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Are you searching for Cafe Rio nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of food from Cafe Rio Mexican Grill restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Cafe Rio Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Cafe Rio calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


12-inch Flour Tortilla42014g63g9g
12-inch Wheat Tortilla39014g58g10g
6-inch Corn Tortilla600.5g13g1g
6-inch Flour Tortilla1705g25g3g
6-inch Wheat Tortilla1907g29g5g
Tortilla Chips (2oz)1907g29g4g
Tortilla Strips (1oz)1003.5g15g2g
Tostada Shell903.5g15g2g

Beans & Rice

Black Beans (4.5oz)1801g28g10g
Cilantro Lime Rice (4oz)1102g21g3g
Pinto Beans (4.5oz)1901.5g31g10g


Carne Asada (2oz)1206g1g12g
Chile Roast Beef (2oz)906g1g7g
Baja Citrus Shrimp (4oz)2604g38g17g
Coconut Shrimp (4oz)2307g32g10g
Fire-Grilled Chicken (2oz)802g0g14g
Fire-Grilled Steak (2oz)1206g1g14g
Polo Asado1104.5g2g12g
Shredded Chicken Breast (2oz)804.5g1g8g
Sweet Pork Barbacoa (2oz)702g10g4g

Sauces & Dressings

Cilantro Lime Dressing (1.5 fl oz)1302g11g0g
Creamy Tomatillo Dressing (2 fl oz)15015g3g1g
Green Chile Sauce (2 fl oz)400.5g9g1g
Mango Salsa (2 fl oz)350g6g1g
Red Chile Sauce (2 fl oz)452.5g5g1g
Habanero (2 fl oz)202g6g1g
Tomatillo Sauce (2 fl oz)251g3g0g

Toppings & Specials

Cabbage (1oz)50g2g0g
Cheddar Jack Blend (2oz)22018g1g13g
Cilantro (0.01oz)00g0g0g
Cotija Cheese (0.25oz)252g0g1g
Guacamole (1oz)403.5g2g1g
Lettuce (1oz)50g1g0g
Lime Wedge50g1g0g
Pico de Gallo (1oz)100g1g0g
Queso (3 fl oz)1309g6g6g
Salsa Fresca (1oz)50g2g0g
Shredded Jack Cheese (2oz)21017g0g14g
Sour Cream (1oz)605g1g1g
Tortilla Soup w/ Tortilla Strips38018g30g24g

Desserts & Drinks

Fresh Lime Pie87029g137g20g
Horchata (3 fl oz)801.5g15g2g
Mint Limeade (3 fl oz)450g12g0g
Tres Leches2403.5g47g6g

Disclaimer: Cafe Rio Nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 2nd August 2023.