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Are you searching for BIBIBOP nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from BIBIBOP Asian Grill restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

BIBIBOP Nutrition Facts

Look below to find BIBIBOP calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.


Purple Rice (6oz)2300g51g5g
White Rice (6oz)2700g61g5g
Supergreen Salad (4oz)400g8g3g
Sweet Potato Noodles (6oz)2104g42g<1g
Cauliflower Rice (6oz)1004.5g12g4g
Romaine Lettuce (4oz)200g4g1g
Honey Miso Kale (3.5oz)12010g8g2g


Tofu (4oz)1407g11g11g
Chicken (4oz)1304g2g21g
Spicy Chicken (4oz)1705g3g28g
Steak (4oz)1709g9g17g
Korean BBQ Beef (5oz)2037g17g18g

Hot Toppings

Bean Sprouts (1oz)201.5g2g<1g
Black Beans (1.5oz)400.5g8g0g
Potatoes (2oz)602g9g1g
Roasted Sesame Broccoli (1.5oz)504.5g3g1g

Cold Toppings

Carrots (1oz)150.5g2g0g
Cheese (1oz)1008g0g7g
Corn (1oz)200g4g<1g
Cucumbers (1oz)00g1g0g
Eggs (1oz)402.5g0g4g
Kale (1oz)251g3g1g
Pickled Red Cabbage (1oz)200g5g0g
Kimchi (2oz)200g3g0g
Pineapple (2oz)300g4g0g


Yum Yum (1 fl oz)14015g2g0g
Teriyaki (1 fl oz)700g15g1g
Gochujang (1 fl oz)701g14g1g
Spicy Sriracha (1 fl oz)250.5g5g0g
Sesame Ginger (1 fl oz)1007g7g1g
Sesame Oil (0.25 fl oz)657g0g0g
Ginger Teriyaki (1 fl oz)804.5g8g<1g


Kimchi (3.5oz)300g5g1g
Miso Soup (8oz)351.5g4g3g
Pineapple (3.5oz)520g6.3g<1g
Seasonal Fruit Side (5oz)650g18g<1g
Strawberry & Pineapple (4.5oz)600g15g<1g
Purple Rice Side (6oz)2300g51g5g
White Rice Side (6oz)2700g61g5g
Noodles Side (6oz)2104g42g<1g


Coconut Milk Pudding w/ Mango (4.5oz)1806g29g0g
Chewy Chocolate Toffee Cookie25015g27g4g
Snickerdoodle Cookie38019g54g4g
Snickerdoodle Cookie38017g55g3g

Coke Beverages (w/ 1/3 cup ice)

Coca-Cola Classic (20 fl oz)2200g55g0g
Diet Coca-Cola (20 fl oz)00g0g0g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (20 fl oz)00g0g0g
Coca-Cola Cherry (20 fl oz)1500g42g0g
Sprite (20 fl oz)2100g50g0g
Fanta Orange (20 fl oz)2200g56g0g
Barq’s Root Beer (20 fl oz)2400g60g0g
Vitamin Water XXX (20 fl oz)600g20g0g
Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch (20 fl oz)2100g59g0g
Dr Pepper (20 fl oz)2000g54g0g

Teas & Lemonades (w/ 1/3 cup ice)

Lemonade (20 fl oz)2100g54g0g
Passion Fruit Lemonade (20 fl oz)1900g48g0g
Black Current Tea (20 fl oz)20g0g0g
Sweetened Green Tea (20 fl oz)1100g29g0g
Mixed Berry Omija Tea (20 fl oz)1200g32g0g

Honest Kids Juice

Honest Kids Appley Ever After350g9g0g
Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch350g8g0g

Disclaimer: BIBIBOP nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of May 2023.