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Are you searching for Duck Donuts nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from the Duck Donuts shop, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Duck Donuts Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Duck Donuts calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Coatings (icings)

Blueberry Icing (14g)450.5g11g0g
1/2 Blueberry Icing (7g)250g5g0g
Chocolate Icing (14g)602g10g0g
1/2 Chocolate Icing (7g)301g5g0g
Cinnamon Sugar (3g)100g3g0g
1/2 Cinnamon Sugar Topping (1.4g)50g1g0g
Coffee Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Coffee Icing (7g)250g6g0g
Donut Glaze (14g)450g11g0g
1/2 Donut Glaze (7g)200g6g0g
Hazelnut Coating (14g)804.5g8g1g
1/2 Hazelnut Coating (7g)402g4g0g
Key Lime Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Key Lime Icing (7g)250g6g0g
Lemon Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Lemon Icing (7g)250g6g0g
Lucky Duck Green Vanilla (14g)450.5g11g0g
1/2 Lucky Duck Green Vanilla (7g)250g5g0g
Maple Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Maple Icing (7g)250g6g0g
Orange Icing (14g)450.5g10g0g
1/2 Orange Icing (7g)200g5g0g
Patrioduck Blue Vanilla Icing (15g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Patrioduck Blue Vanilla Icing (8g)250g6g0g
Peanut Butter Icing (23g)902.5g17g1g
1/2 Peanut Butter Icing (11g)451g8g0g
Peppermint icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Peppermint icing (7g)250g6g0g
Powdered Sugar (3g)100g3g0g
1/2 Powdered Sugar (1.4g)50g1g0g
Pumpkin Icing (14g)350g8g0g
1/2 Pumpkin Icing (7g)200g4g0g
Strawberry Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Strawberry Icing (7g)250g6g0g
Vanilla Icing (14g)500.5g11g0g
1/2 Vanilla Icing (7g)250g6g0g

Coffee Drinks

Americano (20 fl oz)100g2g0g
Americano (16 fl oz)50g1g0g
Cappaccino w/o flavoring (20 fl oz)2209g22g14g
Cappaccino w/o flavoring (16 fl oz)1606g16g10g
Iced Caramel Macchiato (16 fl oz)2906g48g9g
Iced Caramel Macchiato (20 fl oz)3808g61g13g
Caramel Macchiato (20 fl oz)42010g65g16g
Caramel Macchiato (16 fl oz)3308g52g12g
Coffee (20 fl oz)50g0g1g
Coffee (16 fl oz)50g0g0g
Coffee (12 fl oz)50g0g0g
Cold Brew (20 fl oz)00g0g0g
Cold Brew (16 fl oz)00g0g0g
Cold Brew (12 fl oz)00g0g0g
Dark Chocolate Mocha (20 fl oz)53010g86g19g
Dark Chocolate Mocha (16 fl oz)4007g66g14g
Espresso Shot (2.5 fl oz)50g1g0g
Hot Chocolate (20 fl oz)65011g111g21g
Hot Chocolate (16 fl oz)4909g82g16g
Hot Chocolate (12 fl oz)3307g53g11g
Hot Chocolate (non-espresso stores) (20 fl oz)2502g53g2g
Hot Chocolate (non-espresso stores) (16 fl oz)1801.5g38g2g
Hot Chocolate (non-espresso stores) (12 fl oz)1101g23g1g
Hot Flavored Coffee w/ White Chocolate Sauce (20 fl oz)3004g61g3g
Hot Flavored Coffee (16 fl oz)900g21g0g
Hot Flavored Coffee (12 fl oz)300g7g0g
Hot Flavored Coffee (20 fl oz)1200g30g1g
Hot Flavored Coffee w/ White Chocolate Sauce (12 fl oz)1502g28g2g
Hot flavored Coffee w/ White Chocolate Sauce (16 fl oz)2203g46g2g
Hot Latte (unflavored) (20 fl oz)25010g25g16g
Hot Latte w/ Sauce (20 fl oz)54010g88g19g
Hot Latte w/ Syrup (20 fl oz)35010g50g16g
Hot Latte (unflavored) (16 fl oz)1907g19g12g
Hot Latte w/ Sauce (16 fl oz)4108g67g14g
Hot Latte w/ Syrup (16 fl oz)2808g41g12g
Iced Latte w/ Sauce (20 fl oz)4908g83g16g
Iced Latte w/ Syrup (20 fl oz)3208g49g13g
Iced Latte w/ Sauce (16 fl oz)3606g61g11g
Iced Latte w/ Syrup (16 fl oz)2306g36g9g
Iced Mocha (20 fl oz)4908g83g16g
Iced Mocha (16 fl oz)3606g61g11g
Sweet Cream Cold Brew (20 fl oz)15012g9g0g
Sweet Cream Cold Brew (16 fl oz)1008g6g0g
Sweet Tea (20 fl oz)1100g30g0g
Sweet Tea (16 fl oz)900g23g0g
White Chocolate Mocha (20 fl oz)54014g86g19g
White Chocolate Mocha (16 fl oz)41010g64g14g


Bare Donut (59g)20012g25g3g
1/2 Bare Donut (27g)1006g12g2g
Cinnamon Sugar Donut (66g)23013g30g3g
1/2 Cinnamon Sugar Donut (33g)1106g15g2g
Glazed Donut (73g)24012g36g3g
1/2 Glazed Donut (36g)1206g18g2g
Powdered Sugar Donut (65g)22013g29g3g
1/2 Powdered Sugar Donut (32g)1106g15g2g
Vegan Cake Donut (60g)22012g25g3g
Donut Pop (45g)1505g27g1g
Donut Hole Cinnamon Sugar (17g)603g8g1g
Donut Hole Chocolate Drizzle (20g)704g9g1g
Donut Hole Vanilla Drizzle (20g)703.5g10g1g

Grab & Go

12 Donut Hole Cup Cinnamon Sugar (198g)68038g91g10g
10 Donut Hole Cup Chocolate Drizzle (185g)66036g90g10g
10 Donut Hole Cup Vanilla Drizzle (185g)65034g93g10g


Blueberry Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Blueberry Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Chocolate Drizzle (11g)451.5g10mg0g
1/2 Chocolate Drizzle (6g)251g0mg0g
Coffee Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Coffee Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Glaze Drizzle (11g)350g0mg0g
1/2 Glaze Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Hazelnut Drizzle (11g)603.5g10mg1g
1/2 Hazelnut Drizzle (6g)302g5mg0g
Hot Fudge Drizzle (6g)200g10mg0g
1/2 Hot Fudge Drizzle100g0mg0g
Key Lime Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Key Lime Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Lemon Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Lemon Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Lucky Duck Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Lucky Duck Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Maple Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Maple Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Marshmallow Drizzle (6g)50g0mg0g
1/2 Marshmallow Drizzle (3g)50g0mg0g
Patrioduck Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Patrioduck Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Peanut Butter Drizzle (11g)451g10mg0g
1/2 Peanut Butter Drizzle (6g)200.5g0mg0g
Peppermint Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Peppermint Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Pumpkin Drizzle (11g)300g0mg0g
1/2 Pumpkin Drizzle (6g)150g0mg0g
Raspberry Drizzle (3g)50g0mg0g
1/2 Raspberry Drizzle (1.4g)50g0mg0g
Salted Caramel Drizzle (3g)100g20mg0g
1/2 Salted Caramel Drizzle (1.4g)50g10mg0g
Strawberry Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Strawberry Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g
Vanilla Drizzle (11g)400g0mg0g
1/2 Vanilla Drizzle (6g)200g0mg0g


Coffee Frappe – Add Sauce (20 fl oz)52015g86g5g
Coffee Frappe – Add Sauce (16 fl oz)2809g44g3g
Coffee Frappe – Add Syrup (20 fl oz)43015g69g4g
Coffee Frappe – Add Syrup (16 fl oz)2309g36g2g
Coffee Frappe (20 fl oz)37015g55g4g
Coffee Frappe (16 fl oz)1908g28g2g
Confetti Cupcake Frappe (20 fl oz)71024g119g12g
Confetti Cupcake Frappe (16 fl oz)43016g70g9g
Oreo Cookie Frappe (16 fl oz)38012g63g4g
S’mores Frappe (20 fl oz)63015g110g6g
S’mores Frappe (16 fl oz)3609g62g3g
Oreo Cookie Frappe (20 fl oz)60018g99g6g


Birthday Cake Milkshake (16 fl oz)87035g124g15g
Blueberry Milkshake (16 fl oz)69033g86g14g
Chocolate Milkshake (16 fl oz)93033g138g17g
Chocolate Shake w/ Chocolate Ice Cream (16 fl oz)70026g103g15g
Cookies ‘N Cream Milkshake (16 fl oz)76036g93g16g
Cookies ‘N Cream Milkshake w/ Optional Donut (16 fl oz)97049g119g19g
Lucky Duck Milkshake (16 fl oz)70034g83g15g
Maple Bacon Milkshake (16 fl oz)70034g83g16g
Patrioduck Milkshake (16 fl oz)90044g114g15g
Salted Caramel Milkshake (16 fl oz)76033g103g14g
S’mores Milkshake (16 fl oz)95033g143g16g
S’mores Milkshake w/ Optional Donut (16 fl oz)116045g169g19g
Strawberries ‘N Cream Milkshake (16 fl oz)71033g90g14g
Strawberries ‘N Cream Milkshake w/ Optional Donut (16 fl oz)92045g117g17g
Vanilla Milkshake (16 fl oz)68033g80g15g


Bacon Egg & Cheese – English muffin (129g)32017g25g13g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel (145g)41020g38g17g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Donut (132g)39027g28g12g
Egg & Cheese Bage (130g)34014g38g13g
Egg & Cheese Donut (124g)35024g28g10g
Egg and Cheese English Muffin (122g)28014g25g11g
English Muffin w/ Cream Cheese (85g)22010g25g6g
English Muffin w/ Jelly (71g)1601g32g4g
Sausage Egg & Cheese Donut (167g)53041g28g16g
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bage (173g)52031g35g19g
Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin (165g)46031g25g17g
Optional Sandwich Topping – Bacon (9g)352.5g0g3g
Optional Sandwich Topping – Maple Drizzle (11g)400g9g0g


Chocolate Madness Donut Sundae (195g)52027g69g8g
Classic Donut Sundae (194g)52028g63g9g
Confetti Donut Sundae (197g)51026g69g8g
Cookies & Cream Donut Sundae (195g)52026g69g7g
Peach Donut Sundae (326g)58026g84g9g
Peanut Butter Crunch Sundae (203g)54028g72g9g
Salted Caramel Donut Sundae (178g)46024g56g7g
S’Mores Donut Sundae (200g)52026g68g7g
Strawberry Shortcake Donut Sundae (189g)48025g64g7g
Vanilla Ice Cream (87g)1809g22g3g


Apple Topping (28g)300g8g0g
1/2 Apple Topping (14g)150g4g0g
Bacon Topping (9g)352.5g0g3g
1/2 Bacon Topping (4.5g)201.5g0g2g
Blue Sprinkles (4g)201g3g0g
1/2 Blue Sprinkles (2g)100.5g2g0g
Buttercream Icing (17g)905g10g0g
1/2 Buttercream Icing (9g)452.5g5g0g
Candied Rose Topping (4g)150g4g0g
1/2 Candied Rose Topping (2g)100g2g0g
Celebration Sprinkles (4g)150g3g0g
1/2 Celebration Sprinkles (2g)100g2g0g
Chocolate Sprinkles (3g)100g2g0g
1/2 Chocolate Sprinkles (1.4g)50g1g0g
Graham Cracker Topping (3g)100g2g0g
Graham Cracker Topping (1.4g)50g1g0g
Lavendar Sprinkles (4g)201g3g0g
1/2 Lavendar Sprinkles (2g)100.5g2g0g
Lucky Duck Magical Topping (3.5g)150g3g0g
1/2 Lucky Duck Magical Topping (1.7g)50g1g0g
Oreo Topping (3g)150.5g2g0g
1/2 Oreo Topping (1.4g)50g1g0g
Patrioduck Sprinkles (4g)201g3g0g
1/2 Patrioduck Sprinkles (2g)100.5g2g0g
Peach Topping (28g)200g4g0g
1/2 Peach Topping (14g)100g2g0g
Peanuts Topping (6g)303g1g1g
1/2 Peanuts Topping (3g)151.5g1g1g
Pecan Topping (6g)404g1g0g
1/2 Pecan Topping (3g)202g0g0g
Shredded Coconut Topping (6g)251.5g3g0g
1/2 Shredded Coconut Topping (3g)151g2g0g
Streusel Topping (9g)401.5g6g1g
1/2 Streusel Topping (4.5g)201g3g0g
Valentine’s Day Sprinkles (pink) (4g)201g3g0g
1/2 Valentine’s Day Sprinkles (pink) (2g)100.5g2g0g
White Sprinkles (4g)201g3g0g
1/2 White Sprinkles (2g)100.5g2g0g

Disclaimer: Duck Donuts nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 32 August 2023.