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Are you searching for Caribou Coffee nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of items from Caribou Coffee Shop, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Caribou Coffee Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Caribou Coffee calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Extra Large Hot Americano50g0g25g
Large Hot Americano50g0g20g
Medium Hot Americano00g0g15g
Small Hot Americano00g0g10g
Extra Large Iced Americano50g0g30g
Large Iced Americano50g0g25g
Medium Iced Americano50g0g20g
Small Iced Americano00g0g15g
Extra Large Berry White Mocha Cooler110025g204g430g
Large Berry White Mocha Cooler86023g153g320g
Medium Berry White Mocha Cooler74021g127g270g
Small Berry White Mocha Cooler62020g101g210g
Extra Large Hot Berry White Mocha88043g105g210g
Large Hot Berry White Mocha73037g85g160g
Medium Hot Berry White Mocha60032g66g125g
Small Hot Berry White Mocha47027g48g95g
Extra Large Iced Berry White Mocha5708g116g230g
Large Iced Berry White Mocha4006g80g160g
Medium Iced Berry White Mocha3305g64g140g
Small Iced Berry White Mocha2504.5g47g110g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade3300g76g30
Extra Blended BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade2500g57g20g
Medium Blended BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade2100g48g20g
Small Blended BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade1700g39g15g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade1400g31g15g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade900g20g10g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade700g15g10g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade450g10g5g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Cherry Limeade2900g71g70g
Large Blended BOUsted Cherry Limeade2200g53g50g
Medium Blended BOUsted Cherry Limeade1800g45g45g
Small Blended BOUsted Cherry Limeade1500g36g35g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Cherry Limeade1200g28g30g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Cherry Limeade800g19g20g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Cherry Limeade600g14g15g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Cherry Limeade400g9g10g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Dragon Fruit3200g73g70g
Large Blended BOUsted Dragon Fruit2400g55g50g
Medium Blended BOUsted Dragon Fruit2000g46g45g
Small Blended BOUsted Dragon Fruit1700g38g35g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Dragon Fruit1300g29g30g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Dragon Fruit900g20g20g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Dragon Fruit600g15g15g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Dragon Fruit450g10g10g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade8400.5g209g20g
Large Blended BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade6300g156g15g
Medium Blended BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade5300g132g15g
Small Blended BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade4300g108g10g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade3400g84g10g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade2200g56g10g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade1700g42g5g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Green Tea Lemonade1100g28g0g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Peach Black Tea2900g73g5g
Large Blended BOUsted Peach Black Tea1900g48g5g
Medium Blended BOUsted Peach Black Tea1400g36g0g
Small Blended BOUsted Peach Black Tea900g24g0g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Peach Black Tea7100g181g10g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Peach Black Tea5300g136g10g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Peach Black Tea4500g115g5g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Peach Black Tea3700g94g5g
Extra Large Blended BOUsted Strawberry Mango3400.5g79g45g
Large Blended BOUsted Strawberry Mango2500.5g59g30g
Medium Blended BOUsted Strawberry Mango2100g50g25g
Small Blended BOUsted Strawberry Mango1700g41g20g
Extra Large Sparkling BOUsted Strawberry Mango1400g32g20g
Large Sparkling BOUsted Strawberry Mango900g21g15g
Medium Sparkling BOUsted Strawberry Mango700g16g10g
Small Sparkling BOUsted Strawberry Mango450g11g5g
Extra Large Hot Breve63055g21g220g
Large Hot Breve55049g18g190g
Medium Hot Breve47042g15g160g
Small Hot Breve31028g10g110g
Extra Large Iced Breve39035g13g140g
Large Iced Breve29026g10g110g
Medium Iced Breve270249g95g
Small Iced Breve25022g8g85g
Extra Large Campfire Mocha Cooler1,13027g209g440g
Large Campfire Mocha Cooler88024g156g330g
Medium Campfire Mocha Cooler76022g130g270g
Small Hot Campfire Mocha Cooler64020g104g220g
Extra Large Hot Campfire Mocha93046g111g200g
Large Hot Campfire Mocha77040g91g150g
Medium Hot Campfire Mocha63034g71g120g
Small Hot Campfire Mocha50028g52g95g
Extra Large Iced Campfire Mocha5809g118g240g
Large Iced Campfire Mocha4106g82g170g
Medium Iced Campfire Mocha3305g65g140g
Small Iced Campfire Mocha2604.5g48g115g
Extra Large Cappuccino1406g13g140g
Large Cappuccino1305g11g120g
Medium Cappuccino1104.5g10g105g
Small Cappuccino903.5g9g85g
Extra Large Caramel Cooler1,05033g176g690g
Large Caramel Cooler83028g134g520g
Medium Caramel Cooler72026g112g440g
Small Caramel Cooler61024g91g350g
Extra Large Caramel High Rise Cooler1,05033g176g690g
Large Caramel High Rise Cooler83028g134g520g
Medium Caramel High Rise Cooler72026g112g440g
Small Caramel High Rise Cooler61024g91g350g
Extra Large Hot Caramel High Rise71031g89g480g
Large Hot Caramel High Rise61028g74g390g
Medium Hot Caramel High Rise52025g60g320g
Small Hot Caramel High Rise43023g47g240g
Extra Large Iced Caramel High Rise50014g85g430g
Large Iced Caramel High Rise37010g62g310g
Medium Iced Caramel High Rise3109g51g260g
Small Iced Caramel High Rise2507g40g210g
Extra Large Chocolate Cooler98028g169g490g
Large Chocolate Cooler77024g126g360g
Medium Chocolate Cooler66023g105g300g
Small Chocolate Cooler56021g83g240g
Extra Large Hot Classic Chai Tea Latte44010g70g210g
Large Hot Classic Chai Tea Latte3708g59g180g
Medium Hot Classic Chai Tea Latte3107g48g160g
Small Hot Classic Chai Tea Latte2205g35g105g
Extra Large Iced Classic Chai Tea Latte3906g70g150g
Large Iced Classic Chai Tea Latte2905g51g115g
Medium Iced Classic Chai Tea Latte2404g41g95g
Small Iced Classic Chai Tea Latte1803.5g32g80g
Extra Large Coffee Cooler5509g108g380g
Large Coffee Cooler4107g81g280g
Medium Coffee Cooler3406g68g240g
Small Coffee Cooler2804.5g54g190g
Extra Large Coffee Of The Day100g0g15g
Large Coffee Of The Day50g0g10g
Medium Coffee Of The Day50g0g10g
Small Coffee Of The Day50g0g5g
Extra Large Cold Press Iced Coffee300g4g15g
Large Cold Press Iced Coffee200g3g15g
Medium Cold Press Iced Coffee200g3g10g
Small Cold Press Iced Coffee150g2g10g
Extra Large Cold Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam601.5g10g40g
Large Cold Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam601.5g9g35g
Medium Cold Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam501.5g8g35g
Small Cold Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam501.5g8g30g
Extra Large Hot Crafted Press24012g25g370g
Large Hot Crafted Press20010g20g290g
Medium Hot Crafted Press1709g15g200g
Small Hot Crafted Press1006g8g105g
Extra Large Iced Crafted Press24010g28g450g
Large Iced Crafted Press1608g18g280g
Medium Iced Crafted Press1306g13g190g
Small Iced Crafted Press905g8g105g
Extra Large Depth Charge100g0g20g
Large Depth Charge50g0g15g
Medium Depth Charge50g0g15g
Small Depth Charge50g0g10g
Extra Large Espresso50g0g25g
Large Espresso50g0g20g
Medium Espresso00g0g15g
Small Espresso00g0g10g
Extra Large Espresso Cooler5109g105g280g
Large Espresso Cooler3707g76g210g
Medium Espresso Cooler3206g65g180g
Small Espresso Cooler2504.5g50g140g
Extra Large Caramel Espresso Shaker44012g82g380g
Large Caramel Espresso Shaker3309g60g280g
Medium Caramel Espresso Shaker2707g49g230g
Small Caramel Espresso Shaker2106g38g180g
Extra Large Vanilla Espresso Shaker2102g47g65g
Large Vanilla Espresso Shaker1602g35g55g
Medium Vanilla Espresso Shaker1402g29g50g
Small Vanilla Espresso Shaker1102g23g45g
Extra Large White Chocolate Espresso Shaker3506g70g190g
Large White Chocolate Espresso Shaker2504.5g49g140g
Medium White Chocolate Espresso Shaker1904g38g115g
Small White Chocolate Espresso Shaker1403g27g85g
Extra Large Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic2900g73g20g
Large Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic2200g56g15g
Medium Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic1800g44g10g
Small Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic1400g34g5g
Extra Classic Large Espresso Tonic2800g71g20g
Large Classic Espresso Tonic2200g55g15g
Medium Classic Espresso Tonic1700g43g10g
Small Classic Espresso Tonic1300g33g5g
Extra Large Frozen Cookies & Cream127056g188g610g
Large Frozen Cookies & Cream101050g134g450g
Medium Frozen Cookies & Cream85044g106g360g
Small Frozen Cookies & Cream69039g78g270g
Extra Large Frozen Hot Chocolate1,40051g223g810g
Large Frozen Hot Chocolate1,10048g157g580g
Medium Frozen Hot Chocolate92043g123g450g
Small Frozen Hot Chocolate73038g89g330g
Extra Large Frozen Matcha w/ Bubbles95036g155g340g
Large Frozen Matcha w/ Bubbles72028g103g240g
Medium Frozen Matcha w/ Bubbles60024g82g190g
Small Frozen Matcha w/ Bubbles49020g62g140g
Extra Large Hot Chocolate83049g78g240g
Large Hot Chocolate72043g65g210g
Medium Hot Chocolate61037g52g180g
Small Hot Chocolate45029g35g120g
Extra Large Hot Latte25010g23g220g
Large Hot Latt2209g20g190g
Medium Hot Latte1807g17g160g
Small Hot Latte1205g11g110g
Extra Large Iced Latte1606g14g150g
Large Iced Latte1204.5g11g110g
Medium Iced Latte1104.5g10g100g
Small Iced Latte1004g9g85g
Extra Large Macchiato201g1g40g
Large Macchiato1606g14g150g
Medium Macchiato1204.5g11g110g
Small Macchiato1104.5g10g100g
Extra Large Malted Mocha Cooler118029g213g520g
Large Malted Mocha Cooler90025g156g390g
Medium Malted Mocha Cooler76023g127g320g
Small Malted Mocha Cooler62021g98g250g
Extra Large Hot Malted Mocha98047g121g260g
Large Hot Malted Mocha81041g97g200g
Medium Hot Malted Mocha65034g74g160g
Small Hot Malted Mocha50028g51g115g
Extra Large Iced Malted Mocha69011g136g330g
Large Iced Malted Mocha4908g93g250g
Medium Iced Malted Mocha3907g72g200g
Small Iced Malted Mocha2806g50g150g
Extra Large Hot Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte39010g59g200g
Large Hot Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte3408g50g180g
Medium Hot Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte2807g41g150g
Small Hot Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte2005g30g100g
Extra Large Iced Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte3909g63g180g
Large Iced Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte2906g46g135g
Medium Iced Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte2305g37g115g
Small Iced Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte1804.5g29g90g
Extra Large Mint Condition Mocha Cooler1,14030g206g430g
Large Mint Condition Mocha Cooler90027g154g320g
Medium Mint Condition Mocha Cooler78025g128g270g
Small Mint Condition Mocha Cooler65024g103g210g
Extra Large Hot Mint Condition Mocha96050g113g200g
Large Hot Mint Condition Mocha81043g92g160g
Medium Hot Mint Condition Mocha67037g73g125g
Small Hot Mint Condition Mocha53031g54g95g
Extra Large Iced Mint Condition Mocha5709g116g240g
Large Iced Mint Condition Mocha4006g80g170g
Medium Iced Mint Condition Mocha3305g64g140g
Small Iced Mint Condition Mocha2504.5g47g115g
Extra Large Hot Mocha76046g71g200g
Large Hot Mocha63040g56g150g
Medium Hot Mocha52034g43g120g
Small Hot Mocha41028g31g90g
Extra Large Iced Mocha43010g75g260g
Large Iced Mocha3007g51g180g
Medium Iced Mocha2406g41g150g
Small Iced Mocha1905g30g125g
Small Nitro Cold Press250g3g0g
Small Nitro High Rise57025g74g350g
Small Nitro Latte1405g13g110g
Small Nitro Mocha3207g54g180g
Small Nitro Turtle Mocha51024g58g180g
Extra Large Hot Northern Lite Latte1801g40g280g
Large Hot Northern Lite Latte1601g34g240g
Medium Hot Northern Lite Latte1401g28g200g
Small Hot Northern Lite Latte900.5g20g140g
Extra Large Iced Northern Lite Latte1000.5g31g160g
Large Iced Northern Lite Latte800.5g23g120g
Medium Iced Northern Lite Latte700g20g110g
Small Iced Northern Lite Latte700g16g100g
Extra Large Blended Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam2406g45g510g
Large Blended Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1604g30g320g
Medium Blended Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1203g22g220g
Small Blended Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam802g15g125g
Extra Large Hot Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam2105g38g420g
Large Hot Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1704g31g320g
Medium Hot Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1303g23g220g
Small Hot Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam902g15g125g
Extra Large Iced Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam2406g45g510
Large Iced Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1604g30g320g
Medium Iced Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam1203g22g220
Small Iced Oatmilk Crafted Press w/ Oatmilk Cold Foam802g15g125g
Extra Large Raspberry Green Tea w/ Bubbles3103g64g70g
Large Raspberry Green Tea w/ Bubbles2302g50g40g
Medium Raspberry Green Tea w/ Bubbles1901g42g30g
Small Raspberry Green Tea w/ Bubbles1600.5g35g15g
Extra Large Hot Spiced Chai Tea Latte53010g94g380g
Large Hot Spiced Chai Tea Latte4509g79g330g
Medium Hot Spiced Chai Tea Latte3807g64g270g
Small Hot Spiced Chai Tea Latte2705g47g190g
Extra Large Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte5007g98g350g
Large Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte3705g71g250g
Medium Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte3004.5g57g210g
Small Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte2303.5g44g160g
Extra Large Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie5700g136g50g
Large Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie4300g102g35g
Medium Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie3600g85g30g
Small Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie2800g68g25g
Extra Large Turtle Mocha Cooler135039g236g790g
Large Turtle Mocha Cooler105033g178g600g
Medium Turtle Mocha Cooler91030g149g500g
Small Turtle Mocha Cooler76028g120g400g
Extra Large Hot Turtle Mocha116057g145g510g
Large Hot Turtle Mocha97049g120g410g
Medium Hot Turtle Mocha80041g96g330g
Small Hot Turtle Mocha64034g72g260g
Extra Large Iced Turtle Mocha78017g146g550g
Large Iced Turtle Mocha55012g102g390g
Medium Iced Turtle Mocha44010g81g320g
Small Iced Turtle Mocha3408g60g250g
Extra Large Vanilla Cooler85023g149g340g
Large Vanilla Cooler68021g113g260g
Medium Vanilla Cooler59020g95g220g
Small Vanilla Cooler51019g77g180g
Extra Large Vanilla White Mocha Cooler1,10025g204g430g
Large Vanilla White Mocha Cooler86023g152g320g
Medium Vanilla White Mocha Cooler74021g127g270g
Small Vanilla White Mocha Cooler62020g101g210g
Extra Large Hot Vanilla White Mocha88043g104g210g
Large Hot Vanilla White Mocha73037g84g160g
Medium Hot Vanilla White Mocha60032g66g125g
Small Hot Vanilla White Mocha47027g48g95g
Extra LargeIced Vanilla White Mocha5708g116g230g
Large Iced Vanilla White Mocha4006g80g160g
Medium Iced Vanilla White Mocha3205g63g140g
Small Iced Vanilla White Mocha2504.5g47g110g


Kids Frozen Cookies & Cream53034g51g180g
Kids Frozen Hot Chocolate55033g55g200g
Kids Hot Chocolate32017g34g125g
Kids Silly Soda700g16g0g
Kids Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie2100g51g20g


Blueberry Muffin41022g50g290g
Birthday Cake Pop1306g14g100g
Chocolate Cake Pop1306g14g120g
Campfire Cake Pop1306g14g105g
Chocolate Chip Cookie38018g55g290g
Cinnamon Coffee Cake53023g81g310g
Raspberry White Chocolate Scone37020g43g220g
Chocolate Croissant36021g40g300g
Butter Croissant31017g33g390g
Blueberry Cream Cheese Croissant45028g43g350g


Classic Oatmeal2602.5g47g170g
Maple Brown Sugar Crunch Oatmeal3204g57g200g
Blueberry Almond Oatmeal3108g43g260g

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon Egg & Cheese Bagel61028g60g1340g
Chicken Apple Sausage44021g38g860g
Chicken Chorizo Burrito50021g52g1640g
Gluten-Free Bacon & Gouda Souffle31024g11g530g
Gluten-Free Spinach Artichoke & Provolone42019g40g790g
Ham, Egg & Swiss Croissant50029g36g1050g
Just Egg, Roasted Tomato & Pesto Flatbread35021g31g910g
Maple Waffle Sandwich48026g42g890g
Sausage Biscuit59042g33g1310g
Turkey Bacon Mini28013g25g560g


Plain Bagel2701g57g540g
Asiago Bagel2903.5g52g590g
Everything Bagel2801.5g57g530g
Blueberry Bagel2801g59g490g
Sesame Bagel2802g56g530g
Plain Bagel & Cream Cheese39013g59g655g
Asiago Bagel & Cream Cheese4108g54g705g
Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese40014g59g645g
Blueberry Bagel & Cream Cheese40013g61g605g
Sesame Bagel & Cream Cheese40014g58g650g

Lunch Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese6102663g1270g
Smoked Salmon on Plain Bagel4801760g1300g
Caprese Sandwich3201231g600g
Turkey & Provolone Bagel4901659g1340g
Ham & Swiss Croissant4802635g950g

Disclaimer: Caribou Coffeenutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 30th June 2023.