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Are you searching for O’Charley’s nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from O’Charley’s restaurant & bar, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

O’Charley’s Nutrition Facts

Look below to find O’Charley’s calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Chips & Spicy White Queso52038g31g16g
O’Charley’s Chicken Tender Appetizer, Chipotle116040g107g80g
O’Charley’s Chicken Tenders Appetizer, Buffalo108064g34g74g
O’Charley’s Famous Chicken Tenders Appetizer, Original110065g37g72g
Loaded Potato Skins1400109g44g62g
Spinach & Artichoke Dip71034g77g18g
Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges72048g44g24g
Top Shelf Combination Appetizer1880132g74g88g
Crispy Pickle Chips69047g56g8g
Shrimp & Stuffed Crab89065g57g19g
Meatball Crostini98047g93g43g
Chicken Tender Nachos130073g100g56g

Classic Combos (w/o side)

Ribs & Chicken Tenders, BBQ95037g84g55g
Ribs & Chicken Tenders, Chipotle103037g108g63g
Steak & Chicken Tenders (6oz)103067g26g68g
Steak & Grilled Atlantic Salmon (6oz)75033g5g73g
Steak, 6oz & Baby Back Ribs89049g48g59g
Steak 6oz, 1/3 Ribs, Chicken Tenders152099g59g87g
BBQ Pork Chop & Baby Back Ribs149077g65g122g

Chicken & Pasta

Chicken Tenders & Fries141085g74g68g
Country Style Tenders96047g50g69g
Balsamic Glazed Chicken56041g16g33g
O’Charley’s Chicken Tender Dinner w/o side110065g37g72g
O’Charley’s Chicken Tender Dinner, Buffalo w/o side107064g31g74g
O’Charley’s Chicken Tender Dinner, Chipotle w/o side104040g77g77g
Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken Breast43025g18g30g
New Orleans Cajun Chicken Pasta117061g99g53g
Bayou Shrimp Pasta106056g100gg37g

Steaks Ribs & Chops

Filet Mignon with Garlic Butter w/o side58047g1g38g
Grilled Top Sirloin (12oz) w/o side53036g1g50g
Grilled Top Sirloin (6oz) w/o side27018g0g25g
Louisiana Sirloin w/o side60043g3g50g
Bone-In Ribeye Steak (14oz) w/o side106085g1g74g
Bone-In Pork Chops w/o side107066g12g100g
O’Charley’s Baby Back Ribs w/o side122062g95g67g

Seafood Favorites

Buttermilk Fried Shrimp Dinner w/o side74049g56g25g
Cedar-Planked Salmon w/o side47028g2g50g
Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon Blackened (6oz) w/o side34021g3g34g
Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon Blackened (9oz) w/o side50031g3g51g
Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon Chipotle (6oz) w/o side46021g32g37g
Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon Chipotle (9oz) w/o side62031g32g54g
Hand Battered Fish n’ Chips142092g85g57g
Hand-Breaded Catfish Dinner w/ Fries & Coleslaw1720124g103g43g
Seafood Platter1950121g141g71g
Bayou Salmon (6oz) w/o side96063g41g53g
Bayou Salmon (9oz) w/o side113074g41g71g
Southern Surf & Turf2050143g88g92g
Cornmeal Breaded Catfish w/ Fries & Coleslaw1770127g103g47g


Smashed Potatoes35016g44g8g
Loaded Smashed Potatoes52037g34g13g
1 Baked Potato2001g50g8g
Broccoli (5oz)1108g6g3g
French Fries (6oz)40024g40g4g
Grilled Asparagus605g3g2g
Loaded Baked Potato49027g53g17g
Mac & Cheese45022g47g15g
Loaded Mac & Cheese65030g68g23g
Mashed Sweet Potatoes1803.5g35g3g
Seasoned Rice Pilaf1604g27g3g
Side Salad w/o dressing603g7g3g
Side Caesar24021g7g7g
House Salad w/o dressing1507g19g7g
House Caesar29023g15g9g
Unsliceably Soft Yeast Roll1302g25g4g


California Chicken Salad102067g71g38g
California Salmon Salad121083g68g48g
California Sirloin Salad120085g68g48g
California Chicken Salad, Platter4120268g291g152g
Southern Fried Chicken Salad1550110g48g82g
Southern Pecan Chicken Tender Salad1550106g95g50g
Salmon Caesar Salad76073g18g44g

Salad Dressings/Add-ons

Balsamic Vinaigrette (2oz)28026g12g0g
Balsamic Vinaigrette (3oz)42039g18g0g
Dressing, Bleu Cheese (2oz)30032g2g2g
Dressing, Bleu Cheese (3oz)45048g3g3g
Dressing, Honey Mustard (2oz)34034g10g0g
Dressing, Honey Mustard (3oz)51051g15g0g
Dressing, Light Ranch (2oz)705g4g2g
Dressing, Light Ranch (3oz)1007g6g3g
Dressing, Ranch (2oz)22022g4g2g
Dressing, Ranch (3oz)33033g6g3g
Dressing, Thousand Island (2oz)24022g6g2g
Dressing, Thousand Island (3oz)36033g9g3g

Signature Soups

Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup1104g12g7g
Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl1707g18g12g
Loaded Potato Soup Cup20013g16g2g
Loaded Potato Soup Bowl36024g29g4g

Southern Comforts

Chicken Tenders & Fries141085g74g68g
Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken43025g18g30g
Hand Battered Fish n’ Chips142092g85g57g


Bacon Cheddar Burger w/o side100068g49g46g
Chicken Breast, Burger Substitute1605g3g27g
Classic Cheeseburger w/o side93061g47g42g


Chicken Sandwich w/ fries136085g100g43g
Chicken Sandwich, Buffalo w/ fries140089g104g43g
Club Sandwich w/o side95085g91g46g
Club Sandwich, Half w/o soup or salad80055g49g23g
Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich w/o side114062g81g56g


Brownie Lover’s Brownie165077g227g24g
Brownie Bites164070g245g23g
Strawberry Cheesecake71046g71g9g
Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie, Slice64039g76g7g
Apple Cobbler (2 scoop)87028g154g7g
Apple Cobbler (2 scoop) w/ ice cream94032g161g9g
Apple Cobbler (1 scoop)44014g77g4g
Apple Cobbler (1 scoop) w/ ice cream51018g84g5g
Blackberry Cobbler (2 scoop)101028g191g7g
Blackberry Cobbler (2 scoop) ice cream108032g188g9g
Blackberry Cobbler (1 scoop)50014g91g4g
Blackberry Cobbler (1 scoop) ice cream58018g98g5g
Peach Cobbler (2 scoop)101031g181g7g
Peach Cobbler (2 scoop) w/ ice cream108035g188g9g
Peach Cobbler (1 scoop)50016g91g4g
Peach Cobbler (1 scoop) w/ ice cream58020g98g5g

Whole Pies

Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie4320217g588g58g

Kids Menu (w/o side)

Hamburger w/o cheese49028g41g20g
Chicken Tenders, w/o sauce34016g12g29g
Chicken Tenders, honey mustard57040g21g26g
Chicken Tenders, ranch48031g16g28g
Large Chicken Tenders, honey72047g28g39g
Large Chicken Tenders, ranch63038g23g41g
Mini Corn Dogs, honey mustard74062g34g11g
Mini Corn Dogs, honey ranch65053g30g12g
Mac & Cheese Tender Bowl139058g146g58g

Kids Sides

Broccoli (2.5oz)554g3g2g
French Fries2301g23g2g
Mandarin Orange Slices600g15g1g
Smashed Potatoes1601g24g3g

Disclaimer: O’Charley’s nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of June 2023.