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Are you searching for Chicken Salad Chick nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Chicken Salad Chick restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Chicken Salad Chick Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Chicken Salad Chick calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Famous Chicken Salad*

Barbie-Q (4oz)39030g11g14g
Buffalo Barclay (4oz)38034g1g13g
Classic Carol (4oz)40035g0g16g
Cranberry Kelli (4oz)46037g12g16g
Dill-icious Diva (4oz)35031g1g14g
Dixie Chick (4oz)37032g2g15g
Fancy Nancy (4oz)41036g5g14g
Fruity Fran (4oz)34027g7g12g
Jalapeno Holly (4oz)37032g1g15g
Jazzy Julie (4oz)44038g1g19g
Kickin’ Kay Lynne (4oz)37033g1g14g
Lauryn’s Lemon Basil (4oz)39035g1g15g
Luau Lydia (4oz)37032g4g12g
Madame Curry (4oz)46036g11g17g
Nutty Nana (4oz)42037g4g15g
Olivia’s Old South (4oz)38031g6g14g
Pam’s Parmesan Caesar (4oz)43039g1g17g
Patti Thai’rific (4oz)42037g8g13g
Sassy Scotty (4oz)45040g1g17g
Southwest Señorita (4oz)32027g3g17g

Pimento Cheese & More*

Pimento Cheese (4oz)48043g3g20g
Spicy Pimento Cheese (4oz)44040g3g19g
Egg Salad (4oz)25018g5g12g

Chicken Salad BLT Signature Sandwiches* (calculated w/ classic carol)

Wheatberry Bread74045g53g29g
White Bread76045g53g29g

Pimento Cheese BLT Signature Sandwiches* (calculated w/ traditional pimento cheese)

Wheatberry Bread81052g56g33g
White Bread83052g56g33g

Turkey Club Signature Sandwiches*

Wheatberry Bread63026g58g42g
White Bread65026g58g42g
Turkey Pesto Signature Sandwiches*
Wheatberry Bread58023g55g38g
White Bread60023g55g38g

Fresh Side Items & Chips*

Broccoli Salad (4oz)17013g10g6g
Fresh Fruit (4oz)800g20g1g
Grape Salad w/ Topping (4oz)1508g31g3g
Mac ‘n Cheese (4oz)35016g33g14g
Pasta Salad (4oz)2508g37g9g
Baked Lays (4oz)1404g24g2g
Doritos (4oz)26013g31g4g
BBQ Chips (4oz)20011g23g3g
Jalapeño Chips (4oz)20011g23g3g
Sea Salt Chips (4oz)21012g23g3g
Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips (4oz)20011g23g3g

Green Salads*

Caesar Salad w/o dressing23013g19g14g
Classic Salad43035g9g19g
Cranberry Apple Salad w/o dressing21015g13g7g
Strawberry Pecan Salad w/o dressing1105g13g4g

Gourmet Soups*

Broccoli & Cheese Cup20014g12g9g
Chicken Artichoke Florentine Cup19012g12g9g
Chicken & Dumpling Cup1405g16g8g
Chicken Poblano Cup19011g14g8g
Chicken Tortilla Cup18010g14g10g
Loaded Potato Cup23014g16g7g
Tomato Bisque Cup1106g13g2g
Broccoli & Cheese Bowl31022g18g14g
Chicken Artichoke Florentine Bowl29018g18g13g
Chicken & Dumpling Bowl2207g24g12g
Chicken Poblano Bowl31019g24g13g
Chicken Tortilla Bowl29016g22g15g
Loaded Potato Bowl41026g28g13g
Tomato Bisque Bowl1708g19g4g

For The Little Chicks*

Mac ‘n Cheese34017g33g13g
PB&J Sandwich30016g32g9g
Turkey Sandwich2405g27g19g

Bread & Crackers

Wheatberry Bread (1 slice)1301.5g26g4g
White Bread (1 slice)1401.5g26g4g
Kellogg’s Wheat Crackers703g10g1g
Keebler Club Crackers602g8g0g
Keebler Wheat Crackers602g10g0g
Lance Wheat Crackers602g9g1g

Sweet Treats

Buttercream Frosted Cookie Small Round903.5g14g1g
Buttercream Frosted Cookie Large Flower1706g28g2g
Chocolate Crispy Treat3909g75g1g
Divine Chocolate Cake2809g50g2g
Key Lime Pie w/o whipped cream36016g49g8g
Piña Colada Pie w/o whipped cream36020g37g5g
Pumpkin Cheesecake w/o whipped cream28815g36g0g
Salted Caramel Cheesecake39720g51g5g

Make It Your Own

2 Bacon Slices807g0g5g
Balsamic Vinaigrette (2oz)19021g2g0g
Caesar Dressing (1.8oz)29031g2g3g
Honey Mustard Dressing (2oz)28026g8g0g
Italian Dressing (2oz)14012g6g0g
1 Lettuce Leaf100g2g1g
Mayonnaise (1oz)20022g0g0g
Pesto Mayonnaise (1.4oz)23025g1g1g
Pickle Spear00g0g0g
Poppyseed Dressing (2oz)21015g20g0g
1 Provolone Cheese Slice706g0g5g
Ranch Dressing (2oz)20022g2g0g
2 Tomato Slices50g1g0g


Barq’s Root Beer (10oz)1330g37g0g
Barq’s Root Beer (24oz)3200g88g0g
Barq’s Root Beer (36oz)4800g132g0g
Cherry Coke (10oz)1250g35g0g
Cherry Coke (24oz)3000g84g0g
Cherry Coke (36oz)4500g126g0g
Coca-Cola (10oz)1170g33g0g
Coca-Cola (24oz)2800g78g0g
Coca-Cola (36oz)4700g117g0g
Coke Zero Sugar (10oz)00g0g0g
Coke Zero Sugar (24oz)00g0g0g
Coke Zero Sugar (36oz)00g0g0g
Diet Coke (10oz)00g0g0g
Diet Coke (24oz)00g0g0g
Diet Coke (36oz)00g0g0g
Dr. Pepper (10oz)1250g33g0g
Dr. Pepper (24oz)3000g79g0g
Dr. Pepper (36oz)4500g119g0g
Fanta Orange (10oz)1350g37g0g
Fanta Orange (24oz)3250g88g0g
Fanta Orange (36oz)4850g131g0g
Honest Kids Apple Juice (6oz)350g9g0g
Lemonade (10oz)1800g37g0g
Lemonade (24oz)4200g62g0g
Lemonade (36oz)6300g167g0g
Minute Maid Lite (10oz)00g0g0g
Minute Maid Lite (24oz)00g0g0g
Minute Maid Lite (36oz)00g0g0g
Sprite (10oz)1250g31g0g
Sprite (24oz)3000g73g0g
Sprite (36oz)4500g110g0g
Strawberry Lemonade (10oz)1400g37g0g
Strawberry Lemonade (24oz)2400g62g0g
Strawberry Lemonade (36oz)3100g83g0g
Sweet Tea (10oz)1000g26g0g
Sweet Tea (24oz)2400g63g0g
Sweet Tea (36oz)3700g94g0g
Unsweetened Tea (10oz)00g0g0g
Unsweetened Tea (24oz)00g0g0g
Unsweetened Tea (36oz)00g0g0g
Vitamin Water XXX (10oz)650g17g0g
Vitamin Water XXX (24oz)1560g40g0g
Vitamin Water XXX (36oz)2340g60g0g
Watermelon Tea CSC (10oz)1100g28g0g
Watermelon Tea CSC (24oz)2700g66g0g
Watermelon Tea CSC (36oz)4100g99g0g

*Does Not Include Crackers

Disclaimer: Chicken Salad Chick nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 10th February 2023.