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Are you searching for Torchy’s Tacos nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Torchy’s Tacos restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Torchy’s Tacos Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Torchy’s Tacos calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Breakfast Tacos Damn Good Tacos Not A Taco Eats & Treats Chips & Dips Sauces Drinks Bottled Beverages Secret Menu Kids Menu Damn Good Drinks

Breakfast Tacos

Bacon, Egg & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce142525g23g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce140527g24g
Potato, Egg & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce135417g16g
Potato, Egg & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce133419g17g
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce143026g22g
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce141028g23g
Jalapeño Sausage, Egg & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce137622g19g
Jalapeño Sausage, Egg & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce135624g20g
Potato, Black Bean & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce13868g16g
Potato, Black Bean & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce136610g17g
Potato, Pinto Bean & Cheese On Corn – No Sauce13578g15g
Potato, Pinto Bean & Cheese On Flour – No Sauce133710g16g
Bacon, Egg & Spinach On Corn – No Sauce136220g20g
Bacon, Egg & Spinach On Flour – No Sauce134222g21g
Dirty Sanchez On Corn With Poblano Sauce148431g17g
Dirty Sanchez On Flour With Poblano Sauce146433g18g
Migas On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce138420g17g
Migas On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce136422g18g
Monk Special On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce144326g24g
Monk Special On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce142328g25g
Ranch Hand On Corn With Diablo Sauce142327g23g
Ranch Hand On Flour With Diablo Sauce142329g24g
The Wrangler On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce148726g26g
The Wrangler On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce146728g27g

Damn Good Tacos

Alabama Shake On Flour With Avocado Sauce126313g13g
Alabama Shake On Corn With Avocado Sauce128311g12g
Baja Shrimp On Corn With Chipotle Sauce144429g12g
Baja Shrimp On Flour With Chipotle Sauce142431g14g
Gc = Baja Shrimp Grilled On Corn With Chipotle Sauce142229g11g
Beef Fajita On Corn With Roja Sauce143626g23g
Beef Fajita On Flour With Roja Sauce141628g24g
Brushfire On Flour With Diablo Sauce128112g22g
Brushfire On Corn With Diablo Sauce130110g21g
Chicken Fajita On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce137418g25g
Chicken Fajita On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce135420g26g
Crossroads On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce143927g23g
Crossroads On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce141929g24g
Democrat On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce12438g10g
Democrat On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce122310g11g
Fried Avocado On Corn With Poblano Sauce138719g12g
Fried Avocado On Flour With Poblano Sauce136721g13g
Gc = Fried Avocado – Fresh Avocados On Corn With Poblano Sauce136718g11g
Green Chile Pork On Corn With Tomatillo Sauce12486g17g
Green Chile Pork On Flour With Tomatillo Sauce12288g18g
Independent On Flour With Ancho Aioli140925g11g
Independent On Corn With Ancho Aioli142923g10g
Gc = Independent – Grilled Mushrooms On Corn With Ancho Aioli144738g8g
Mr. Orange On Corn With Avocado Sauce128210g15g
Mr. Orange On Flour With Avocado Sauce126212g16g
Mr. Pink On Corn With Chipotle Sauce144528g18g
Mr. Pink On Flour With Chipotle Sauce142530g19g
Republican On Flour With Poblano Sauce139529g15g
Republican On Corn With Poblano Sauce14152714g
Tipsy Chick On Flour With Chipotle Sauce & Marmalade1107760g56g
Tipsy Chick On Corn With Chipotle Sauce & Marmalade1109758g55g
Tipsy Chick On Flour With Chipotle Sauce & Without Marmalade140323g26g
Trailer Park On Flour With Poblano Sauce133119g18g
Trailer Park On Corn With Poblano Sauce135117g17g
Trailer Park Trashy On Flour With Poblano Sauce138524g20g
Trailer Park Trashy On Corn With Poblano Sauce140522g19g

Not A Taco

Airstream Salad – No Protein166756g12g
Airstream Salad With Chicken180063g30g
Airstream Salad With Salmon187569g32g
Airstream Salad – No Champagne Vinaigrette Or Chipotle Sauce132919g12g

Eats & Treats

Grande Burrito With Beef1115358g53g
Grande Burrito With Chicken1109350g55g
Grande Burrito With Pork1104947g51g
Grande Burrito With Veggies198543g38g
Juan’s Refried Beans8oz5517g32g
Lil’ Nookies – 131282062g45g
Lil’ Nookies – 3168714g11g
Lovepuppies Peanut Butter140018g7g
Lovepuppies Double Chocolate137016g5g
Lovepuppies Double Chocolate Gluten Free138016g4g
Lovepuppies Red Velveteen138017g7g
Refried Black Beans8oz6676g36g
Street Corn.8oz48530g13g
Torchy’s Mexican Rice8oz2413g5g

Chips & Dips

Avocado Sauce & Chips8oz30017g5g
Chipotle Sauce & Chips8oz1617165g5g
Diablo Sauce & Chips8oz50942g2g
Green Chile Queso & Chips8oz66448g22g
Guacamole & Chips8oz45335g8g
Hillbilly Queso & Chips8oz79358g29g
Pico De Gallo & Chips8oz2007g4g
Poblano Sauce & Chips8oz86978g2g
Roja Sauce & Chips8oz2148g5g
Tomatillo Sauce & Chips8oz1896g2g


Avocado Sauce1oz191g0g
Chipotle Sauce1oz18420g0g
Diablo Sauce1oz455g0g
Poblano Sauce1oz909g0g
Roja Sauce1oz80g0g
Tomatillo Sauce1oz50g0g


Decaf Coffee16oz40g0g
Iced Tea Sweet12320g0g
Iced Tea Unsweet120g0g
Maine Root Black Cherry12200g0g
Maine Root Diet Mexicane Cola100g0g
Maine Root Doppelgänger12000g0g
Maine Root Lemon Lime12000g0g
Maine Root Mexicane Cola12200g0g
Maine Root Drink Pink Drink11500g0g
Maine Root Vanilla Creme12200g0g

Bottled Beverages

Big Red11500g0g
Jarritos Fruit Punch11100g0g
Jarritos Grapefruit11100g0g
Jarritos Mandarin11200g0g
Jarritos Pineapple11100g0g
Jarritos Strawberry11100g0g
Mexican Coke11500g0g
Orange Juice11100g2g
Red Bull11100g<1g
Red Bull Sugar-Free150g<1g
Topo Chico100g0g

Secret Menu

Ace Of Spades167846g34g
Green Chile Pork Missionary Style Hipster160345g24g
Style Hipster138918g29g
Jack Of Clubs150425g20g
Mad Cow165343g30g
Trailer Park Hillbilly Style163840g35g

Kids Menu

Bean & Cheese Taco On Corn13738g18g
Bean & Cheese Taco On Flour135310g19g
Beef Taco On Corn135920g22g
Beef Taco On Flour133922g23g
Cheese Quesadilla124216g9g
Chicken Quesadilla130919g18g
Fried Chicken Taco On Corn12468g17g
Fried Chicken Taco On Flour122610g18g
Grilled Chicken Taco On Corn130012g24g
Grilled Chicken Taco On Flour128014g25g
Little Wrecker With 2 Chicken & 2 Avocado139221g25g
Little Wrecker With 3 Chicken135017g33g
Little Wrecker With 4 Avocado130321g5g
Pig In A Poncho On Corn With Ketchup136621g12g
Pig In A Poncho On Flour With Ketchup134623g13g

Damn Good Drinks

Austin Rocks11930g0g
Bacardi Mojito14000g0g
Bloody Mary11442g1g
Hot & Bothered11970g0g
House Frozen Margarita13310g0g
House Rocks Margarita11920g0g
Keepin’ It 10012360g0g
Mint To Bee12280g0g
The Peg Leg15240g1g
Perfected Patrón12270g0g
Sucker Punch11920g1g
Tequila Sunrise11580g1g
Tequila Temptress12150g0g
Torchy’s Paloma11500g0g
Torchy’s Tini Whiskey Tango13191g0g
Whiskey Tango11470g0g

Disclaimer: All Torchy’s Tacos nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 26 September 2022.