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Are you searching for Taco Bueno nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Taco Bueno restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Taco Bueno Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Taco Bueno calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Nachos & Chips

MexiDips & Chips101862.4g100.2g19.4g
Beef Mucho Nachos112168.7g94g32.8g
Chicken Mucho Nachos108862.5g94.8g38g
Steak Mucho Nachos111664.4g92.9g42.6g
Small Chips w/ Queso43523.4g48.2g7.5g
Regular Chips w/ Queso55830.7g59.9g9.9g
Small Chips w/ Guac48229.7g52.5g7g
Regular Chips w/ Guac62940.1g66.3g9.2g


Chicken Quesadilla87352.3g48.8g52.9g
Beef Quesadilla90558.5g48g47.7g
Steak Quesadilla95356.2g47g66g
Cheese Quesadilla79550.2g46.8g40.4g
Party Quesadilla39825g23.4g20.2g

Bueno Values

Party Taco1609.6g11.8g6.6g
Party Burrito31916.4g33.5g9.9g
Party Nachos43523.4g48.2g7.5g
Beef Taco Rollup1779gg16.1g7.9g
Chicken Taco Rollup1615.9g16.5g10.5g
Beef Potato Burrito30415.9g30.2g9.5g
Chicken Potato Burrito28812.8g30.6g12.2g
Mucho Tostada40526.4g25.1g18g
Party Tostada35422.2g27.2g12.7g


Party Beans (6oz)46732.3g30.5g14.4g
Black Beans (6oz)1700g34g10.2g
Mexican Rice (6oz)2084.2g38.9g4.7g
Cilantro Lime Rice (6oz)1000.1g23.1g2.1g
Guacamole (3oz)16416.4g8.3g2.8g
Queso (3oz)13611.1g4.3g4.3g

Tex-Mex Platters

Beef Wholotta Platter2099119.7g197.1g62.2g
Chicken Wholotta Platter2066105.2g198.4g70.9g
Beef Taco Platter120466.9g119g35.2g
Chicken Taco Platter116756.9g123.7g44.4g
Beef Muchaco Platter (Crispy Taco)151185.9g146g42.4g
Beef Muchaco Platter (Soft Taco)152385.2g149.5g43.7g
Chicken Muchaco Platter (Crispy Taco)152085g147.1g53.8g
Chicken Muchaco Platter (Soft Taco)150582g150.3g53.3g
Beef Chilada/Taco Platter136176.2g132.4g40.5g
Chicken Chilada/Taco Platter130565.6g136.6g46.5g
Beef Bueno Chilada Platter136773.8g138.9g40.5g
Chicken Bueno Chilada Platter131864.5g140.1g48.4g
Chicken Fajita Platter132560.2g150gg49.3g
Steak Fajita Platter140065.6g144.9g61.7g
Combo Fajita Platter136262.9g147.4g55.5g
Double Chicken Fajita Platter2645129.1g315.8g94.7g
Double Steak Fajita Platter2682126.8g287.3g106.1g
Double Combo Fajita Platter2587128.5g295g103.5g


Beef Big Freak’n Taco41127.8g20.5g20.2g
Chicken Big Freak’n Taco36218.5g21.7g28g
Steak Big Freak’n Taco40321.3g18.9g34.9g
Beef Crispy Taco19611.9g13.6g8.6g
Chicken Crispy Taco1717.3g14.3g12.5g
Steak Crispy Taco1928.7g12.8g16g
Beef Soft Taco20811.2g17.1g9.9g
Chicken Soft Taco1846.5g17.7g13.8g
Steak Soft Taco2047.9g16.3g17.2g
Beef Muchaco51630.1g44.2g17.1g
Chicken Muchaco49125.5g44.8g21g
Steak Muchaco51226.9g43.4g24.4g


Beef Bueno Burrito63132.1g62.5g23.8g
Chicken Bueno Burrito59826g63.4g29.1g
Steak Bueno Burrito62627.8g61.5g33.6g
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito62433.4g53.1g28.6g
Chicken Big Ol’ Burrito56622.6g54.5g37.8g
Steak Big Ol’ Burrito61425.9g51.2g45.8g
Beef Burrito47425.2g40.7g21.8g
Combo Burrito50226.5g46.9g19.7g
Bean Burrito51626.8g53g16.6g
Black Bean Burrito41211.7g61.4g16.1g

Salads & Bowls

Chicken Salad Bowl49430.5g29.4g28.6g
Steak Salad Bowl53133.1g26.8g34.9g
Veggie Salad Bowl38727.5g26.6g11.5g
Chicken Burrito Bowl3497.8g43.5g28.6g
Steak Burrito Bowl38710.4g40.9g34.8g
Beef Taco Salad99569.9g64.9g32.5g
Chicken Taco Salad94660.6g66.1g40.4g
Steak Taco Salad98763.4g63.3g47.2g
Beef Nacho Salad71740.9g66.9g21.4g
Chicken Nacho Salad69236.3g67.5g25.3g
Steak Nacho Salad71337.7g66.1g28.7g
Beef Tex-Mex Bowl97452g105.5g25.1g
Chicken Tex-Mex Bowl94145.8g106.3g30.3g
Steak Tex-Mex Bowl96947.7g104.4g34.8g


Muchaco, Crispy Taco, Bean Burrito122768.8g110.8g42.3g
2 Big Freak’n Tacos & Bueno Burrito145387.7g103.5g64.2g
Crispy Tacos58835.7g40.9g25.9g
Bueno Burrito, Crispy Taco82744g76.2g32.4g
MexiDips & Chips, Muchaco153492.5g144.4g36.5g
Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Taco106864.3g62.5g61.5g
Mucho Nachos, Crispy Taco131780.6g107.6g41.4g
Nacho Salad, Crispy Taco91252.8g80.6g30g


Cheesecake Chimichangas (1 pc)1929.1g23.5g4g
Cheesecake Chimichangas (2 pcs)38418.2g47.1g8g
Cinnamon Chips36016.1g49.2g4.6g
Churros (3 pcs)1357.5g15.8g1.5g
Churros (5 pcs)22512.5g26.3g2.5g

Kids’ Meals (w/o drink)

Party Beef Crispy Taco & Applesauce2289.8g31.1g6.8g
Party Beef Crispy Taco & Cinnamon Chips52025.7g61.1g11.2g
Party Beef Crispy Taco & Chips50425.7g57.1g11.2g
Beef Soft Taco & Applesauce27711.3g36.4g10.1g
Beef Soft Taco & Cinnamon Chips56827.2g66.4g14.5g
Beef Soft Taco & Chips55227.2g62.4g14.5g
Chicken Soft Taco & Applesauce2526.7g37g14.1g
Chicken Soft Taco & Cinnamon Chips54422.6g67g18.4g
Chicken Soft Taco & Chips52822.6g63g18.4g
Party Bean Burrito & Applesauce38816.5g52.8g10.2g
Party Bean Burrito & Cinnamon Chips68032.4g82.8g14.6g
Party Bean Burrito & Chips66432.4g78.9g14.6
Party Cheese Quesadilla & Applesauce46725.2g42.7g20.5g
Party Cheese Quesadilla & Cinnamon Chips75841.1g72.6g24.9g
Party Cheese Quesadilla & Chips74241.1g68.7g24.9g
Party Beef Rollup & Applesauce2469.2g35.48.1g
Party Beef Rollup & Applesauce53725.1g65.3g12.5g
Party Beef Rollup & Applesauce52125g61.4g12.5g
Party Chicken Rollup & Applesauce2306.1g35.8g10.8g
Party Chicken Rollup & Cinnamon Chips52122g65.7g15.1g
Party Chicken Rollup & Chips50522g61.8g15.1g


Pepsi (12oz)1500g41g0g
Pepsi (22oz)2600g72g0g
Pepsi (30oz)3600g98g0g
Pepsi (40oz)4800g131g0g
Pepsi (12oz)00g0g0g
Pepsi (22oz)00g0g0g
Pepsi (30oz)00g0g0g
Pepsi (40oz)00g0g0g
Dr Pepper (12oz)1500g40g0g
Dr Pepper (22oz)2800g73g0g
Dr Pepper (30oz)3800g99g0g
Dr Pepper (40oz)5000g132g0g
Diet Dr Pepper (12oz)00g0g0g
Diet Dr Pepper (22oz)00g0g0g
Diet Dr Pepper (30oz)00g0g0g
Diet Dr Pepper (40oz)00g0g0g
Mountain Dew (12oz)1700g46g0g
Mountain Dew (22oz)3100g84g0g
Mountain Dew (30oz)4300g115g0g
Mountain Dew (40oz)5700g153g0g
Sierra Mist (12oz)1500g39g0g
Sierra Mist (22oz)2800g72g0g
Sierra Mist (30oz)3800g98g0g
Sierra Mist (40oz)5000g130g0g
Unsweet Tea (12oz)50g1g0g
Unsweet Tea (22oz)100g2g0g
Unsweet Tea (30oz)100g3g0g
Unsweet Tea (40oz)100g4g0g
Sweet Tea (12oz)100g3g0g
Sweet Tea (22oz)200g6g0g
Sweet Tea (30oz)300g8g0g
Sweet Tea (40oz)400g10g0g
Fresh Brewed Coffee (12oz)50g0g0g
Fresh Brewed Coffee (16oz)50g0g1g

Disclaimer: Taco Bueno Nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 4th August 2023.