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Are you searching for Bonchon nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Bonchon Chicken restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Bonchon Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Bonchon calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Starters Sides Main Dishes Salads & Soup Signature Fried Chicken Mochi


Korean Taco (Spicy Chicken)16.6oz96056g37g
Korean Taco (Bulgogi)14.7oz95064g31g
Slider (Bulgogi)14.9oz93049g40g
Slider (Chicken)14.4oz113055g52g
Pork Buns8oz79069g12g
Salmon Avocado Ball13oz97067g26g
Pork Potstickers (Soy Garlic)7.9oz74443g17g
Pork Potsickers (Spicy)8oz72543g17g
Pork Potstickers (Soy Garlic)6oz55832g13g
Pork Potsickers (Spicy)6oz54432g13g
Vegetable Potstickers (Soy Garlic)7oz35415g11g
Vegetable Potsickers (Spicy)7oz33413g11g
Vegetable Potstickers (Soy Garlic)5.3oz29811g8g
Vegetable Potsickers (Spicy)5oz27613g8g
Popcorn Shrimp12oz89047g38g
Shrimp Shumai (Steamed)7oz47030g14g
Shrimp Shumai (Fried)7oz32130g14g


Seasoned Fries8oz43014g10g
French Fries8oz36012g9g
Seasoned Zucchini Fries8oz53228g13g
Zucchini Fries8oz47423g8g
Onion Rings8oz68032g10g
Fried Pickles8oz59934g9g
Miso Soup8oz201g2g
Kimchi Coleslaw6oz1207g2g
Steamed Rice8oz3981g8g
Pickled Radish4oz150g1g
Kimchi Macaroni and Cheese4oz2159g11g
Kimchi Macaroni and Cheese8oz43018g22g
Korean Cheese Corn4oz22116g7g
Korean Cheese Corn8oz44132g13g

Main Dishes

Chicken Katsu20.6oz131967g65g
Bull Dak46oz2610149g99g
Bonchon Wrap (Chicken)14.4oz108064g49g
Bonchon Wrap (Bulgogi)13oz77040g43g
+ Soy Chicken26.4oz91934g26g
+ Spicy Chicken27.7oz97038g27g
+ Tofu21.7oz80034g14g
+ Bulgogi23.4oz94942g29g
+ Seafood24.6oz88532g34g
House Fried Rice21.5oz116875g24g
+ Chicken24.5oz132181g45g
+ Bulgogi24.5oz137987g39g
+ Seafood25.7oz132379g44g
+ Kimchi Bacon25.5oz148096g44g
Original Bonchon Chicken Sandwich70527g30g
Spicy Bonchon Chicken Sandwich72132g30g

Salads & Soup

Sesame Ginger Salad8.1oz47524g8g
+ Tofu11.1oz53039g15g
+ Chicken14.3oz103067g44g
+ Salmon13.4oz82054g36g
Caesar Salad6.3oz38031g12g
+ Chicken8.1oz55041g25g
Udon Noodle Soup33.3oz4802g24g
+ Egg35oz58010g32g
+ Bulgogi36oz68313g39g
+ Seafood36oz5953g44g

Signature Fried Chicken

Small Wings (Spicy)864043g45g
Medium Wings (Spicy)16128086g90g
Large Wings (Spicy)242560173g179g
Small Wings (Spicy)1080054g56g
Medium Wings (Spicy)201600108g112g
Large Wings (Spicy)302400162g168g
Small Drumsticks (Spicy)476659g56g
Medium Drumsticks (Spicy)81531118g112g
Large Drumsticks (Spicy)122297178g168g
Small Drumsticks (Spicy)595774g70g
Medium Drumsticks (Spicy)101914148g140g
Large Drumsticks (Spicy)152871222g210g
Small Strips (Spicy)892554g73g
Medium Strips (Spicy)161850109g146g
Large Strips (Spicy)242774163218g
Small Strips (Spicy)10115668g91g
Medium Strips (Spicy)202312136g182g
Large Strips (Spicy)303468204g273g
Small Boneless (Spicy)10147485g170g
Medium Boneless (Spicy)202968170g171g
Large Boneless (Spicy)304453255g256g
Small Boneless (Spicy)121768101g204g
Medium Boneless (Spicy)243537203g409g
Large Boneless (Spicy)365305304g613g
Small Combo (Spicy)6770351g50g
Medium Combo (Spicy)121406102g101g
Large Combo (Spicy)182108154g151g
Small Combo (Spicy)976755gg55g
Medium Combo (Spicy)15127991g91g
Large Combo (Spicy)232157155g154g
Small Wings (Soy Garlic)868043g45g
Medium Wings (Soy Garlic)16136086g90g
Large Wings (Soy Garlic)2420401200g134g
Small Wings (Soy Garlic)1085054g56g
Medium Wings (Soy Garlic)201700108g112g
Large Wings (Soy Garlic)302550162g168g
Small Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)480659g56g
Medium Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)81611118g112g
Large Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)122417178g168g
Small Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)5100774g70g
Medium Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)102014148g140g
Large Drumsticks (Soy Garlic)153021222g210g
Small Strips (Soy Garlic)894354g73g
Medium Strips (Soy Garlic)161886109g9g
Large Strips (Soy Garlic)242830163g218g
Small Strips (Soy Garlic)10117968g91g
Medium Strips (Soy Garlic)202358136g182g
Large Strips (Soy Garlic)303537204g273g
Small Boneless (Soy Garlic)10147384g170
Medium Boneless (Soy Garlic)202966170g171g
Large Boneless (Soy Garlic)304449255g256g
Small Boneless (Soy Garlic)121776101g204g
Medium Boneless (Soy Garlic)243552203g409g
Large Boneless (Soy Garlic)365328304g613g
Small Combo (Soy Garlic)674351g50g
Medium Combo (Soy Garlic)12148662g63g
Large Combo (Soy Garlic)182228154g151g
Small Combo (Soy Garlic)981254g55g
Medium Combo (Soy Garlic)15135491g91g
Large Combo (Soy Garlic)232883120g126g


Azuki Red Bean11106g1g
Black Sesame11204g1g
Cinnamon Eggnog11204g1g
Double Chocolate Chip11304g1g
Frothy Chocolate11103.5g1g
Ginger Zing11204g1g
Hazelnut Crunch11204g1g
Lychee Colada11204g1g
Mandarin Orange Cream11103.5g1g
Mango Thai Basil11204g1g
Matcha Green Tea11103.5g1g
Matcha Green Tea (Chocolate Chip)11106g1g
Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed11103.5g1g
Mochaccino Chip11106g1g
Pumpkin Cheesecake11204g1g
Raspberry White (Chocolate Crunch)11106g1g
Salted Caramel11104g1g
Thai Ice Tea11103.5g1g
Toasted Coconut11204g1g
Vanilla Chocolate Chip11106g1g
Yuzu Mojito11107g1g

Disclaimer: All Bonchon nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 9 September 2022.