granola (26g)1002g20g3g
Protein Puffs (10g)400g1g8g
Toasted Coconut (6g)353g3g0g
Vegan Marshmallows (14g)500g12g0g

Build Your Own Salad or Grain Bowl

Arugula (43g)100g2g1g
Brown Rice (76g)900.5g18g2g
Kale (43g)200g4g2g
Mixed Greens (43g)50g3g0g
Romaine (80g)150g3g1g
Spinach (43g)100g2g1g
Roasted Broccoli (50g)501.5g3g1g
Black Beans (84g)800g15g5g
Buffalo Chicken (72g)1204.5g0g19g
Fajita Peppers & Onions (32g)251.5g3g0g
Roasted BBQ Chicken (72g)1306g0g18g
Roasted Cauliflower (55g)200.5g3g1g
Roasted Chicken (72g)1203g0g22g
Roasted Corn & Poblano (64g)1002g17g3g
Roasted Mushrooms (64g)453.5g3g2g
Roasted Tofu (64g)1005g3g10g
Apple (30g)150g4g0g
Avocado (41g)706g4g1g
Carrots (24g)100g2g0g
Citrus Shrimp (76g)700g0g18g
Cucumber (28g)50g1g0g
Daikon Radish (24g)50g1g0g
Egg (50g)805g1g6g
Feta (36g)905g3g8g
Jalapeno (12g)50g1g0g
Kalamata Olives (20g)252g1g0g
Napa Cabbage (30g)50g1g0g
Oranges (36g)150g4g0g
Parmesan (14g)604g2g4g
Queso Fresco (38g)1108g3g7g
Radicchio (17g)50g1g0g
Roasted Corn (42g)350.5g8g1g
Roasted Tomato (22g)352.5g2g1g
Strawberries (38g)100g3g0g
Tomato (42g)100g2g0g
White Cheddar (28g)1109g1g7g
Bacon (16g)908g0g4g
Craisins (19g)600g16g0g
Pepitas (16g)703.5g2g5g
Sunflower Seeds (16g)1008g3g4g
Wonton Strips (10g)503g6g1g
Bacon (8g)454g0g2g
Basil (3g)00g0g0g
Spicy Bibimbap Sauce (28g)501.5g10g0g
Blue Corn Chips (18g)904g12g1g
Bread (16g)451.5g7g2g
Cilantro (3g)00g0g0g
Croutons (12g)501.5g9g2g
Hummus (28g)603.5g4g2g
Mint (3g)00g0g0g
Olive Oil (28g)25028g0g0g
Parmesan Crisps (14g)604g2g4g
Peanuts (9g)504.5g2g2g
Pepitas (8g)351.5g1g3g
Pita Chips (15g)702.5g10g2g
Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (57g)150g3g1g
Sesame Seeds (3g)151.5g1g1g
Balsamic Vinaigrette (30g)15017g1g0g
Classic Caesar (30g)15015g2g2g
Creamy Southwest (30g)10010g1g1g
Jalapeno Green Goddess (30g)10010gg1g1g
Jalapeno-Lime Vinaigrette (30g)13015g1g0g
Korean Chili Cashew (30g)16016g4g1g
Lemon Herb Vinaigrette (30g)605g1g1g
C&G Ranch (30g)11011g1g1g
Smoky BBQ Ranch (30g)14015g1g0g
Teriyaki (30g)13012g4g2g
Thai Peanut (30g)17017g5g1g

Disclaimer: CRISP & GREEN nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of June 2023.