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Are you searching for Planet Sub nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Planet Sub shop, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Planet Sub Nutrition Facts

Look below to Planet Sub calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo Chicken (241g)24410g8g27g
Turkey Provolone (227g)1888g7g21g
Tuna (269g)45727g11g35g


Chipotle Chicken Wrap (305g)49518g44g42g
Greek Chicken Wrap (305g)60628g43g42g


LG Caesar Salad w/o bacon, chicken (347g)82362g37g36g
Sm Caeser Salad w/o bacon, chicken (298g)3733g25g12g
Large Greek Salad (369g)61648g40g10g
Small Greek Salad (213g)34229g21g5g
LG House Salad (340g)57027g73g12g
SM House Salad (198g)28713g37g6g


Half BBQ Veggie (305g)58020g77g25g
Half BBQ Veggie w/o cheese (248g)3754g76g10g
BBQ Brisket (319g)91244g72g52g
BBQ Brisket w/o cheese (291g)80235g72g45g
Half Beefeater (319g)66731g62g34g
Half Beefeater w/o cheese & mayo (276g)49714g59g32g
Half Big Dipper (262g)63828g62g32g
Half Big Dipper w/o cheese (234g)53820g62g25g
Half BLT (255g)75742g58g36g
Half BLT w/o mayo (241g)65731g57g36g
Half Buffalo Chicken (369g)53414g61g38g
Half Buffalo Chicken w/o cheese (340g)4245g61g31g
Half California Plus (284g)55823g69g18g
Half California Plus w/o cheese (255g)48817g67g16g
Half Californian (255g)46817g66g12g
Half Californian w/o cheese (227g)39811g64g10g
Half Chicken BBQ (390g)58113g77g39g
Half Chicken BBQ w/o cheese (361g)4775g76g31g
Half Chicken Parmesan (280g)63220g63g48g
Half Chicken Parmesan w/o cheese (252g)4215g63g31g
Half Chicken Club (347g)71430g66g46g
Half Chicken Club w/o cheese & mayo (305g)50911g64g38g
Half Cheesey Crab (291g)68432g70g30g
Half Cheesey Crab w/o cheese & mayo (220g)3805g69g15g
Half Cheese Steak (284g)69534g62g33g
Half Cheese Steak w/o cheese (255g)59526g62g26g
Half Bacon Mushroom Melt (284g)80945g60g40g
Half Bacon Mushroom Melt w/o cheese & mayo (213g)50519g58g25g
Half Crab Californian (312g)55118g78g18g
Half Crab Californian w/o cheese (284g)48112g76g16g
Half Creamy Club (312g)65030g61g33g
Half Creamy Club w/o cheese & mayo (269g)48013g58g31g
Half Creamy Crab (291g)6302872g23g
Half Creamy Crab w/o cheese & mayo (248g)46011g69g21g
Half Dagwood’s Dream (319g)61627g63g30g
Half Dagwood’s Dream w/o cheese (291g)51619g63g23g
Half Experience (298g)68531g61g38g
Half Experience w/o cheese (241g)50516g59g29g
Half Four Cheese (305g)66432g64g30g
Half Four Cheese w/o cheese (191g)3104g59g9g
Half Green Turkey (340g)61823g70g32g
Half Green Turkey w/o cheese (312g)54817g68g30g
Half Grilled Cheese (184g)48921g60g19g
Half Grilled Cheese w/o cheese (128g)2894g55g9g
Half Ham & Cheese (305g)58225g63g27g
Half Ham & Cheese w/o mayo (262)3776g61g19g
Half Hawaiian (305g)58321g63g34g
Half Hawaiian w/o cheese (276g)3726g62g17g
Half Hoagie (333g)75743g64g26g
Half Hoagie w/o cheese (305g)67736g62g22g
Half Hummus (241g)49113g76g16g
Half Italian (294g)72034g65g37g
Half Italian w/o cheese (262g)50819g65g20g
Half Jacked Chicken Ranch (312g)74837g64g40g
Half Jacked Chicken Ranch w/o cheese (284g)63828g64g33g
Half Meatball Grinder (323g)84744g67g45g
Half Meatball Grinder w/o cheese (291g)63529g66g28g
Half Mega Roast Beef (312g)67022g76g40g
Half Mega Roast Beef w/o cheese (284g)56514g75g32g
Half Meatless Masterpiece (305g)65331g64g27g
Half Meatless Masterpiece w/o cheese (220g)3698g61g10g
Half Pastrami Melt (333g)60422g62g31g
Half Pastrami Melt w/o cheese (305g)49413g62g24g
Half Pesto Bello (347g)67833g68g27g
Half Pesto Bello w/o cheese (291g)46816g68g13g
Half Pesto Bello Combo (404g)67833g68g27g
Half Pesto Bello Combo w/o cheese (347g)46816g68g13g
Half PBJ (177g)53718g79g15g
Half Planet Veggie (319g)60624g68g27g
Half Planet Veggie w/o cheese (262g)3967g68g13g
Half Planet Sub (333g)69831g61g36g
Half Planet Sub w/o cheese & mayo (291g)49412g59g28g
Half Planet BBQ (248g)4627g74g25g
Half Planet BBQ (248g)4627g74g25g
Half Planet Combo (248g)45815g61g17g
Half Planet Combo w/o cheese (220g)3587g61g10g
Half Roast Beef Club (298g)63728g60g35g
Half Roast Beef Club w/o mayo (284g)53717g59g35g
Half Reuben (333g)61322g61g32g
Half Reuben w/o cheese (305g)50914g61g24g
Half Roast Beef (276g)51719g60g26g
Half Roast Beef w/o mayo (262g)4178g59g26g
Half Spicy Cheese (276g)58927g61g25g
Half Spicy Cheese w/o cheese (191g)3094g59g9g
Half Super Hero (291g)76943g63g33g
Half Super Hero w/o cheese (262g)66935g63g26g
Half Southwest Chicken (347g)53614g62g39g
Half Southwest Chicken w/o cheese (319g)4265g62g32g
Half Tempeh Parmesan (294g)77134g77g45g
Half Tempeh Parmesan w/o cheese (26g)55919g76g28g
Half Tuna Bacon Melt (347g)82742g66g47g
Half Tuna Bacon Melt w/o cheese & mayo (305g)62323g65g39g
Half Tempeh Reuben (333g)79039g79g35g
Half Tempeh Reuben w/o cheese (305g)68632g78g27g
Half Tempeh BBQ (284g)71827g91g35g
Half Tempeh BBQ w/o cheese (305g)61819g91g28g
Half Tijuana Taxi (319g)59926g62g30g
Half Tijuana Taxi w/o cheese & mayo (276g)4198g59g26g
Half Torpedo (361g)68330g61g31g
Half Torpedo w/o cheese (333g)57822g60g23g
Half Turkey (276g)45715g60g23g
Half Turkey w/o mayo (262g)3574g59g23g
Half Turkey Club (298g)57724g60g32g
Half Turkey Club w/o mayo (291g)47713g59g32g
Half Tuna (305g)64328g66g33g
Half Tuna w/o mayo (291g)54317g65g33g

Disclaimer: Planet Subnutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 30th May 2023.