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Are you searching for Schlotzsky’s nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Schlotzsky’s restaurant, along with their calories, protein, fat, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Schlotzsky’s Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Schlotzsky’s calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Sandwiches Salad Pizza and Flatbread Soups Desserts Beverages Kid’s Menu Chips Breakfast Dressings Calzones


Deluxe OriginalSmall79043g40g
Deluxe OriginalMedium95042g63g
Deluxe OriginalPick 247021g31g
Deluxe OriginalLarge2040102g122g
Turkey Bacon ClubSmall65031g41g
Turkey Bacon ClubMedium99045g66g
Turkey Bacon ClubPick 246020g31g
Turkey Bacon ClubLarge189087g120g
Fiesta ChickenSmall66036g38g
Fiesta ChickenMedium99050g63g
Fiesta ChickenPick 249025g31g
Fiesta HamSmall67036g36g
Fiesta HamMedium100050g60g
Fiesta HamPick 250025g30g
Fiesta HamLarge187095g105g
Fiesta Roast BeefSmall71040g39g
Fiesta Roast BeefMedium109058g64g
Fiesta Roast BeefPick 254029g32g
Fiesta Roast BeefLarge2010106g112g
Fiesta TurkeySmall66036g34g
Fiesta TurkeyMedium99050g54g
Fiesta TurkeyPick 249025g27g
Fiesta TurkeyLarge186094g97g
Turkey OriginalSmall68035g38g
Turkey OriginalMedium96045g57g
Turkey OriginalPick 248022g29g
Turkey OriginalLarge182085g103g
Turkey AvocadoSmall3709g19g
Turkey AvocadoMedium59014g34g
Turkey AvocadoPick 22907g17g
Turkey AvocadoLarge109025g57g
Roast Beef and CheeseSmall60027g37g
Roast Beef and CheeseMedium92041g61g
Roast Beef and CheesePick 246020g31g
Roast Beef and CheeseLarge169073g106g
Smoked TurkeySmall3306g18g
Smoked TurkeyMedium5309g34g
Smoked TurkeyPick 22704.5g17g
Smoked TurkeyLarge97015g55g
Ham & Cheese OriginalSmall54022g34g
Ham & Cheese OriginalMedium83031g57g
Ham & Cheese OriginalPick 241016g28g
Ham & Cheese OriginalLarge156060g99g
Fresh VeggieSmall41017g14g
Fresh VeggieMedium59024g20g
Fresh VeggiePick 230012g10g
Fresh VeggieLarge115043g39g
Chicken Bacon SmokecheesySmall73040g45g
Chicken Bacon SmokecheesyMedium109057g75g
Chicken Bacon SmokecheesyPick 255029g37g
Chicken Bacon SmokecheesyLarge2070109g9g
Ham Bacon SmokecheesySmall73040g44g
Ham Bacon SmokecheesyMedium110058g72g
Ham Bacon SmokecheesyPick 255029g36g
Ham Bacon SmokecheesyLarge2090110g129g
Beef Bacon SmokecheesySmall78044g46g
Beef Bacon SmokecheesyMedium119066g76g
Beef Bacon SmokecheesyPick 260033g38g
Beef Bacon SmokecheesyLarge2220122g136g
Turkey Bacon SmokecheesySmall73040g41g
Turkey Bacon SmokecheesyMedium109058g66g
Turkey Bacon SmokecheesyPick 255029g33g
Turkey Bacon SmokecheesyLarge2070110g121g
The OriginalSmall6203133
The OriginalMedium8604048
The OriginalPick 24302024
The OriginalLarge16707888
French DipSmall5201934
French DipMedium9203866
French DipPick 24601933
French DipLarge171070114
Pastrami ReubenSmall5902736
Pastrami ReubenMedium9404361
Pastrami ReubenPick 2472230
Pastrami ReubenLarge173078108
Pastrami & SwissSmall5602436
Pastrami & SwissMedium9003961
Pastrami & SwissPick 24502030
Pastrami & SwissLarge167072108
Albuquerque TurkeySmall7403843
Albuquerque TurkeyMedium11205570
Albuquerque TurkeyPick 25602835
Albuquerque TurkeyLarge2130106125


Chicken Caesar2709g32g
Chicken CaesarPick 21404.5g16g
Southwest Chicken– 26010g32g
Southwest ChickenPick 21305g16g
The Orchard– 45014g30g
The OrchardPick 22307g15g
Turkey Avocado Cobb– 34016g27g
Turkey Avocado CobbPick 21708g13g
Garden– 1104g4g
GardenPick 2602g2g

Pizza and Flatbread

Fresh Veggie– 85020g35g
Fresh VeggiePick 243010g18g
Double Cheese91025g41g
Double CheesePick 245012g20g
Pepperoni Double Cheese– 107038g50g
Pepperoni Double CheesePick 254019g25g
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno97022g54g
BBQ Chicken & JalapenoPick 249011g27g
California Chicken Avocado Flatbread101068g49g
California Chicken Avocado FlatPick 251034g24g


Chicken Noodle11102g8g
Roasted Poblano & Cheddar142034g12g
Broccoli Cheese150037g14g
Chicken Tortilla11606g6g
Loaded Baked Potato129017g8g
Timberline Chili127012g17g
Tomato Basil Bisque137026g6g


Cookie Chocolate Chunk137018g4g
Cookie White Chocolate Macadamia140022g5g
Cookie Oatmeal Raisin135015g5g
Cookie Sugar139020g4g
Classic Roll Cinnabon188037g13g
Caramel Pecanbon1108051g14g
Classic Roll Cinnapack194041g13g
Minibon Cinnabon135015g5g
Center of the Roll Cinnabon175034g9g
BonBite4 pcs48020g8g


SodaSmall0-330– – 
Apple Juice6oz800g0g
Chocolate Milk Horizon8oz1502.5g8g

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Ham148020g27g
Kid’s Turkey148020g25g
Kid’s Cheese Pizza14509g17g
Kid’s Pepperoni Pizza151013g19g
Apple Slices1550g0g


Chips BBQ123013g3g
Chips Cracked Pepper123012g3g
Chips Jalapeno122013g3g
Chips Regular123015g3g
Chips Salt & Vinegar123013g2g
Chips Sour Cream & Onion123013g3g


Bacon Breakfast SandwichWhole50021g25g
Bacon Breakfast SandwichHalf25010g12g
Ham Breackfast SandwichWhole53022g30g
Ham Breackfast SandwichHalf26011g15g
Sausage Breakfast SandwichWhole65032g36g
Sausage Breakfast SandwichHalf32016g18g
Veggie Breakfast SandwichWhole50021g25g
Veggie Breakfast SandwichHalf25010g13g
Bacon BurritoWhole46022g22g
Bacon BurritoHalf23011g11g
Ham BurritoWhole49021g29g
Ham BurritoHalf24011g14g
Sausage BurritoWhole57031g29g
Sausage BurritoHalf28015g15g
Veggie BurritoWhole43019g19g
Veggie BurritoHalf21010g10g
Bacon Taco125014g13g
Ham Taco129017g16g
Sausage Taco125013g15g
Veggie Taco122010g10g
Hash Brown1 pc605g1g
Mixed Fruit1 scoop200g0g
Orange Juice12oz700g1g


Balsamic Vinegar4oz53054g0g
Blue Cheese4oz60064g
Creamy Caesar4oz60064g4g
Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette4oz1400g0g
Red Wine Vinaigrette4oz60060g0g
Thousand Island4oz48048g0g


BBQ Chicken1117039g68g
French Dip1141066g84g

Disclaimer: All Schlotzsky’s nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 23 July 2022.