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Are you searching for Robeks nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of items from the Robeks shop, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Robeks Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Robeks calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Superfood Smoothies

Hero’s Garden (12oz)1901.5g41g3g
Hero’s Garden (22oz)3101.5g69g3g
Hero’s Garden (30oz)4401.5g98g5g
Mango Turmeric Madness (12oz)1700g41g1g
Mango Turmeric Madness (22oz)2700g65g1g
Mango Turmeric Madness (30oz)3800.5g93g2g
Berry Beneficial (12oz)1702.5g35g1g
Berry Beneficial (22oz)2903g65g2g
Berry Beneficial (30oz)3903.5g86g3g
Queen of All Greens (12oz)1800g42g2g
Queen of All Greens (22oz)2900g69g2g
Queen of All Greens (30oz)4200g97g3g

Acai Smoothies

Acai Energizer (22oz)3906g77g10g
Acai Energizer (30oz)5207g104g11g
Emperor Acai (22oz)3204g68g5g
Emperor Acai (30oz)4405g93g7g
Awesome Acai (22oz)3704.5g80g3g
Awesome Acai (30oz)5305g115g5g

Classic Smoothies

Strawnana Berry (12oz)1600g37g1g
Strawnana Berry (22oz)3401g79g2g
Strawnana Berry (30oz)4601.5g107g3g
Polar Pineapple (12oz)150.5g37g1g
Polar Pineapple (22oz)3201g78g1g
Polar Pineapple (30oz)4301.5g107g2g
Passionfruit Cove (12oz)1600.5g38g1g
Passionfruit Cove (22oz)3401g80g1g
Passionfruit Cove (30oz)4601.5g110g2g
Big Wednesday (12oz)1600.5g39g1g
Big Wednesday (22oz)3201g79g1g
Big Wednesday (30oz)4401.5g108g2g
Hummingbird (12oz)180.5g43g1g
Hummingbird (22oz)3701g88g1g
Hummingbird (30oz)4901.5g118g2g
Mahalo Mango (12oz)1700g40g1g
Mahalo Mango (22oz)3500.5g85g2g
Mahalo Mango (30oz)4801g117g2g
Raspberry Romance (12oz)1600g40g1g
Raspberry Romance (22oz)3300.5g82g2g
Raspberry Romance (30oz)4600.5g111g3g
Berry Brilliance (12oz)1600g38g1g
Berry Brilliance (22oz)3401g79g2g
Berry Brilliance (30oz)4601.5g107g3g
South Pacific Squeeze (12oz)1600.5g37g2g
South Pacific Squeeze (22oz)3201g75g4g
South Pacific Squeeze (30oz)4301.5g102g5g
Pina Koolada (12oz)1901.5g43g1g
Pina Koolada (22oz)3903g89g3g
Pina Koolada (30oz)5204.5g121g4g

Performance Smoothies

800 LB Gorilla (22oz)81022g100g59g
800 LB Gorilla (30oz)108030g143g65g
P-Nut Power Plus (22oz)80036g91g36g
P-Nut Power Plus (30oz)113052g129g46g
Muscle Max (22oz)4904g90g26g
Muscle Max (30oz)6304.5g124g27g
Nuts About Protein (22oz)66034g64g34g
Nuts About Protein (30oz)102050g112g44g
Naturally Coffee (22oz)2602g53g8g
Naturally Coffee (30oz)4003g79g12g

Low-calorie Smoothies

Active Apple (12oz)1200g30g2g
Active Apple (22oz)2400.5g58g2g
Active Apple (30oz)3801g93g4g
Berry Reboot (12oz)2002.5g35g13g
Berry Reboot (22oz)2503.5g46g14g
Berry Reboot (30oz)4305g85g15g
Lean Green (12oz)1601g35g3g
Lean Green (22oz)2402g52g4g
Lean Green (30oz)3402.5g76g6g

Wellness Smoothies

Tropi-Kale (22oz)3400.5g81g2g
Tropi-Kale (30oz)4401g102g5g
Age Buster (22oz)3200.5g75g3g
Age Buster (30oz)4401g102g5g
Super Green (22oz)2903.5g54g10g
Super Green (30oz)4004.5g77g13g
Dr. Robeks (22oz)3001g71g5g
Dr. Robeks (30oz)4101.5g97g6g

Fresh Juices

Evergreen (12oz)1200g29g4g
Evergreen (22oz)1800g41g3g
Evergreen (30oz)2400.5g56g4g
G-Snap (12oz)1400.5g33g3g
G-Snap (22oz)2601g60g6g
G-Snap (30oz)3601.5g83g8g
ABC (12oz)1000g23g2g
ABC (22oz)1800g41g3g
ABC (30oz)2400.5g56g4g
Root to Stem (12oz)1400g33g4g
Root to Stem (22oz)2400.5g54g8g
Root to Stem (30oz)3501g78g12g
Cool Cucumber (12oz)900g24g0g
Cool Cucumber (22oz)1900g50g1g
Cool Cucumber (30oz)2600g67g1g


Acai Strawnana Berry (16oz)4407g92g3g
Acai Tropical Mango (16oz)54013g106g4g
Nutty Acai (16oz)70028g105g14g
Green Bliss (16oz)4706g101g6g
Acai Especial (16oz)62010g130g4g
Almond Delight (16oz)62020g95g19g

Wellness Shots

Wheatgrass (2oz)50g1g0g
Lemon Ginger (2oz)160g4g0g
Turmeric (2oz)300g7g0g
Wheatgrass (3oz)50g1g0g
Lemon Gingers (3oz)250g7g0g
Turmerics (3oz)450g11g0g


Acai Almond Butter Toast39010g52g9g
Classic Avocado Toast39022g45g7g
Everything Avocado Toast41023g46g8g
Avocado & Egg Toast51032g45g15g
Peanut Butter & Banana Toast46020g59g14g

Disclaimer: Robeks nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 22 September 2023.