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Are you searching for Baja Fresh nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right website. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from Baja Fresh Mexican Grill restaurant, along with their calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

Baja Fresh Nutrition Facts

Look below to find Baja Fresh calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Burritos & Favorites (Select base + protein + beans)

Baja Bowl (366g)33011g53g6g
Impossible Bowl (432g)50025g63g8g
Baja Burrito (326g)65037g58g22g
Add 2X Bean below & Cheese only Burrito (170g)55030g47g23g
Burrito Mexicano (246g)49019g71g10g
Burrito Ultimo (445g)81042g82g25g
Diablo Burrito (331g)83049g74g22g
Fajita Burrito (434g)82044g82g24g
Fuego Impossible Burrito (419g)64026g84g20g
Nacho Burrito (348g)86046g84g27g
Veggie Burrito (361g)68037g63g24g
Dos Manos (688g)122060g133g33g
Nachos (439g)143087g113g46g
Nachos Queso (411g)112061g115g25g
Quesadilla w/ Guac & Sour Cream (340g)100068g51g44g
Taquito w/ Guac & Sour Cream (340g)70048g40g29g
Add Protein:    
Carnitas (113g)1805g11g22g
Chicken (99g)1507g1g21g
Shrimp (103g)1708g2g21g
Steak (99g)1909g1g15g
Veggie (113g)501.5g9g1g
Crispy Wahoo (169g)36021g18g21g
Grilled Wahoo (113g)22014g1g20g
Impossible (113g)24015g9g19g
Add Beans or Rice:    
Black Beans (150g)1500.5g26g10g
Pinto Beans (150g)1601g29g10g
Rice (91g)1305g19g2g
Add Enchilado Style to Burrito (298g)49029g42g16g

Tacos & Platters

Americano Taco (119g)1808g21g6g
Baja Taco (82g)1003g17g2g
Impossible Taco (333g)30013g39g10g
Add Protein:   
Carnitas (43g)702g4g8g
Chicken (34g)502.5g0g7g
Steak (34g)603g0g5g
Roasted Veggies (38g)150g3g0g
Impossible (38g)805g3g6g
Grilled Wahoo Taco – Corn Tortilla (205g)2309g27g10g
Grilled Shrimp Taco – Corn Tortilla (182g)1807g21g10g
Wahoo Crispy Taco (180g)29018g24g10g
Black Beans w/ Cotija (149g)1603g25g11g
Pinto Beans w/ Cotija (149g)1703g27g11g
Rice (91g)1305g19g2g

Salads (w/o dressing)

Baja BBQ Chicken Salad w/ chicken (461g)36015g37g11g23g
Baja Ensalada (306g)1104g17g5g6g
Grilled Chili Lime (460g)24011g32g8g8g
Tostada Salad (492g)67040g62g8g18g
Add Protein:     
Chicken (99g)1507g1g0g21g
Shrimp (103g)1708g2g0g21g
Steak (99g)1909g1g2g15g
Impossible (113g)24015g9g0g19g
Add Beans (Tostada salad only):     
Black Beans (150g)1500.526g1g10g
Pinto Beans (150g)1601g29g1g10g

Fajitas (w/o tortillas)

Fajitas (add base + protein + beans) (378g)37022g39g7g
Add Protein:    
Carnitas (156g)2507g15g30g
Chicken (142g)2109g1g29g
Shrimp (137g)22010g3g28g
Steak (142g)27013g2g22g
Impossible (151g)32020g12g26g
Add Beans:    
Black Beans w/ Cotija (149g)1603g25g11g
Pinto Beans w/ Cotija (149g)1703g27g11g


Burritos & Bowls
Breakfast Burrito Bowl w/o tortilla (276g)46029g22g30g
Breakfast Burrito (375g)81042g71g37g
Add Burrito & Bowl Protein:   
Bacon (34g)18014g0g12g
Sausage (112g)50048g2g16g
Steak (99g)1909g1g15g
Roasted Veggies (79g)351g6g1g
Breakfast Taco – Corn Tortilla (130g)23010g26g9g
Breakfast Taco – Flour Tortilla (108g)26014g24g10g
Add Taco Protein:    
Bacon (17g)907g0g6g
Sausage (56g)25024g1g8g
Steak (34g)603g0g5g
Roasted Veggies (38g)150g3g0g
2 slices Bacon (17g)907g0g6g
Baja Papas (106g)800g19g2g
I pc Sausage (56g)25024g1g8g
Scrambled Eggs (113g)22017g0g14g
Coffee (16oz)50g0g1g


Kids Black Bean & Cheese Burrito w/o sides (148g)31012g36g16g
Kids Pinto Bean & Cheese Burrito w/o sides (148g)32012g37g16g
2 Kids Chicken Taquitos w/o sides (113g)26016g17g13g
2 Kids Chicken Taquitos w/ ranch (141g)36026g18g14g
Kids Cheese Quesadilla (100g)36023g20g17g
Kids Chicken Quesadilla (134g)42026g22g26g
Fresh Apple Slices (57g)300g8g0g
Kids Side – Rice (45g)602.5g9g1g
Kids Side – Black Beans w/ mixed cheese (82g)1002.5g13g6g
Kids Side – Pinto beans w/ mixed cheese (82g)1102.5g15g7g
Kids Milk (214g)902g11g7g

A La Carte & Sides

Chips (142g)71028g99g9g
Churro (46g)21016g15g2g
Guacamole w/o chips (283g)39034g24g5g
Pronto Guacamole & Chips (3oz each)62034g72g8g
Pronto Queso & Chips (3oz each)72040g68g21g
Queso w/o chips (283g)58046g16g31g
Rice & Black Beans Plate (492g)58013g91g25g
Rice & Pinto Beans Plate (492g)60013g96g25g
Chicken Tortilla Soup (404g)27014g25g15g
Tortilla Soup (370g)22011g24g7g
Tostada Shell (109g)37018g45g6g
Small Trio: (Guac + Queso +Salsa + Chips)
Guacamole (142g)19017g12g3g
Queso (142g)29023g8g15g
Baja Salsa (142g)300g6g1g
Six Chiles Salsa (142g)401g9g2g
Salsa Verde (142g)451g10g1g
Pico de Gallo Salsa (142g)300g6g1g
Molcajete Salsa (142g)300g6g0g
Mango Salsa (142g)800g16g0g
Chips (128g)64026g89g9g

Individual Items

3 Avocado Slices (28g)454g2g1g
Baja Rice Bowl (113g)1606g24g2g
Baja Rice Taco (91g)1305g19g2g
Black Beans (108g)1000.5g19g7g
Carnitas (113g)1805g11g22g
Chicken (99g)1507g1g21g
Cheddar & Jack Cheese Blend (14g)504.5g0g3g
Chips (113g)57023g79g8g
Cilantro (3g00g0g0g
Cilantro Onion Mix (14g)50g1g0g
5″ Corn Tortillas (2 each)701g14g2g
Diced Tomato (28g)50g1g0g
12.5″ Flour Tortilla (95g)2708g43g6g
6″ Flour Tortilla (34g)1104g16g2g
6 to 8 Jalapeno Slices (28g)50g1g0g
Lettuce Cabbage mix (21g)50g1g0g
Lime Rice (4 oz wt)1602.5g31g3g
1 Lime Wedges (14g)50g1g0g
Pinto Beans (108g)1100.5g21g7g
Romaine Lettuce (21g)50g1g0g
3 Shrimp Skewers (103g)1708g2g21g
Steak (99g)1909g1g15g
1 Taquito (57g)1308g8g6g
Tortilla Strips (14g)351.5g5g0g
Veggies (114g)501.5g9g1g
3 pcs Grilled Wahoo (113g)1707g1g24g
3 pcs Crispy Wahoo (169g)36021g18g21g
10″ Whole Wheat Tortilla (71g)2005g34g6g


Avocado Salsa (28g)100.5g1g0g
BBQ Lime Dressing (28g)11010g6g0g
Chili Lime Dressing (28g)12011g4g0g
Cilantro Ranch (28g)909g1g1g
Corn Avocado Salsa (28g)352g4g1g
Diablo Sauce (28g)707g2g0g
Mango Salsa (28g)150g3g0g
Molcajete Salsa (28g)50g1g0g
Pico de Gallo (28g)50g1g0g
Ranch (28g)10010g1g1g
Salsa Baja (28g)50g1g0g
Salsa Roja (28g)100g2g0g
Salsa Verde (28g)100g2g0g
Six Chiles Salsa (28g)100g2g0g
Sour Cream (28g)605g1g1g
Vinaigrette (28g)14016g1g0g

Build your own Favorite

13″ Flour Tortilla (99g)2808g45g6g
Baja Rice (113g)1606g24g2g
Onion Cilantro Mix (14g)50g0g0g
Roasted Veggies (79g)351g6g1g
Ensalada or Tostada:
Ensalada (244g)1004g14g5g
Tostada (483g)77049g60g25g
Nachos Queso:
Nachos (448g)112061g117g25g
Rice: (Burrito)
Baja Rice (57g)803g12g1g
Bean Choice:
Black Beans (108g)1000.5g19g7g
Pinto Beans (108g)1100.5g20g7g
Protein Choice:
Chicken (99g)1507g1g21g
Pork Carnitas (113g)1805g11g22g
Steak (99g)1909g1g15g
Roasted Veggies (113g)501.5g9g1g


6″ Flour Tortilla (34g)1104g16g2g
5″ Corn Tortillas (2 each) (40g)701g14g2g
Taco Protein:
Chicken (34g)502.5g0g7g
Pork Carnitas (43g)702g4g8g
Steak (34g)603g0g5g
Roasted Veggies (38g)150g3g0g
Shrimp (34g)603g1g7g
Bean Choice:
Black Beans (108g)1000.5g19g7g
Pinto Beans (108g)1100.5g20g7g
Baja Rice (57g)803g12g1g

Disclaimer: Baja Fresh nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 14th August 2023.