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Are you searching for MOD Pizza nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from MOD Pizza restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

MOD Pizza Nutrition Facts

Look below to find MOD Pizza calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Caspian Pizza (mini)43014g122g25g
Caspian Pizza (mod)97028190g50g
Caspian Pizza (mega dough)1460334g210g66g
Calexico Pizza (mini)41014g42g25g
Calexico Pizza (mod)86028g95g50g
Calexico Pizza (mega dough)135034g183g66g
Dillon James Pizza (mini)39014g45g20g
Dillon James Pizza (mod)83028g102g40g
Dillon James Pizza (mega dough)132034g190g56g
Jasper Pizza (mini)37013g104g19g
Jasper Pizza (mod)79025g174g39g
Jasper Pizza (mega dough)128031g194g55g
Lucy Sunshine Pizza (mini)38013g104g19g
Lucy Sunshine Pizza (mod)82026g174g39g
Lucy Sunshine Pizza (mega dough)131032g194g55g
Dominic Pizza (mini)32010g44g13g
Dominic Pizza (mod)70020g98g27g
Dominic Pizza (mega dough)119026g186g43g
Tristan Pizza (mini)42019g41g20g
Tristan Pizza (mod)89037g94g40g
Tristan Pizza (mega dough)138043g182g56g
Mad Dog Pizza (mini)47022g42g24g
Mad Dog Pizza (mod)98043g95g49g
Mad Dog Pizza (mega dough)147047g183g65g
WilburI/Red Eye Pizza (mini)51024g42g28g
WilburI/Red Eye Pizza (mod)10504796g56g
WilburI/Red Eye Pizza141041g191g58g
Amelia/Layover Pizza (mini)51026g43g25g
Amelia/Layover Pizza (mod)110053g98g53g
Amelia/Layover Pizza (mega dough)158059g186g69g
Maddy Pizza (mini)33011g41g25g
Maddy Pizza (mod)71021g94g53g
Maddy Pizza (mega dough)120027g186g69g
Super Shroom Pizza (mini)40018g41g18g
Super Shroom Pizza (mod)88036g95g38g
Super Shroom Pizza (mega dough)137042g183g54g


Mini (6-inch)2102.5g38g7g
MOD (11-inch)4906g88g16g
Mega Dough (11-inch)98012g176g32g
Pizza Salad (11-inch)65019g89g26g
Cauliflower Crust59014g87g18g


BBQ Sauce (1 tbsp)308g0g
Garlic Rub (1 tbsp)150g3g1g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)12014g0g0g
Pesto (1 tbsp)454.5g1g1g
Red Sauce (1 tbsp)52g0g
Spicy Calabrian Chili Red (1 tbsp)100.5g1g0g
White Sauce (1 tbsp)151g1g0g
Mushroom Pesto (1 tbsp)252g1g0g


Asiago (1/4 c)1108g1g8g
Cheddar (1/4 c)1109g1g6g
Dairy-Free Cheese (1/4 c)805g8g1g
Feta (1/4 c)706g2g5g
Gorgonzola (1/4 c)1008g1g6g
Mozzarella (1/4 c)907g1g7g
Parmesan (1/4 c)1309g2g10g
Ricotta (1/4 c)1007g2g7g


Anchovies (6 ea.)301.5g0g4g
Bacon (1/4 c)14011g1g7g
Canadian Bacon (5 slices)504g2g9g
Scrambled Egg (1/4 c)804.5g2g7g
Grilled Chicken (1/4 c)702.5g1g12g
Ground Beef (1/4 c)21015g3g18g
Mild Sausage (1/4 c)21020g0g13g
Pepperoni (5 slices)504.5g0g2g
Salami (5 slices)908g1g5g
Spicy Chicken Sausage (1/4 c)905g1g11g
Plant-Based Italian Sausage (1/4 c)906g2g6g

Veggies & Good Stuff

Artichokes (1/4 c)308g2g
Arugula (1/4 c)00g0g
Banana Peppers  (1/4 c)51g0g
Fresh Chopped Basil (1/4 c)00g0g
Black Olives (1/4 c)505g2g0g
Roasted Broccoli (1/4 c)150.5g3g1g
Cilantro (1/4 c)00g0g
Roasted Corn (1/4 c)451g8g1g
Croutons (1/4 c)602g10g2g
Chickpeas (1/4 c)509g3g
Cucumbers (1/4 c)102g0g
Chopped Garlic (per tbsp)150g3g1g
Roasted Garlic (1/4 c)601.5g11g2g
Greek Olives (1/4 c)707g0g0g
Green Bell Peppers (1/4 c)50g2g0g
Jalapenos (1/4 c)51g0g
Mama Lil’s Sweet Hot Peppas (1/4 c)5010g0g
Mushrooms (1/4 c)00g1g1g
Oregano (per tsp)00g1g0g
Pineapple (1/4 c)4010g0g
Red Onion (1/4 c)103g0g
Roasted Red Peppers (1/4 c)153g1g
Romaine (1/4 c)00g0g
Fresh Chopped Rosemary (1/4 c)100g1g0g
Sea Salt (per tsp)00g0g
Sea Salt & Pepper (per tsp)01g0g
Serrano Peppers (1/4 c)1002g0g
Spinach (1/4 c)00g0g
Mixed Greens (1/4 c)51g0g
Sliced Tomatoes (5)200g4g1g
Diced Tomatoes (1/4 c)100g2g0g
Cranberry Seed Blend (1/4 c)604g4g1g
Pickled Red Onions (1/4 c)304g0g
Balsamic Marinated Mushrooms (1/4 c)252.5g1g0g


Italian Chop Salad (mini)35525g16g10g
Italian Chop Salad (mod)55536g23g20g
Italian Chop Salad (mega)110071g46g39g
Greek Salad (mini)29021g18g6g
Greek Salad (mod)41027g30g11g
Greek Salad (mega)81054g59g22g
Garden Salad (mini)14011g11g1g
Garden Salad (mod)17012g14g2g
Garden Salad (mega)31023g27g4g
Caesar Salad (mini)41041g16g12g
Caesar Salad (mod)68052g31g23g
Caesar Salad (mega)1130104g61g46g
Super Shroom Salad (mini)31023g12g14g
Super Shroom Salad (mod)60045g25g29g
Super Shroom Salad (mega)123090g49g57g

Salad Dressing

Balsamic (1 tbsp)606g1g0g
Blue Cheese (1 tbsp)909g0g0g
Caesar (1 tbsp)10010g1g1g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)12014g0g0g
Italian (1 tbsp)708g0g0g
Lemon Vinaigrette (3 tbsp)1403g1g
Oil and Vinegar (1 tbsp)607g0g0g
Ranch (1 tbsp)506g1g0g
Red Wine Vinegar (1 tbsp)00g0g
Greek Herb & Tahini (1 tbsp)505g2g0g
Sherry Dijon (1 tbsp)404g2g0g
Zesty Roma (1 tbsp)454g3g0g

Finishing Sauce

Balsamic Fig Glaze (1 tbsp)308g0g
BBQ Swirl (1 tbsp)308g0g
Hot Buffalo Sauce (1 tbsp)00g0g
Mike’s Hot Honey (1 tbsp)7018g0g
Pesto Drizzle (1 tbsp)454.5g1g1g
Ranch Finish (1 tbsp)506g1g0g
Red Sauce Dollops (1 tbsp)51g0g
Sri-Rancha Sauce (1 tbsp)353g2g0g

More Stuff

Cheesy Garlic Bread134043g179g50g
Garlic Strips35015g40g12g
Cinnamon Strips31011g46g7g
Southwest Quinoa Bowl51027g54g14g
Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl58044g31g19g
Northwest Quinoa bowl56037g26g28g
Snack Plate66038g51g26g
Balsamic Fig Glaze Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)9024g0g
BBQ Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)9023g0g
Caramel Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)1701g39g2g
Chocolate Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)1701.5g41g1g
Cinnamon Glaze Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)901.5g18g0g
Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)00g0g
Mike’s Hot Honey Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)22054g0g
Pesto Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)14014g2g3g
Ranch Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)16018g3g1g
Red Sauce Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)205g1g
Sri-Rancha Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)1009g6g1g
Strawberry Dipping Sauce (3 tbsp)700g19g0g
Parmesan Garlic Rosemary Wings (6 pcs)53045g6g26g
Parmesan Garlic Rosemary Wings (12 pcs)106090g12g51g
Sri-Rancha Wings (6 pcs)33025g7g20g
Sri-Rancha Wings (12 pcs)70054g390g41g
BBQ Hot Honey Wings (6 pcs)32016g23g20g
BBQ Hot Honey Wings (12 pcs)65033g46g39g
Buffalo Wings (6 pcs)24016g3g20g
Buffalo Wings (12 pcs)48033g390g39g
Original Wings (6 pcs)24016g3g20g
Original Wings (12 pcs)48033g6g39g
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pocket Pie78046g44g45g
Four Cheese Pocket Pie69040g43g37g
Italiano Pocket Pie60031g45g32g


Unsweetened Tea (16 fl oz)01g0g
Unsweetened Tea (24 fl oz)52g0g
Caramelized Pear Ice Tea (16 fl oz)8021g0g
Caramelized Pear Ice Tea (24 fl oz)12031g0g
Vintage Lemonade (16 fl oz)25067g0g
Vintage Lemonade (24 fl oz)380100g0g
Marionberry Lemonade (16 fl oz)32083g0g
Marionberry Lemonade (24 fl oz)480123g0g
Coca-Cola (16 fl oz)20054g0g
Coca-Cola (24 fl oz)30081g0g
Diet Coke (16 fl oz)00g0g
Diet Coke (24 fl oz)00g0g
Sprite (16 fl oz)2000g50g0g
Sprite (24 fl oz)3000g75g0g
Barq’s Root Beer (16 fl oz)22060g0g
Barq’s Root Beer (24 fl oz)32090g0g
Fanta Orange (16 fl oz)22059g0g
Fanta Orange (24 fl oz)32089g0g
Powerade Mountain Blast (16 fl oz)11028g0g
Powerade Mountain Blast (24 fl oz)16042g0g
Coke Zero (16 fl oz)00g0g
Coke Zero (24 fl oz)00g0g
Dr Pepper (16 fl oz)19052g0g
Dr Pepper (24 fl oz)29078g0g
Minute Maid Lemonade (16 fl oz)22058g0g
Minute Maid Lemonade (24 fl oz)33087g0g
Blue Sky Black Cherry (16 fl oz)21048g0g
Blue Sky Black Cherry (24 fl oz)31081g0g
Blue Sky Mango Orange (16 fl oz)21054g0g
Blue Sky Mango Orange (24 fl oz)31081g0g
Blue Sky Root Beer (16 fl oz)22057g0g
Blue Sky Root Beer (24 fl oz)34086g0g
Gold Peak Unsweetened Black Tea (16 fl oz)00g0g
Gold Peak Unsweetened Black Tea (24 fl oz)00g0g
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea (16 fl oz)16041g0g
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea (24 fl oz)24062g0g
Gold Peak Sweetened Green Tea (16 fl oz)12032g0g
Gold Peak Sweetened Green Tea (24 fl oz)18048g0g
Fuze Raspberry Tea (16 fl oz)18046g0g
Fuze Raspberry Tea (24 fl oz)27069g0g

Disclaimer: All MOD Pizza nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 13 March 2023.