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Are you searching for Uberrito nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Uberrito restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Uberrito Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Uberrito calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Tortillas Proteins Rice & Beans Toppings Tacos Salsas Sides Kids Meal Beverages


Flour 10″12106g5g
Flour 12″12908g8g
Flour 6″1902.5g2g
Jalapeno Cheddar 12″13009g8g
Spinach 12″12908g8g
Wheat 12″13109g8g
Chips & Queso4oz & 3.5 fl oz52027g18g


Beer-Battered Cod3oz1709g11g
Fajita Steak3oz1105g14g
Grilled Cajun Shrimp3oz805g10g
Grilled Chicken3.5oz1002g18g
Seasoned Ground Beef3oz14010g10g
Shredded Beef3.5oz1005g9g
Shredded Pork Carnitas3.5oz703g11g
Vegan Picadillo4oz601.5g2g

Rice & Beans

Cilantro Lime Rice4oz1907g2g
Spanish Rice4oz1606g2g
Black Beans2.5oz900g6g
Pinto Beans2.5oz1000.5g6g
Refried Beans2.5oz1304.5g6g


Balsamic Vinaigrette1.5 fl oz907g0g
Chopped Cilantro0.25oz00g0g
Chopped Red Onions1oz100g0g
Cotija Cheese0.5oz604.5g4g
Diced Tomatoes1oz50g0g
Fajita Veggies2oz301.5g1g
Fresh Jalapenos1oz100g0g
Green Onions1oz100g1g
Guacamole2 fl oz807g1g
Jicama Slaw1.5oz150g0g
Lime Wedges1/600g0g
Pickled Jalapenos1oz50g0g
Queso2 fl oz1309g6g
Roasted Corn2oz900.5g3g
Sauteed Mushrooms2oz403g2g
Sauteed Spinach2oz301.5g2g
Shredded Cheese1oz1109g7g
Sliced Avocado0.25807g1g
Sour Cream1.5 fl oz706g0g


Chicken Cheesy143029g24g
Diablo Shrimp134024g12g
Forked Pork134024g13g
Off The Hook137026g8g
Serrano Ranch Hand147030g16g
Sloppy Cowboy139029g10g
Texas Cheesesteak147037g20g
Tree Hugger180073g8g
Triple T132021g8g
Two Timer134017g14g


Pico de Gallo2oz150g1g
Raging Habanero1 fl oz50g0g
Serrano Ranch1.5 fl oz15017g1g
Smoky Chile de Arbol1 fl oz150g0g
Spicy Avocado Salsa1 fl oz302g0g
Tomatillo/Tomato1.5 fl oz150g1g
Totally Tomato1.5 fl oz100g0g
Zesty Tomatillo1.5 fl oz200g1g


Chips & Guacamole4oz & 8oz63040g11g
Chips & Pico de Gallo Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz34011g9g
Chips & Queso4oz & 8 fl oz81048g33g
Chips & Raging Habanero Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz34011g8g
Chips & Serrano Ranch Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz1110103g11g
Chips & Smoky Chile de Arbol Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz40012g11g
Chips & Spicy Avocado Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz53027g10g
Chips & Tomatillo/Tomato Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz38012g10g
Chips & Totally Tomato Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz35011g9g
Chips & Zesty Tomatillo Salsa4oz & 8 fl oz40013g10g
Chocolate Chunk Giant Cookie170035g7g
Oatmeal Raisin Giant Cookie163026g7g
Sugar Giant Cookie180031g4g
Tortilla Soup126013g15g
Cabbage Slaw1451.5g0g

Kids Meal

Animal Crackers, package11304g2g
Apple Juice Box,6 fl oz800g0g
Bowl Chicken (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)143012g16g
Bowl Chicken (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)144012g17g
Bowl Chicken (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)141011g16g
Bowl Chicken (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)142011g17g
Bowl Ground Beef (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)145016g14g
Bowl Ground Beef (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)146016g14g
Bowl Ground Beef (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)143015g14g
Bowl Ground Beef (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)144015g14g
Bowl Steak (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)144013g16g
Bowl Steak (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)144014g16g
Bowl Steak (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)142013g16g
Bowl Steak (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)143013g16g
Burrito Chicken (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)164018g21g
Burrito Chicken (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)165018g22g
Burrito Chicken (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)162017g21g
Burrito Chicken (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)163017g22g
Burrito Ground Beef (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)166022g19g
Burrito Ground Beef (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)167022g19g
Burrito Ground Beef (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)164021g19g
Burrito Ground Beef (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)165021g19g
Burrito Steak (Cilantro Rice & Black Beans)165019g21g
Burrito Steak (Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans)165020g21g
Burrito Steak (Spanish Rice & Black Beans)163019g21g
Burrito Steak (Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans)164019g21g
Chicken Nuggets152030g16g
Quesadilla Cheese161035g15g
Quesadilla Chicken165036g23g
Quesadilla Steak166037g22g


Barq’s Root Beer17 fl oz2300g0g
Cherry Coke17 fl oz2100g0g
Coke Zero17 fl oz00g0g
Coke17 fl oz2000g0g
Diet Coke17 fl oz00g0g
Diet Dr. Peppe17 fl oz00g0g
Dr. Pepper17 fl oz2100g0g
Fresca17 fl oz00g0g
Hi-C Fruit Punch17 fl oz2300g0g
Honest Unsweetened Just Iced Tea17 fl oz00g0g
Lemonade17 fl oz2100g0g
Mountain Blast Powerade17 fl oz1100g0g
Pibb Xtra17 fl oz2000g0g
Sprite17 fl oz2000g0g

Disclaimer: All Uberrito nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 20 September 2022.