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Are you searching for A&W Restaurants nutrition facts? Look no further; you have landed on the right site. Here you’ll find a complete list of dishes from A&W Restaurants, along with their calories, fat, protein, and more. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthily, this nutritional information guide will be a valuable resource.

A&W Restaurants Nutrition Facts

Look below to find A&W Restaurants calories and other nutrition info for all menu items.

Root Beer Sweets & Treats Proteins Kid’s Meals Sides Sauces

Root Beer

Diet Root Beer1/2 Gallon00g0g
Diet Root BeerGallon00g0g
Diet Root Beer, Kid’s12oz00g0g
Diet Root Beer, Large32oz00g0g
Diet Root Beer, Regular20oz00g0g
Diet Root Beer, Small16oz00g0g
Root Beer1/2 Gallon9300g0g
Root BeerGallon18600g0g
Root Beer, Kids12oz1500g0g
Root Beer, Large32oz4700g0g
Root Beer, Regular20oz2900g0g
Root Beer, Small16oz2400g0g

Sweets & Treats

Float, Diet Root Beer, Large32oz32011g9g
Float, Diet Root Beer, Regular20oz1605g4g
Float, Diet Root Beer, Small16oz1605g4g
Float, Orange, Large32oz59011g9g
Float, Orange, Regular20oz3305g4g
Float, Orange, Small16oz3005g4g
Float, Root Beer, Large32oz61011g9g
Float, Root Beer, Regular20oz3405g4g
Float, Root Beer, Small16oz3105g4g
Freeze, Diet Root Beer, Large32oz63021g18g
Freeze, Diet Root Beer, Regular20oz36012g10g
Freeze, Diet Root Beer, Small16oz2709g8g
Freeze, Orange, Large32oz85021g18g
Freeze, Orange, Regular20oz50012g10g
Freeze, Orange, Small16oz3709g8g
Freeze, Root Beer, Large32oz87021g18g
Freeze, Root Beer, Regular20oz52012g10g
Freeze, Root Beer, Small16oz3809g8g
Shake, Chocolate, Large32oz116034g26g
Shake, Chocolate, Regular20oz77023g17g
Shake, Chocolate, Small16oz54017g12g
Shake, Strawberry, Large32oz109033g25g
Shake, Strawberry, Regular20oz73022g16g
Shake, Strawberry, Small16oz52017g12g
Shake, Vanilla, Large32oz107033g25g
Shake, Vanilla, Regular20oz69022g16g
Shake, Vanilla, Small16oz54017g12g
Polar Swirl, Cookie Dough20oz97034g22g
Polar Swirl, Cookie Dough, Mini6oz38014g9g
Polar Swirl, Cookie Dough16oz74026g17g
Polar Swirl, Cookie Dough12oz65023g15g
Polar Swirl, M&M20oz119043g24g
Polar Swirl, M&M, Mini6oz47017g10g
Polar Swirl, M&M16oz90032g19g
Polar Swirl, M&M12oz81029g16g
Polar Swirl, Oreo20oz98026g21g
Polar Swirl, Oreo, Mini6oz39010g9g
Polar Swirl, Oreo16oz75020g17g
Polar Swirl, Oreo12oz66017g14g
Polar Swirl, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup20oz103043g26g
Polar Swirl, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Mini6oz41017g10g
Polar Swirl, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup16oz78032g20g
Polar Swirl, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup12oz69029g18g
Sundae, Chocolate, Regular204g36011g7g
Sundae, Hot Caramel, Regular204g38011g7g
Sundae, Hot Fudge, Regular204g39014g7g
Sundae, Strawberry, Regular204g34011g7g
Vanilla Cone, Kids4oz2006g5g
Vanilla Cone, Regular5.5oz2708g7g
Chocolate Cone, Kids4oz2205g5g
Chocolate Cone, Regular5.5oz2907g6g
Root Beer Cone, Kids4oz2006g5g
Root Beer Cone, Regular5.5oz2608g6g


Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders3 pcs2609g40g
Freezer to Fryer Chicken Tenders3 pcs37018g21g
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders5 pcs43015g67g
Chicken Club Sandwich – Grilled291g47017g22g
Chicken Club Sandwich – Hand Breaded250g49020g36g
Chicken Sandwich – Grilled272g41012g19g
Chicken Sandwich – Hand Breaded230g44015g33g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich240g48020g23g
Crispy Chicken Club260g54025g26g
Burger Patty, 1 Each53g1309g13g
Double Cheeseburger242g59029g38g
Original Bacon Cheeseburger – Double289g65036g39g
Original Bacon Cheeseburger – Single220g46023g23g
Papa Burger Double282g64035g38g
Papa Burger Single214g45022g22g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Burger – Double235g58029g39g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Burger – Single167g40017g23g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Chicken – Grilled259g41011g23g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Chicken – Hand-Breaded218g43014g36g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Texas Toast Double239g57031g39g
Mushroom Onion Melt – Texas Toast Single170g38018g23g
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich242g52017g21g
Hot Dog121g31018g10g
Coney Dog135g32019g12g
Coney Cheese Dog163g36022g13g
Corn Dog Nuggets5 pcs27013g8g
Corn Dog Nuggets10 pcs54026g12g
Footlong Coney Cheese Dog320g70042g26g
Footlong Coney Dog263g63037g25g
Footlong Hot Dog235g61034g21g
Fish Sandwich180g44021g12g
Shrimp16 pcs48026g18g

Kid’s Meals

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender402-421g240-5206-17g27-37g
Corn Dog Nuggets395-414g340-62013-23g8-18g
Hot Dog416-397g360-64018-28g10-20g


Cheese Curds, Large284g114080g54g
Cheese Curds, Regular142g57040g27g
Cheese Fries170g39017g5g
Chili Cheese Fries198g41018g8g
Chili Fries170g38016g7g
Corn Dog Nuggets5 pcs27013g8g
Fries, Large5.5oz43017g5g
Fries, Regular4oz31013g3g
Fries, Small2.5oz2108g2g
Mott’s Applesauce90g700g0g
Onion Rings146g2804g6g


BBQ Sauce1oz400g0g
Buttermilk Ranch1oz13014g0g
Honey Mustard1oz450g0g
Spicy Papa Sauce1oz13012g0g

Disclaimer: All A&W Restaurants nutrition information has been provided by the restaurant and is current as of 16 September 2022.