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Are you searching for Edo Japan nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Edo Japan restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Edo Japan Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Edo Japan calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Rice Meals Noodle Meals Chop Chop Bowls Bento Choices Soup Sides & Snacks Kids Meals Sushi Sushi Platters Sides & Extras Common Substitutions Side Sauces Bubble Tea

Rice Meals

Does not include Teriyaki Top Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Market Vegetables427g5126g35g
Sukiyaki Beef420g62718g37g
Chicken & Beef415g57112g36g
Beef & Shrimp485g70221g47g
Chicken & Shrimp492g5849g46g
Sizzling Shrimp474g4764g35g
Hawaiian Chicken439g5066g34g
Fresh Grilled Vegetables342g4471g13g
Teriyaki Salmon w/ Market Vegetables564g5408g32g

Noodle Meals

Does not include Teriyaki Top Sauce

Beef Noodleful w/ Asian Vegetables545g79437g43g
Chicken Noodlefull w/ Asian Vegetables559g68025g41g
Shrimp Noodlefull w/ Asian Vegetables503g70724g38g
Veggie Noodlefull w/ Asian Vegetables479g55020g17g
Beef Yakisoba424g61623g45g
Chicken Yakisoba431g50411g43g
Chicken & Beef Yakisoba428g56217g44g

Chop Chop Bowls

Does not include Teriyaki Top Sauce

Chicken Chop Chop632g5659g36g
Beef Chop Chop618g68021g39g
Tempura Shrimp Chop Chop556g60017g19g
Chicken & Beef Chop Chop625g62215g37g
Veggie Chop Chop608g3883g10g

Bento Choices

Does not include sauces

2 Tempura Shrimp (bento choice)48g1067g5g
4 California Rolls (bento choice)98g1704g4g
2 Spring Rolls (bento choice)104g1801g6g
2 Gyoza (bento choice)46g802g3g
Edamame – Sea Salt (bento choice)63g753g7g
Edamame – Sesame Chili (bento choice)63g854g7g


Beef Ramen895g76126g47g
Chicken Ramen895g64414g45g
Shrimp Ramen928g60712g40g
Vegetable Ramen870g53210g23g
Beef Udon895g59520g39g
Chicken Udon895g4788g37g
Shrimp Udon928g4426g32g
Vegetable Udon884g3744g17g
Cup of Miso Soup684g4g

Sides & Snacks

Does not include sauces

Spring Rolls 2104g1801g6g
Spring Rolls 152g901g3g
Gyoza 5115g2006g8g
Gyoza 369g1203g5g
Tempura Shrimp 5121g26517g11g
Tempura Shrimp 373g15910g7g
Yam Tempura156g31214g3g
Edamame Sea Salt125g1366g14g
Edamame Sesame Chilli125g1568g14g

Kids Meals

Does not include Teriyaki Top Sauce

Kids Chicken w/ Rice214g2563g18g
Kids Beef w/ Rice210g3149g18g
Kids Chicken w/ Yakisoba200g2525g22g
Kids Beef w/ Yakisoba196g31011g22g
Kids Chicken w/ Ramen214g2735g20g
Kids Beef w/ Ramen210g33111g21g


Does not include sauces

Kids Sushi Meal103274g7g
California Rolls41704g4g
California Rolls83319g8g
Dynamite Rolls41826g5g
Dynamite Rolls835512g9g
Beef Rolls41655g6g
Beef Rolls83229g12g
Volcano Rolls425610g6g
Volcano Rolls853222g12g
Tiger Rolls424210g9g
Tiger Rolls847519g18g
Salmon Rolls41432g7g
Salmon Rolls82784g14
Alaska Rolls42049g6g
Alaska Rolls840017g13g
Yam Rolls41845g3g
Yam Rolls835910g5g
Veggie Rolls41140g2g
Veggie Rolls82202g4g
Avocado Rolls61833g3g
Cucumber Rolls61500g3g
Salmon Nigiri1661g4g
Smoked Salmon Nigiri1742g4g

Sushi Platters

Does not include sauces

Platter – Easi (with edamame)12g62622g24g
Platter – Easi (with maki sushi)18g69820g20g
Kami Platter14g59611g22g
Oceani Platter16g72123g25g

Sides & Extras

Side White Rice (10.5oz)298g4511g8g
White Rice (meal size 7oz)198g3000g6g
Side Brown Rice (10.5oz)298g39237g5g
Brown Rice (meal size 7oz)198g26124g3g
Side Cauliflower Rice255g461g0g
Side Ramen Noodles (meal size 7oz)198g3205g10g
Side Yakisoba Noodles (9oz)255g4178g20g
Yakisoba Noodles (meal size 6oz)170g2785g13g
Add Mushroom28g60g1g
Add Asian Veg170g480g3g
Add Tofu106g30623g21g
Add 6 Shrimp65g723g11g
Double Beef132g29217g29g
Double Chicken139g1776g27g

Common Substitutions

All numbers represent substitution values

Sub Brown for White Rice0-3924g-2g
Sub Cauliflower for White Rice61-2541g-5g
Sub Plain Cauliflower for White Rice57-2700g-6g
Sub Ramen Noodles for White Rice0205g5g
Sub Yakisoba Noodles for White Rice-28-225g8g
Sub Asian Veg for Market Veg57190g1g

Side Sauces

Teriyaki Top Sauce (1 Scoop)2 fl oz470g1g
Gyoza Sauce1.5 fl oz301g3g
Tempura Sauce1.5 fl oz180g0g
Soy Sauce Packet5.5ml30g1g
Chili Garlic Sauce1 fl oz00g0g
Plum Sauce111g200g0g
Spicy Mayo1 fl oz381g0g

Bubble Tea

Milk Tea – Regular Sweet700ml64013g1g
Milk Tea – Less Sweet700ml56413g1g
Brown Sugar Boba – Regular Sweet700ml6067g13g
Brown Sugar Boba – Less Sweet700ml4907g13g
Passion Fruit Green Tea – Regular Sweet700ml2080g0g
Passion Fruit Green Tea – Less Sweet700ml1720g0g

Disclaimer: All Edo Japan nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 28 September 2022.