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Are you searching for Freddy’s nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, along with their fat, calories, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Freddy’s Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Freddy’s calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

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Single Steakburger w/ cheese145023g28g
Single Steakburger w/o cheese140019g26g
Double Steakburger w/ cheese172043g52g
Double Steakburger w/o cheese162034g47g
Triple Steakburger w/ cheese199062g76g
Triple Steakburger w/o cheese184048g68g
California Style Steakburger Single149026g29g
California Style Steakburger w/o cheese144022g26g
California Style Steakburger w/o sauce146024g29g
California Style Steakburger w/o cheese or sauce141019g26g
Double California Style Steakburger176045g53g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o cheese167036g48g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o sauce173043g53g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o cheese or sauce163034g48g
Triple California Style1103064g77g
Triple California Style w/o cheese188051g69g
Triple California Style w/o sauce1100062g77g
Triple California Style w/o cheese or sauce185048g69g
Single Bacon Steakburger with Cheese152028g33g
Double Bacon Steakburger with Cheese179048g57g
Triple Bacon Steakburger with Cheese1105067g81g
Single Bacon Steakburger w/o Cheese147024g31g
Double Bacon Steakburger w/o Cheese169039g52g
Triple Bacon Steakburgerw/o Cheese190053g73g
Single Patty Melt150025g30g
Double Patty Melt176044g55g
Triple Patty Melt1103063g79g
Single Jalapeno Pepper Jack Steakburger150028g30g
Double Jalapeno Pepper Jack Steakburger178049g57g
Triple Jalapeno Pepper Jack Steakburger1107070g83g

Other Sandwiches

Veggie Burger144015g23g
Veggie Burger w/o cheese139010g21g
Veggie Burger w/o sauce140012g23g
Veggie Burger w/o cheese or sauce13507g21g
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich13007g28g
Grilled Chicken Breast Lettuce Wrap11302.5g22g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich150018g25g
Crispy Chicken Lettuce Wrap133014g21g
Spicy Chicken Sandwich157028g31g
Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wrap140023g28g
Hot Dog138021g14g
Chicago Style Hot Dog142021g14g
Chili Cheese Dog155034g29g
Chili Dog w/o cheese148025g22g
Chicken Tenders – Regular141017g35g
Chicken Tenders – Large169029g58g

Lettuce Wrapped Options

ItemsServingCaloriesTotal FatProtein
Single Steakburger w/ Cheese12801924g
Single Steakburger w/o Cheese123015g22g
Double Steakburger w/ cheese155038g48g
Double Steakburger w/o cheese145029g43g
Triple Steakburger w/ cheese182057g72g
Triple Steakburger w/o cheese16704465g
Single California Style Steakburger13202225g
Single California Style Steakburger w/o cheese12701722g
Single California Style Steakburger w/o sauce129019g25g
Single California Style Steakburger w/o cheese or sauce1240152g
Double California Style Steakburger159041g49g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o cheese149032g44g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o sauce155038g49g
Double California Style Steakburger w/o cheese or sauce145029g44g
Triple California Style185060g73g
Triple California Style w/o cheese170047g65g
Triple California Style w/o sauce182058g73g
Triple California Style w/o cheese or sauce167044g65g
Single Bacon Steakburger with Cheese135024g29g
Double Bacon Steakburger with Cheese161043g53g
Triple Bacon Steakburger with Cheese188062g77g
Single Bacon Steakburger w/o Cheese130020g27g
Double Bacon Steakburger w/o Cheese151034g48g
Triple Bacon Steakburgerw/o Cheese173049g70g
Single Patty Melt129021g25g
Double Patty Melt156039g49g
Triple Patty Melt183058g73g
Veggie Burger126010g19g
Veggie Burger w/o cheese12106g17g
Veggie Burger w/o sauce12308g19g
Veggie Burger w/o cheese or sauce11803g17g
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich11703.5g31g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich136023g21g
Hot Dog117014g8g
Chicago Style Hot Dog121014g8g
Chili Cheese Dog133023g20g
Chili Dog w/o cheese127018g17g


Fry Sauce0.25 fl oz353.5g0g
Marinara2 fl oz451g1g
Ranch Dressing1.5 fl oz21023g0g
Honey Mustard1.5 fl oz16011g0g
Sport Peppers150g0g
Grilled Onions1252g0g
American Cheese1504.5g3g
Swiss Cheese1504g3g
Monterey-Cheddar Cheese1504g3g
Cheese Sauce1402.5g1g
Thousand Island Dressing1353g0g
Hatch Green Chiles150g0g


Regular order of Fries144023g6g
Large order of Fries152027g7g
Baked Lay’s Original11203.5g2g
Baked Lay’s BBQ11403.5g2g
Reg Cheese Fries156030g7g
Large Cheese Fries187046g12g
Chili Cheese Fries169039g23g
Chili Cup w/ cheese127814g23g
Chili Cup w/ crackers & cheese133516g24g
Chili Bowl w/ cheese140019g33g
Chili Bowl w/ crackers & cheese145221g34g
Onion Rings160035g6g
Small Cheese Curds161045g29g
Large Cheese Curds1122091g58g
Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce2 fl oz14014g0g
Freddy’s Jalapeno Fry Sauce2oz14013g0g

Kids Meal Entrées

Steakburger w/o Cheese140019g25g
Steakburger with Cheese145023g28g
Hot Dog138021g14g
Grilled Cheese130418g12g
Chicken Tenders127011g23g

Frozen Custard Treats

Vanilla cupSingle35017g7g
Chocolate cupSingle37017g9g
Half/half cupSingle36017g8g
Vanilla cupdouble68034g14g
Chocolate cupDouble72034g17g
Half/half cupDouble70034g15g
Vanilla cupTriple101051g20g
Chocolate cupTriple106051g25g
Half/half cupTriple104051g23g
Vanilla cake coneSingle38017g7g
Chocolate cake coneSingle40017g9g
Half/half cake coneSingle39017g8g
Vanilla cake coneDouble71034g14g
Chocolate cake coneDouble75034g17gg
Half/half cake coneDouble73034g15g
Vanilla cake coneTriple104051g20g
Chocolate cake coneTriple109051g25g
Half/half cake coneTriple107051g23g
Vanilla waffle coneSingle47018g9g
Chocolate waffle coneSingle49018g11g
Half/half waffle coneSingle48018g10g
Vanilla waffle coneDouble80035g16g
Chocolate waffle coneDouble84035g19g
Half/half waffle coneDouble82035g17g
Vanilla waffle coneTriple113052g22g
Chocolate waffle coneTriple118052g27g
Half/half waffle coneTriple116052g25g
Vanilla ShakeMini37019g9g
Vanilla ShakeRegular56028g13g
Vanilla ShakeLarge77039g19g
Vanilla MaltMini38017g8g
Vanilla MaltRegular62026g12g
Vanilla MaltLarge83036g16g
Vanilla ConcreteMini42021g8g
Vanilla ConcreteRegular70035g14g
Vanilla ConcreteLarge102051g20g
Chocolate ShakeMini38019g11g
Chocolate ShakeRegular59028g16g
Chocolate ShakeLarge80039g22g
Chocolate MaltMini40017g9g
Chocolate MaltRegular65026g14g
Chocolate MaltLarge87036g20g
Chocolate ConcreteMini44021g11g
Chocolate ConcreteRegular74035g18g
Chocolate ConcreteLarge107051g25g
Root Beer FloatMini43017g7g
Root Beer FloatRegular57021g8g
Root Beer FloatLarge94034g14g
Vanilla Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich126011g5g
Chocolate Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich127011g5g
Pint/Quart (pint=3 servings, quart=6)Van31016g6g
Pint/Quart (pint=3 servings, quart=6)Half32016g7g
Pint/Quart (pint=3 servings, quart=6)Cho33016g8g


Hot Fudge SundaeMini48022g7g
Hot Fudge SundaeRegular81039g14g
Hot Fudge SundaeLarge127059g20g
Turtle SundaeMini76038g9g
Turtle SundaeRegular109055g16g
Turtle SundaeLarge179089g25g
PBC&B SundaeMini57029g10g
PBC&B SundaeRegular90045g17g
PBC&B SundaeLarge137069g26g
Brownie Delight SundaeMini71032g11g
Brownie Delight SundaeRegular106048g19g
Brownie Delight SundaeLarge167075g29g
Hawaiian Delight SundaeMini62036g9g
Hawaiian Delight SundaeRegular96052g15g
Hawaiian Delight SundaeLarge155087g24g
Dirt ‘n Worms SundaeMini57023g10g
Dirt ‘n Worms SundaeRegular90040g16g
Dirt ‘n Worms SundaeLarge138059g25g


Turtle ConcreteMini86039g10g
Turtle ConcreteRegular114050g16g
Turtle ConcreteLarge182083g24g
PBC&B ConcreteMini69033g12g
PBC&B ConcreteRegular98047g18g
PBC&B ConcreteLarge151071g27g
Brownie Delight ConcreteMini83037g12g
Brownie Delight ConcreteRegular113051g20g
Brownie Delight ConcreteLarge175078g29g
Hawaiian Delight ConcreteMini74042g10g
Hawaiian Delight ConcreteRegular103057g16g
Hawaiian Delight ConcreteLarge160090g24g
Dirt ‘n Worms ConcreteMini64027g11g
Dirt ‘n Worms ConcreteRegular93041g17g
Dirt ‘n Worms ConcreteLarge139059g25g

Frozen Custard Toppings

Almonds, lrg114012g4g
Almonds, mini & reg1706g2g
Banana Syrup, lrg11200g0g
Banana Syrup, mini & reg1600g0g
Banana, lrg1500g0g
Banana, mini & reg1250g0g
Brownies, lrg134014g4g
Brownies, mini & reg11707g2g
Butterfinger, lrg12409g2g
Butterfinger, mini & reg11204.5g1g
Butterscotch Syrup, lrg11800g0g
Butterscotch Syrup, mini & reg1900g0g
Caramel, lrg12602g2g
Caramel, mini & reg11301g1g
Cashews, lrg112010g4g
Cashews, mini & reg1605g2g
Cheesecake, lrg11208g2g
Cheesecake, mini & reg1604g1g
Cherry Topping, lrg11200g0g
Cherry Topping, mini & reg1600g0g
Chocolate Chips, lrg126016g4g
Chocolate Chips, mini & reg11308g2g
Chocolate Syrup, lrg11600g2g
Chocolate Syrup, mini & reg1800g1g
Coconut, lrg11008g2g
Coconut, mini & reg1504g1g
Coffee Flavoring, lrg1100g0g
Coffee Flavoring, mini & reg150g0g
Cookie Dough, lrg124012g2g
Cookie Dough, mini & reg11206g1g
Gummi Worms, lrg12000g4g
Gummi Worms, mini & reg11000g2g
Heath Toffee, lrg124016g0g
Heath Toffee, mini & reg11208g0g
Hot Fudge, lrg130010g0g
Hot Fudge, mini & reg11505g0g
M&M’s, lrg134016g4g
M&M’s, mini & reg11708g2g
Macadamia Nuts, lrg130028g2g
Macadamia Nuts, mini & reg115014g1g
Marshmallow, lrg11400g0g
Marshmallow, mini & reg1700g0g
Mint Syrup, lrg12600g0g
Mint Syrup, mini & reg11300g0g
Oreo, lrg11405g2g
Oreo, mini & reg1702.51g
Peanut Butter, lrg124022g8g
Peanut Butter, mini & reg112011g4g
Peanuts, lrg122018g8g
Peanuts, mini & reg11109g4g
Pecan Halves, lrg124024g4g
Pecan Halves, mini & reg112012g2g
Pecan Pieces, lrg116016g2g
Pecan Pieces, mini & reg1808g1g
Pineapple Topping, lrg1500g0g
Pineapple Topping, mini & reg1250g0g
Rainbow Sprinkles, lrg11405g0g
Rainbow Sprinkles, mini & reg1702.5g0g
Reese’s PB Cup, lrg128016g6g
Reese’s PB Cup, mini & reg11408g3g
Reese’s Pieces, lrg132016g8g
Reese’s Pieces, mini & reg11608g4g
Salted Caramel, lrg11602g2g
Salted Caramel, mini & reg1801g1g
Snickers, lrg124012g4g
Snickers, mini & reg11206g2g
Strawberry Topping, lrg11000g0g
Strawberry Topping, mini & reg1500g0g


Diet PepsiSmall00g0g
Diet PepsiMedium00g0g
Diet PepsiLarge00g0g
Dr. PepperSmall1600g0g
Dr. PepperMedium2600g0g
Dr. PepperLarge4100g0g
Diet Dr. PepperSmall00g0g
Diet Dr. PepperMedium00g0g
Diet Dr. PepperLarge00g0g
Mug Root BeerSmall1600g0g
Mug Root BeerMedium2600g0g
Mug Root BeerLarge4100g0g
Mountain DewSmall1700g0g
Mountain DewMedium2900g0g
Mountain DewLarge4600g0g
Mist TwistSmall1600g0g
Mist TwistMedium2600g0g
Mist TwistLarge4100g0g
Tropicana Pink LemonadeSmall1600g0g
Tropicana Pink LemonadeMedium2600g0g
Tropicana Pink LemonadeLarge4100g0g
Tropicana LemonadeSmall1600g0g
Tropicana LemonadeMedium2600g0g
Tropicana LemonadeLarge4100g0g
Tropicana Light LemonadeSmall00g0gg
Tropicana Light LemonadeMedium100g0g
Tropicana Light LemonadeLarge150g0g
Tropicana Fruit PunchSmall1700g0g
Tropicana Fruit PunchMedium2900g0g
Tropicana Fruit PunchLarge4600g0g
Pepsi Wild CherrySmall1600g0g
Pepsi Wild CherryMedium2600g0g
Pepsi Wild CherryLarge4100g0g
Luzianne Iced Tea UnsweetSmall00g0g
Luzianne Iced Tea UnsweetMedium00g0g
Luzianne Iced Tea UnsweetLarge00g0g
Splenda Sugar Free Sweet TeaSmall100g0g
Splenda Sugar Free Sweet TeaMedium200g0g
Splenda Sugar Free Sweet TeaLarge300g0g
Luzianne Sugar Sweetened TeaSmall1100g0g
Luzianne Sugar Sweetened TeaMedium1800g0g
Luzianne Sugar Sweetened TeaLarge2800g0g
Lipton Brisk RaspberrySmall800g0g
Lipton Brisk RaspberryMedium1300g0g
Lipton Brisk RaspberryLarge2000g0g
Lipton Brisk PeachSmall00g0g
Lipton Brisk PeachMedium50g0g
Lipton Brisk PeachLarge100g0g
Diet Mountain DewSmall00g0g
Diet Mountain DewMedium100g0g
Diet Mountain DewLarge150g0g
Mt. Dew CODE REDSmall1700g0g
Mt. Dew CODE REDMedium2900g0g
Mt. Dew CODE RELarge4600g0g
Sobe Lifewater Yumberry PomegranateSmall00g0g
Sobe Lifewater Yumberry PomegranateMedium00g0g
Sobe Lifewater Yumberry PomegranateLarge00g0g
Orange TwisterSmall1700g0g
Orange TwisterMedium2900g0g
Orange TwisterLarge4600g0g

Disclaimer: All Freddy’s nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 4 July 2022.