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Are you searching for Max & Erma’s nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Corelife Eatery restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Corelife Eatery Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Corelife Eatery calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

New Plant Based Smoothies Beverages Wraps Greens and Grains Bowls Purple Rice and Broth Bowls Specialty Bowls Tacos Broth by the Cup and Soups Sides BYO Protein House Made Dressings and Sauces Fresh Ingredients Kids Meals

New Plant Based Smoothies

Berry SmoothieRegular2182g3g
Chocolate Cashew SmoothieRegular51127g11g
Green SmoothieRegular2150g3g
Mango SmoothieRegular2043g3g
Matcha Green Tea SmoothieRegular2061g3g
Strawberry Banana SmoothieRegular2373g3g


Apple Cider Green Tea12oz1400g0g
Beet Lemonade12oz1200g0g
Classic Lemonade 12oz1400g0g
Cold-Brew Coffee12oz00g0g
Cranberry Cayenne Lemonade12oz1500g1g
Cucumber Basil Lemonade 12oz1000g0g
Fruit Punch12oz1400g2g
Tractor Black Tea12oz00g0g
Tractor Berry Patch12oz1100g0g
Tractor Fig and Vanilla12oz750g0g
Tractor Green Tea12oz00g0g
Tractor Hibiscus12oz1040g0g
Tractor Mandarin Cardamom12oz1050g0g
Tropical Green Iced Tea12oz00g0g


BBQ Chicken Wrap170628g37g
Buffalo Southwest Chicken Wrap163818g32g
Chicken Cobb Wrap170739g45g
Caesar Chicken Wrap151821g37g
Greek Chicken Wrap168635g35g
Korean BBQ Wrap184028g36g
Southwest Chicken Wrap180840g41g
Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap144612g29g
Sriracha Ginger Tofu Wrap152224g18g
Steak Bacon Wrap168538g32g
Tinga Taco Wrap166525g29g

Greens and Grains Bowls

Chicken CobbLarge53028g58g
Chicken CobbRegular37023g34g
Greek Chicken & QuinoaLarge57037g33g
Greek Chicken & QuinoaRegular28519g17g
Kale Caesar ChickenLarge3109g51g
Kale Caesar ChickenRegular1705g27g
Southwest Grilled ChickenLarge74030g62g
Southwest Grilled ChickenRegular44021g33g
Spicy Thai Chicken & Rice NoodleLarge4309g42g
Spicy Thai Chicken & Rice NoodleRegular2205g22g
Sriracha Ginger Tofu & QuinoaLarge29013g17g
Sriracha Ginger Tofu & QuinoaRegular1506g9g
Steak Bacon & BlueLarge49030g38g
Steak Bacon & BlueRegular28016g23g

Purple Rice and Broth Bowls

BBQ Ranch ChickenLarge72015g56g
BBQ Ranch ChickenRegular45012g30g
Buffalo Southwest ChickenLarge60013g31g
Buffalo Southwest ChickenRegular3006.5g15.5g
Chipotle Chicken & BrothLarge81030g67g
Chipotle Chicken & BrothRegular40015g34g
Korean BBQ Pork BowlLarge77026g55g
Korean BBQ Pork BowlRegular44017g31g
Spicy Ginger Steak & BrothLarge52016g51g
Spicy Ginger Steak & BrothRegular2809g28g
Tuna Poke FireLarge59021g32g
Tuna Poke FireRegular36016g17g

Specialty Bowls

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese152035g42g
Maple Bacon Brussels Bowl184040g17g
Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl152016g20g


Greek ChickenNaan33012g32g
Greek ChickenLettuce Wrap2009g28g
Greek ChickenTortilla35012g32g
Southwest ChickenNaan2208g14g
Southwest ChickenLettuce Wrap905g10g
Southwest ChickenTortilla2408g14g
Steak FajitaNaan30014g19g
Steak FajitaLettuce Wrap17011g15g
Steak FajitaTortilla32014g19g
Buffalo ChickenNaan27012g10g
Buffalo ChickenLettuce Wrap1409g6g
Buffalo ChickenTortilla29012g10g
Tuna Poke FireNaan2107g14g
Tuna Poke FireLettuce Wrap804g10g
Tuna Poke FireTortilla2307g14g
Korean Pulled PorkNaan2507g16g
Korean Pulled PorkLettuce Wrap1204g12g
Korean Pulled PorkTortilla2707g16g
Flour TortillaTortilla1503g4g
Naan BreadNaan1304g4g

Broth by the Cup and Soups

Chicken Bone Broth10oz907g5g
Beef Bone Broth10oz151g0g
Vegetable Broth10oz250g0g
Broccoli Cheddar SoupCup23019g8g
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBowl46038g16g
Tomato Bisque SoupCup1208g2g
Tomato Bisque SoupBowl2408g4g
White Chicken Chili SoupCup22510g15g
White Chicken Chili SoupBowl45020g30g


Roasted Sweet Potatoes11105g2g
Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese139022g18g
Street Corn Salad12007g8g
Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts11507g4g

BYO Protein

Ahi Tuna11152g22g
All Natural Slow Roasted Korean BBQ Pork128010g37g
Antibitotic Free BBQ Chicken11073g18g
Antibiotic Free Original Chicken12503g45g
Antibitotic Free Spicy Thai Chicken11203g18g
Bacon2 Scoops756g5g
BBQ Chicken12005g34g
Fried Egg11108g8g
Grass Fed Tri-Tip Steak120010g24g
House Made Falafel4 pcs39524g14g
Oven Roasted Organic Tofu11207g11g
Spicy Thai Chicken11304g21g
Spicy Thai Steak11527g19g

House Made Dressings and Sauces

Avocado Crema1oz455g2g
Balsamic Vinaigrette 2oz27028g0g
BBQ Sauce 1oz250g0g
Carrot Chili Vinaigrette 2oz1109g0g
Cranberry Vinaigrette 2oz25023g0g
Cucumber Basil Dressing 2oz10012g1g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5oz12054g0g
Fire Sauce 1oz450g0g
Fresh Lemon Squeeze 2oz150g0g
Fresh Lime Squeeze 2oz150g0g
Greek Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing 2oz13014g5g
Greek Yogurt Caesar Dressing 2oz14016g4g
Korean BBQ Sauce1oz905g1g
Lime Cilantro Jalapeño Vinaigrette2oz20020g0g
Mexican Crema1oz504g1g
Miso Sesame Ginger Dressing 2oz13012g2g
Sriracha 2oz600g0g
Thai Cashew Dressing 2oz21020g3g
Thai Chili Sauce 1oz603g1g

Fresh Ingredients

Beets2 Scoops100g0g
Black Beans Warm2 Scoops390g4g
BreadHalf Slice500.5g2g
Carrots2 Scoops100g1g
Chickpeas2 Scoops371g2g
Chopped Walnuts2 Scoops454.5g1g
Corn2 Scoops340.213g1g
Cotija Cheese2 Scoops322.4g1.5g
Cucumbers2 Scoops100g0g
Dried Cranberries2 Scoops400g0g
Edamame2 Scoops502g4.5g
Fajita Veggies2 Scoops401g0g
Feta Cheese2 Scoops756g4g
Gorgonzola Cheese2 Scoops1008g6g
Grape Tomatoes2 Scoops100g0g
Green Salsa1.5oz151.5g0g
Green & Red Peppers2 Scoops100g0g
Hard Boiled Egg1 Egg755g6g
House Made Spicy Broccoli2 Scoops302.5g1g
House Made Spicy Sprouts2 Scoops50.5g0g
House-Made Hummus2 Scoops1008g3g
House-Made Kimchi2 Scoops250g0g
House-Made Pickled Jalapenos2 Scoops100g0g
House-Made Pickled Red Cabbage2 Scoops200g0g
House-Made Pickled Red Onions2 Scoops200g0g
House-Made Roasted Pepper Blend2 Scoops402.5g1g
Jicama2 Scoops100g0g
Mandarin Oranges2 Scoops200g0g
Parmesan Crisp2 pcs503.5g5g
Pineapple Pico2 Scoops100g0g
Purple Rice2 Scoops1002.5g2g
Quinoa2 Scoops1003.5g3g
Red Salsa1 Scoop50g0g
Rice Noodles11500g3g
Scallions2 Scoops00g0g
Sesame Seeds2-3 Shake303g1g
Shaved Parmesan1603.5g5g
Shredded White Cheddar2 Scoops1109g7g
Sliced Almonds2 Scoops403.5g1g
Spicy Thai Rice Noodles11802.5g3g
Tortilla Strips2 Scoops1406g0g
Tzatziki Sauce1453.5g2g

Kids Meals

Chicken Noodle Soup 12906g27g
Cukes & Carrot Salad 11504g24g
Power Plate13607g41g

Disclaimer: All Corelife Eatery nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 19 July 2022.