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Are you searching for Skyline Chili nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Skyline Chili restaurant, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Skyline Chili Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Skyline Chili calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Salads Salad Dressings Wraps Chilito and Burrito Coneys Ways Steamed Potatoes and Fries Kids Menu Bowls Beverages Dessert Side Items


Greek Side Salad11107g4g
Greek Salad121012g7g
Greek Side Salad with Chicken1150811g
Greek Salad with Chicken130014g22g
Buffalo Chicken Side Salad11106g10g
Buffalo Chicken Salad122011g19g
Garden Side Salad1804g4g
Garden Salad11608g7g
Garden Side Salad with Chicken11205g11g
Garden Salad with Chicken124010g21g
Classic Chicken Salad11607g19g
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch with Frito153040g26g
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch with Frito-Side131024g14g
BLT Side Salad128025g11g
BLT Salad152046g19g
Nacho Salad157033g20g
Southwestern Chicken Salad162035g31g
Greek Pasta Bowl162020g26g

Salad Dressings

Blue Cheese1.5oz21021g2g
Dijon Honey1.5oz18016g0g
Honey French1.5oz21018g0g
Light Ranch1.5oz704g<1g
Sour Cream1oz604.5g<1g
Buttermilk Ranch1.5oz21022g<1g
Chili Ranch1.5oz21022g0g
Fat Free 1000 Island1.5oz500g<1g
Greek Dressing1.5oz26028g0g
Light Italian1.5oz201g0g


Greek Chicken WrapLarge84046g33g
Greek Chicken WrapSmall47024g18g
Buffalo Chicken WrapLarge56024g28g
Buffalo Chicken WrapSmall37016g17g
Classic Chicken WrapLarge66036g28g
Classic Chicken WrapSmall38019g15g
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch with FritoLarge82046g34g
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch with FritoSmall49028g19g
BLT WrapLarge85055g32g
BLT WrapSmall53034g19g
South Western Chicken Wrap168029g39g

Chilito and Burrito

Original Burrito161031g28g
Original Deluxe Burrito169036g31g
Chili Burrito152028g28g
Chili Burrito Deluxe161033g31g
Black Bean and Rice Burrito162026g25g
Black Bean and Rice Burrito Deluxe171031g28g
Chilito with Sour Cream141021g17g
BBR Chilito138016g15g
BBR Chilito with Sour cream144020g16g


Cheese Coney135023g18g
Cheese Coney, no mustard134023g18g
Cheese Coney, no onions134023g18g
Cheese Coney, plain134023g18g
Coney, no onions122014g12g
Coney, no mustard123013g11g
Coney, plain122013g11g
Chili Cheese Sandwich129017g18g
Chili Cheese Sandwich, no onions129017g18g
Chili Cheese Sandwich, no mustard129017g18g
Chili Cheese Sandwich, plain128017g18g
Chili Sandwich11808g11g
Chili Sandwich, no onion11708g11g
Chili Sandwich, no mustard11708g11g
Chili Sandwich, plain11708g11g
Hot Dog Bun118011g8g
Hot Dog Bun with mustard118011g8g
Hot Dog Bun with onion119011g8g
Hot Dog Bun with mustard and onion119011g8g
Hot Dog Bun with cheese130021g15g
Hot Dog Bun with cheese and mustard130021g15g
Hot Dog Bun with cheese and onion130021g15g
Hot Dog Bun with cheese, onion, and mustard131021g15g
Double Hot Dog Bun127019g11g
Double Hot Dog Bun with cheese139029g18g


3-Way, Lite CheeseSmall34017g19g
3-Way, Lite CheeseRegular69034g38g
3-Way, Lite CheeseLarge95049g53g
3-Way, Black Beans and RiceSmall45021g21g
3-Way, Black Beans and RiceRegular90042g42g
3-Way, Black Beans and RiceLarge126061g59g
4-Way with onionsSmall41022g22g
4-Way with beansSmall44022g25g
4-Way with onionsRegular82044g45g
4-Way with beansRegular89044g50g
4-Way with onionsLarge115063g63g
4-Way with beansLarge125064g71g
Chili SpaghettiSmall2308g12g
Chili SpaghettiRegular46015g24g
Chili SpaghettiLarge61020g32g
Spaghetti plainSmall1503g6g
Spaghetti plainRegular3006g12g
Spaghetti plainLarge4008g16g
Spaghetti with cheeseSmall32017g16g
Spaghetti with cheeseRegular65035g33g
Spaghetti with cheeseLarge92051g47g
Chili Spaghetti with OnionSmall20010g10g
Chili Spaghetti with OnionRegular41019g20g
Chili Spaghetti with OnionLarge54025g27g
Chili Spaghetti with beanSmall24010g13g
Chili Spaghetti with beanRegular48019g25g
Chili Spaghetti with beanLarge65026g35g
Chili Spaghetti with bean and onionSmall25010g13g
Chili Spaghetti with bean and onionRegular49019g25g
Chili Spaghetti with bean and onionLarge67026g35g

Steamed Potatoes and Fries

3 Way Potato162026g29g
4-way Potato with Onion162026g29g
4-way Potato with Beans166026g32g
5-way Potato166026g32g
Cheddar Potato163033g21g
Sour Cream Potato146019g8g
Chili Cheese Fries184053g28g
Cheese Fries174047g20g
Chili Fries161034g14g

Kids Menu

3-Way Special1440-62022-26g22-24g
P’spghetti Special1360-54017-21g16-18g
Cheese Coney Special1390-57023-27g18-20g
Coney Special1270-45014-18g12-14g
Hot Doggy Special1310-49019-23g11-13g
Hot Doggy Special with Cheese1430-61029-33g18-20g


Loaded Chili Bowl148028g28g
Coney Bowl171058g38g
Chili Bowl120012g16g
Chili Cheese Bowl138027g26g
Chili Bowl with Beans12409g17g
Black Beans and Rice Bowl140014g13g


Coffee or Tea12oz00g0g
Iced Tea, Sweetened20oz1200g0g
Iced Tea, Sweetened30oz2000g0g
Iced Tea/Unsweetened20oz00g0g
Iced Tea/Unsweetened30oz00g0g
Diet Soft Drink20oz00g0g
Diet Soft Drink30oz00g0g
Regular Soft Drink20oz1900g0g
Regular Soft Drink30oz3100g0g
Dole Lemonade20oz1900g0g
Dole Lemonade30oz3100g0g
Sobe 0 Calorie20oz00g0g
Sobe 0 Calorie30oz00g0g
Tropicana Lemonade. Pink or Yellow20oz1900g0g
Tropicana Lemonade. Pink or Yellow30oz3000g0g
Milk 1% White Milk8oz902.5g7g
Chocolate Milk 1%8oz1302.5g7g


Double Chocolate Cake151016g4g
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake160042g7g
Brownie Cheesecake144029g6g
Funnel Cake Fries134013g2g
York Mint31503g<1g

Side Items

Full Side of Chicken1802g14g
Half Size of Chicken1401g7g
Side of Sour Cream1604.5g<1g
Oyster Crackers, Bowl11504g5g

Disclaimer: All Skyline Chili nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 27 October 2022.