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Are you searching for Jamba Juice nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of food and drinks from the Jamba Juice shop, along with their saturated fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Jamba Juice Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Jamba Juice calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Vitamins + Protein Boosts Whole Food Boosts Fresh Squeezed Juices Shots Classic Smoothies Plant-based Smoothies Power Smoothies Steel-cut Oatmeal Toppings Blissful Bowls Breakfast Sandwiches Breakfast Wraps Artisan Flatbreads Baked Goods

Vitamins + Protein Boosts

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
3G Energy3g50g0g
Daily Vitamin + Zinc4g150g0g
Soy Protein7g250g6g
Whey Protein16g700g13g

Whole Food Boosts

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Chia Seeds3g200g1g
Nonfat Greek Yogurt69g400g7g
Pumpkin Seeds24g1302g7g
Almond Butter5g300g1g
Peanut Butter17g1001.5g4g
Blue Spirulina0.8g50g0g
Goji Berries4g150g1g

Fresh Squeezed Juices

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Orange Carrot Twist16oz2100g4g
Orange Carrot Twist22oz2900g5g
Orange Carrot Twist28oz3600g7g
Purely Carrot16oz1900g4g
Purely Carrot22oz2700g6g
Purely Carrot28oz3400g8g
Purely Orange16oz2200g3g
Purely Orange22oz3100g5g
Purely Orange28oz3900g6g


ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Ginger Lemon Cayenne Shot2oz150g0g
Ginger Orange Cayenne Shot2oz250g0g
Wheatgrass Shot2oz150g1g

Classic Smoothies

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Mango-a-go-go16 fl oz3000.5g1g
Mango-a-go-go22 fl oz4000.5g2g
Mango-a-go-go28 fl oz5101g2g
Caribbean Passion16 fl oz2600g2g
Caribbean Passion22 fl oz3400.5g2g
Caribbean Passion28 fl oz4201g3g
Razzmatazz16 fl oz2700g1g
Razzmatazz22 fl oz3600.51g
Razzmatazz28 fl oz4601g2g
Strawberry Surf Rider16 fl oz2500g1g
Strawberry Surf Rider22 fl oz3400.5g1g
Strawberry Surf Rider28 fl oz4201g1g
Aloha Pineapple16 fl oz3100.57g
Aloha Pineapple22 fl oz4000.5g7g
Aloha Pineapple28 fl oz5101g8g
Strawberries Wild16 fl oz2400g3g
Strawberries Wild22 fl oz3400g5g
Strawberries Wild28 fl oz4300g6g
Orange Dream Machine16 fl oz3100.5g5g
Orange Dream Machine22 fl oz4401g7g
Orange Dream Machine28 fl oz5501g9g
Peanut Butter Moo’d16 fl oz4302g13g
Peanut Butter Moo’d22 fl oz7204g22g
Peanut Butter Moo’d28 fl oz9105g29g
Matcha Green Tea Blast16 fl oz2700g8g
Matcha Green Tea Blast22 fl oz4100g12g
Matcha Green Tea Blast28 fl oz5000g14g
Watermelon Breeze16 fl oz2800g2g
Watermelon Breeze22 fl oz4000.5g2g
Watermelon Breeze28 fl oz4800.5g3g
White Gummi16 fl oz3201g2g
White Gummi22 fl oz4501.5g2g
White Gummi28 fl oz5902g4g

Plant-based Smoothies

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Apple ‘n Greens16 fl oz2500g5g
Apple ‘n Greens22 fl oz3200g6g
Apple ‘n Greens28 fl oz4000g7g
Mega Mango16 fl oz2100g2g
Mega Mango22 fl oz3100g3g
Mega Mango28 fl oz3500g4g
Strawberry Whirl16 fl oz2100g2g
Strawberry Whirl22 fl oz3000g3g
Strawberry Whirl28 fl oz3500g3g
Greens ‘n Ginger16 fl oz2300g4g
Greens ‘n Ginger22 fl oz2900g4g
Greens ‘n Ginger28 fl oz3800g6g
Pomegranate Paradise16 fl oz2200g2g
Pomegranate Paradise22 fl oz3200g2g
Pomegranate Paradise28 fl oz3800g3g
Peach Perfection16 fl oz2100g2g
Peach Perfection22 fl oz3100g3g
Peach Perfection28 fl oz3600g3g
Amazing Greens16 fl oz3602.5g7g
Amazing Greens22 fl oz4302.5g7g
Amazing Greens28 fl oz5102.5g8g
Vanilla Blue Sky16 fl oz2102.5g2g
Vanilla Blue Sky22 fl oz2803g3g
Vanilla Blue Sky28 fl oz3604g4g

Power Smoothies

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Acaí Super-antioxidant16 fl oz3401g6g
Acaí Super-antioxidant22 fl oz4401.5g8g
Acaí Super-antioxidant28 fl oz5402g10g
Protein Berry Workout w/soy protein16 fl oz3000g13g
Protein Berry Workout w/soy protein22 fl oz3900g16g
Protein Berry Workout w/soy protein28 fl oz4200g17g
Protein Berry Workout w/whey protein16 fl oz3000g19g
Protein Berry Workout w/whey protein22 fl oz3900.5g21g
Protein Berry Workout w/whey Protein28 fl oz4400.5g23g
Pb + Banana Protein16 fl oz5406g36g
Pb + Banana Protein22 fl oz6307g38g
Pb + Banana Protein28 fl oz8109g42g
Pb Chocolate Love16 fl oz4004.5g12g
Pb Chocolate Love22 fl oz5806g17g
Pb Chocolate Love28 fl oz7608g21g
Orange C-booster16 fl oz2400g3g
Orange C-booster22 fl oz3300.5g3g
Orange C-booster28 fl oz4101g4g
Lotta Horchata16 fl oz1900g4g
Lotta Horchata22 fl oz2800g6g
Lotta Horchata28 fl oz3200g7g
La Vida Mocha16 fl oz2701g8g
La Vida Mocha22 fl oz4201.5g12g
La Vida Mocha28 fl oz5101.5g15g

Steel-cut Oatmeal

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein


ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Coconut Chips4g251.5g0g
Brown Sugar Crumble10g400g0g
Shredded Coconut3g252g0g
Sliced Almonds3g200g1g
Organic Granola21g1000g2g

Blissful Bowls

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Acaí Primo18oz5103.5g8g
Chunky Strawberry18oz5802.5g21g
Island Pitaya18oz4802.5g7g
Nutty Almond Butter18oz4301.5g5g
Peachy Green Goodness18oz5103g15g
Vanilla Blue18oz330 3g 6g

Breakfast Sandwiches

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Bacon, Roasted Tomato + Spinach129g2503g12g
Roasted Tomato, Spinach + Feta127g2403g11g
Turkey Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper + Gouda150g2904.5g20g

Breakfast Wraps

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Spinach ‘n Cheese151g2403g15g
Turkey Sausage ‘n Cheese130g3206g17g

Artisan Flatbreads

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Four Cheese146g3505g18g
Sweet ’n Spicy146g3304g12g

Baked Goods

ItemsServingCaloriesSat FatProtein
Apple Cinnamon141g3900g9g
Pretzel Sourdough Parmesan141g4203g12g
Pretzel Cheddar91g2502g9g
Tomato Twist Sweet Belgian70g3108g5g

Disclaimer: All Jamba Juice Nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 4 July 2022.