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Are you searching for Cafe Zupas nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Cafe Zupas restaurant, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Cafe Zupas Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Cafe Zupas calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Protein Bowls

Asian Steak & Quinoa (half)48031g39g17g
Asian Steak & Quinoa (large)67043g48g27g
Asian Steak & Quinoa w/o dressing (half)32015g32g17g
Asian Steak & Quinoa w/o dressing (large)43020g37g27g
Garden Protein (half)54048g11g19g
Garden Protein (large)82072g17g29g
Garden Protein w/o dressing (half)29020g10g19g
Garden Protein w/o dressing (large)45031g15g29g
Harvest Quinoa (half)58044g30g18g
Harvest Quinoa (large)83066g36g26g
Harvest Quinoa w/o dressing (half)33016g29g18g
Harvest Quinoa w/o dressing (large)46024g34g26g
Mediterranean Protein (half)28017g15g15g
Mediterranean Protein (large)41025g18g26g
Mediterranean Protein w/o dressing (half)1808g11g14g
Mediterranean Protein w/o dressing27012g13g24g
Southwest Protein (half)45034g13g25g
Southwest Protein (large)61047g19g26g
Southwest Protein w/o dressing (half)31020g10g24g
Southwest Protein w/o dressing (large)39026g15g25g
Steak Cobb w/ Blue Cheese Dressing (half)38029g11g18g
Steak Cobb w/ Blue Cheese Dressing (large)61046g18g29g
Steak Cobb w/ Ranch Dressing (half)39030g11g16g
Steak Cobb w/ Ranch Dressing (large)62048g18g27g
Steak Cobb w/o dressing (half)23015g9g16g
Steak Cobb w/o dressing (large)39026g14g25g


Avocado Chicken Chop w/ Ranch Dressing (half)42033g14g17g
Avocado Chicken Chop w/ Ranch Dressing (large)62048g20g25g
Avocado Chicken Chop w/ Blue Cheese Dressing (half)41032g14g19g
Avocado Chicken Chop w/ Blue Cheese Dressing (large)61047g20g27g
Avocado Chicken Chop w/o dressing (half)27018g11g16g
Avocado Chicken Chop w/o dressing (large)39026g16g24g
BBQ Chicken (half)40023g33g11g
BBQ Chicken (large)54031g38g19g
BBQ Chicken w/o dressing (half)2508g30g11g
BBQ Chicken w/o dressing (large)31010g34g18g
California Cobb w/ Ranch Dressing (half)41031g11g19g
California Cobb w/ Ranch Dressing (large)61045g13g33g
California Cobb w/ Fresh Herb Vinaigrette (half)48039g16g19g
California Cobb w/ Fresh Herb Vinaigrette72056g22g33g
California Cobb w/o dressing (half)26017g8g19g
California Cobb w/o dressing (large)38023g9g32g
Chipotle Chicken (half)48029g38g16g
Chipotle Chicken (large)62038g45g23g
Chipotle Chicken w/o dressing (half)33015g36g15g
Chipotle Chicken w/o dressing (large)40017g41g22g
Chipotle Pork (half)56033g40g24g
Chipotle Pork (large)78046g48g40g
Chipotle Pork w/o dressing (half)41019g38g23g
Chipotle Pork w/o dressing (large)56025g44g39g
Mango Berry (half)24013g28g3g
Mango Berry (large)33018g39g3g
Mango Berry w/o dressing (half)1002.5g17g2g
Mango Berry w/o dressing (large)1202.5g22g2g
Nuts About Berries (half)31021g28g2g
Nuts About Berries (large)45030g42g3g
Nuts About Berries w/o dressing (half)903g14g2g
Nuts About Berries w/o dressing (large)1203g22g3g
Strawberry Harvest (half)3902434g11g
Strawberry Harvest (large)53032g42g19g
Strawberry Harvest w/o dressing (half)21011g18g11g
Strawberry Harvest w/o dressing (large)26012g19g18g
Thai Steak (half)32025g18g10g
Thai Steak (large)45035g23g16g
Thai Steak w/o dressing (half)1609g11g10g
Thai Steak w/o dressing (large)21011g12g18g


Avocado [fresh] (add)707g4g1g
Avocado [fresh] (double)14014g8g2g
Chicken Breast [cage-free] (add)451.5g0g7g
Chicken Breast [cage-free] (double)903g0g14g
Egg [cage-free] (add)352.5g0g3g
Egg [cage-free] (double)705g0g6g
Pork [all-natural braised] (add)1206g2g15g
Pork [all-natural braised] (double)24012g4g30g
Quinoa [organic tri-color] (add)800.5g16g3g
Quinoa [organic tri-color] (double)1601g32g6g
Steak [all-natural] (add)452g1g6g
Steak [all-natural] (double)904g2g12g
Tofu [organic] (add)603g2g6g
Tofu [organic] (double)1206g4g12g


Chicken Enchilada Chili (half)18012g11g6g
Chicken Enchilada Chili (large)36023g22g13g
Chicken Noodle (half)1303g16g9g
Chicken Noodle (large)2606g33g19g
Chickpea & Vegetable (half)601.5g9g2g
Chickpea & Vegetable (large)1203.5g18g4g
Lobster Bisque (half)35035g10g3g
Lobster Bisque (large)70069g21g5g
Mushroom Bisque (half)25023g10g2g
Mushroom Bisque (large)50046g20g4g
New England Clam Chowder (half)37035g12g4g
New England Clam Chowder (large)74070g24g7g
Roasted Red Pepper & Lobster (half)36036g9g3g
Roasted Red Pepper & Lobster (large)72073g19g6g
Southwest Potato & Green Chili (half)28025g15g3g
Southwest Potato & Green Chili56049g30g6g
Tomato Basil (half)28023g18g2g
Tomato Basil (large)56047g37g4g
Wisconsin Cauliflower (half)43043g6g6g
Wisconsin Cauliflower (large)86086g13g12g


BBQ Pulled Pork (wheat)61029g65g23g
BBQ Pulled Pork (white)67031g73g24g
Chipotle Steak Club (wheat)52027g49g22g
Chipotle Steak Club (white)58029g57g23g
Crab Avocado Melt (wheat)58033g51g19g
Crab Avocado Melt (white)64035g59g20g
Cuban Pork (wheat)66034g54g32g
Cuban Pork (white)72036g62g33g
Honey Bacon Club (wheat)59030g53g22g
Honey Bacon Club (white)65032g61g23g
Italian Club (wheat)63039g46g20g
Italian Club (white)69041g54g21g
Pesto Chicken (wheat)67040g46g26g
Pesto Chicken (white)73042g5427g
Steak & Cheese (wheat)53027g47g22g
Steak & Cheese (white)59029g55g23g
Turkey Avocado Club (wheat)59030g52g25g
Turkey Avocado Club (white)65032g60g26g
Turkey Bacon Avocado (wheat)58029g51g25g
Turkey Bacon Avocado (white)64031g59g26g
Ultimate Grilled Cheese (wheat)61039h44g16g
Ultimate Grilled Cheese (white)67041g52g17g
Vegetarian (wheat)68042g52g20g
Vegetarian (white)74044g60g21g


Baby Butter Lettuce Blend (half)100g2g1g
Baby Butter Lettuce Blend (large)150g2g1g
Baby Kale & Greens (half)200g3g2g
Baby Kale & Greens (large)300g4g3g
Mixed Greens (half)100g2g1g
Mixed Greens (large)150g2g1g


Avocado Herb Dressing (half)1009g3g1g
Avocado Herb Dressing (large)14013g5g1g
BBQ Sauce (half)450g11g0g
BBQ Sauce (large)600g15g0g
Blue Cheese Dressing (half)15014g3g2g
Blue Cheese Dressing (large)22021g4g3g
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (half)15015g3g1g
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (large)23022g4g1g
Chipotle Ranch Dressing (half)15014g3g1g
Chipotle Ranch Dressing22021g4g1g
Fresh Herb Vinaigrette (half)22022g8g0g
Fresh Herb Vinaigrette34033g13g0g
Honey Cilantro Glaze (half)500g14g0g
Honey Cilantro Glaze (large)700g18g0g
Honey Mustard (half)21016g13g0g
Honey Mustard (large)31024g20g0g
Mango Yogurt Dressing (half)14010g11g1g
Mango Yogurt Dressing (large)21015g17g1g
Poppyseed Dressing (half)22018g140g
Poppyseed Dressing (large)33027g20g0g
Sherry Vinaigrette (half)25028g2g0g
Sherry Vinaigrette (large)37042g2g0g
Strawberry Champagne Vinaigrette (half)18013g16g0g
Strawberry Champagne Vinaigrette (large)27020g2g0g
Thai Basil Vinaigrette (half)16016g7g0g
Thai Basil Vinaigrette (large)24023g10g0g
Thai Peanut Sauce (half)201g2g0g
Thai Peanut Sauce (large)402g4g1g

Chips & Bread

Lays Classic16010g15g2g
Lays Oven Baked Original1404g25g2g
Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Vinegar21012g23g2g
Miss Vickie’s Smokehouse BBQ21012g23g2g
Fresh Baguette Bread1300g26g4g


Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry452g7g1g
Caramel Rockslide Brownie55035g56g5g
Chocolate Mousse Cake63044g57g5g
Crème Brûlée Cheesecake35024g28g5g
Crispy Marshmallow Bar45014g69g5g
Milk Chocolate Toffee Cookie22010g32g3g
Milk Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Cookie23010g32g3g
Million Dollar Bar59038g56g8g
Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée42034g31g2g
Strawberries and Cream Crème Brûlée37030g25g2g

Salad Toppings

Apples [Gala]150g4g0g
Artichoke Hearts251g3g0g
Avocado [Fresh]707g4g1g
Berry Cup [Raspberries & Blackberries]300g7g1g
Black Beans100g2g1g
Black Olives201.5g0g0g
Broccolini [Fresh-Herb]504g4g1g
Cheddar Cheese [Shredded]504.5g0g3g
Corn [Fire-Roasted]200g4g1g
Cucumbers [Baby]20g0g0g
Egg Noodles802g13g2g
Eggs [Cage-Free]352.50g3g
Fontina Cheese [Shredded]303g0g2g
Goat Cheese [Crumbled]353g1g2g
Golden Beets100g2g0g
Kalamata Olives202g0g0g
Mozzarella [Pearl}604.5g1g4g
Parmesan Cheese [Shredded]402g0g4g
Pickled Red Onion50g1g0g
Red Onions [Diced]40g1g0g
Sour Cream404g1g1g
Sugarsnap Peas40g1g0g
Tomatoes [Grape]50g1g0g
Tricolor Peppers30g0g0g
Watermelon Radish20g0g0g

Dry Toppings

Bacon [Applewood-Smoked]403g0g3g
Cashew Pieces504.5g3g2g
Cinnamon Almonds452.5g6g1g
Cranberries [Dried]350g9g0g
Pecans [Candied]606g2g1g
Toasted Seeds454g2g2g
Tortilla Strips904.5g10g1g

Kid’s Meal

Chicken Strips20012g10g13g
Dipping Sauce-BBQ Sauce450g11g0g
Dipping Sauce-Buttermilk Ranch10010g2g0g
Dipping Sauce-Honey Mustard21016g13g0g
Fresh Fruit Cup350g9g0g
Grilled Cheese-Ancient Grain41019h41h16h
Grilled Cheese-Italian Ciabatta47021g49g17g
Mac & Cheese29023g16g5g
Raw Veggie Cup502g6g4g
Tomato Basil Pasta21013g22g3g
Chicken Enchilada Chili Soup1309g8g5g
Chicken Noodle Soup1102.5g16g8g
Chickpea & Vegetable Soup351g5g1g
Lobster Bisque Soup26026g8g2g
Mushroom Bisque Soup19017g8g2g
New England Clam Chowder Soup28026g9g3g
Roasted Red Pepper & Lobster Soup26026g7g2g
Southwest Potato & Green Chili Soup21019g11g2g
Tomato Basil Soup21018g14g2g
Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup32032g5g5g

Soup Mix-Ins

Bacon [Applewood-Smoked]403g0g3g
Cheddar Cheese [Shredded]504.5g0g3g
Egg Noodles802g13g2g
Fontina Cheese [Shredded]303g0g2g
Goat cheese [Crumbled]353g1g2g
Onion Crisps604.5g5g0g
Parmesan Cheese [Shredded]402g0g4g
Sour Cream404g1g1g
Tortilla Strips904.5g10g1g

Sandwich Add-Ons

Avocado [Fresh]707g4g1g
Bacon [Applewood-Smoked]403g0g3g

House-made Drinks

Raw Honey Lemonade900g26g0g
Orange Berry Infusion1000g28g0g
Turmeric Lime Green Tea800g23g0g
Blackberry Basil Infusion1100g31g0g

Fountain Drinks

Barq’s Root Beer1900g48g0g
Cherry Coke1900g46g0g
Coca-Cola Classic1800g44g0g
Coke Zero Sugar00g0g0g
Diet Coke00g0g0g
Diet Dr. Pepper00g0g0g
Dr. Pepper1900g51g0g
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea00g0g0g
Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch1700g47g0g
Minute Maid Light Lemonade100g2g0g
Powerade Mountain Blast1000g24g0g
Vitamin Water XXX Pomegranate Acai Blueberry00g1g0g

Bottled/Canned Drinks

Vitamin Water Zero Squeezed (20oz)00g5g0g
Vitamin Water Zero XXX (20oz)00g4g0g
Vitamin Water Zero Rise (20oz)00g4g0g
Honest Green Tea Honey (16.9oz)700g19g0g
Honest Tea Pomegranate Blue (16.9oz)1000g24g0g
Gold Peak Sweet Tea (18.5oz)1900g48g0g
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea (18.5oz)00g0g0g
Smartwater (20oz)00g0g0g
Milk 2% (8oz)1205g12g8g
Coke can (12oz)1400g39g0g
Diet Coke can (12oz)00g0g0g
Dr. Pepper can (12oz)1500g40g0g
Mr. Pibb can (12oz)1400g39g0g
Sprite can (12oz)1400g38g0g

Disclaimer: Cafe Zupas nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of July 2019.